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  1. oramar

    Hurricane Irene May Strike The East Coast

    There is an outside chance that the storm could go up the Chesapeake. It could totally flood DC. It has happened before but not recently.
  2. As a person who remembers riots in the 60s very well, I assure you that in the USA people also loot during riots.
  3. I am confused as to why anyone is so upset by anything S&P does. Not to long ago there was this company that had a AAA rating. It was called Lehman Bros. It had that triple A rating with S&P rating right up to the moment it admitted it was broke and millions of people lost their life savings. That particular company is wrong all the time. I am not sure but I can't help but wonder if Bernie Maddoff and ING had a good rating with them also.
  4. oramar

    Nadya Suleman: Babies disgust me

    I just wish that there could be someway society could force that fertililty doctor that assisted her in this endeavor to pay up. I know that he lost his medical license but that does not cover it. He needs to pay for his act of malpractice.
  5. oramar

    Hospice - Misunderstood and Underutilized

    There was an excellent article in our local news paper that quoted a local Rabbi as saying the Orthodox community opposes hospice because it means "giving up". I was horrified when I read that. I hope the hospice community arranges a meeting with the Orthodox community and try to educate them. My mom just went into hospice. She has only two medical conditions, very advanced dementia and cardiomyopathy. She was admitted to hospice because she stopped eating, that is usually a sign that dementia patients are getting close to the end. The hospice people do not seem to be focused on her dying though the subject was mentioned. Their main focus seems to be getting her to eat which would seem to be about living to me.
  6. I just can't get past the mental picture of the little shrimp running on treadmills. Do you think they wear Ipods and check their blackberrys which happen to be clipped to their sweatpants?
  7. oramar

    Compared to this bum, Tiger is a saint

    When this split was announced the news media was saying things like, "as people grow older their interest change and they grow apart". I said "ha", he has been unfaithful. That is what it usually turns out to be.
  8. oramar

    Compared to this bum, Tiger is a saint

    One wonders where the press was while all this was going on????
  9. oramar

    Someone explain this to me please.........

    I have been saying Alzhiemer's for 5 years now with him.
  10. oramar

    Five year old dies at resort

    I also was wondering if the staff was maneuvering to protect the establishments interest.
  11. oramar

    Rick Santorum

    No way would I vote for a guy who has made no secret of the fact that he would like to get rid of Social Security. I don't find him charming at all.
  12. oramar

    Scapegoating Palin

    How can a bunch of TV talking heads whose only purpose in life is to get good ratings accuse another person of exploitation in this situation?
  13. Our news media in Pittsburgh watch like hawks for the EMS system to make a misstep. However, I have never known them to do a report about silly calls that waste EMS time and tax payer monies. They might have done one but I didn't see it.
  14. oramar

    Scapegoating Palin

    The fact that they pulled the site as soon as they found out about the attack made them look guilty. I have no doubt that violent and extreme rhetoric effects mentally unbalanced people but nobody knows if it a factor in this case.
  15. oramar

    The Year In Fox News Misinformation

    If you watch Fox you can't help but know they do this sort of thing. It is so obvious. Another trick they use is to repeat a lie so many times that people start to believe it. I dispise Fox but I drop in and watch it occasionally because one must know what the enemy is up to. I totally believe it is a mistake to ignore them.

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