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Wife, nurse, mom, bookworm, FNP student, Elvis fanatic, Brokeaholic, and LOTR junkie.

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  1. ElvishDNP

    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    This post. I want to like it a million times.
  2. ElvishDNP

    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    'Daily' was probably a bit of hyperbole on my part, though I would be willing to bet my house that 'brutalization' occurs daily in a way that does not affect white people nearly as much if at all. The Washington Post has kept track of police killing of civilians since 2015. So far 738 people have been killed by police this year. That's well over one a day, though certainly those killed were not only Black people. It is still sobering. Police shootings 217 database - Washington Post
  3. ElvishDNP

    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    I hate to break it to everyone here, but people in the military aren't ensuring our rights and haven't been for some time. They're fighting to protect US interests (a broad necessarily vague term) abroad. Smedley Butler (USMC) knew this 80+ years ago and wrote about it. Most people I know who've served knew this or figured it out while they were in. I have respect for my brother, father, stepfather, grandfather, and uncle, who all served, but I don't go around pretending they're heroes. They're just people who signed up for various reasons and did their jobs with varying amounts of diligence and efficacy, and who have mixed feelings about their service. But for the sake of argument, let's pretend they're actually defending my freedoms. Who are you, who am I, who is anyone to patronize them by speaking for them and assuming a flag is some sacred thing to them? Let them speak for themselves. Some have a problem with the players kneeling, some kneel alongside them because they're woke enough to understand why NFL players are kneeling. What's not being said (but it's loud and clear in the subtext) is that people would rather these guys not protest at all. Shut up, stay in your place.
  4. ElvishDNP

    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    I haven't said the pledge of allegiance for years (Anabaptist/Mennonite here) and would gladly take a knee beside these guys. The entire point of protest is to make people uncomfortable. If it disturbs you to see NFL players peacefully taking a knee and hurting no one, then work to reform police brutality that kills unarmed black men daily. If it bothers you to see on TV, freaking change the channel or don't watch. And reflect on how uncomfortable it is for ethnic minorities to be reminded every day of their lives that people view them/their lives/their health/their family as less important because you aren't white. It's PD racist to expect black men to play a sport for your entertainment (slave owners did that too, you know) and then get mad when they don't 'stay in their place.'
  5. ElvishDNP

    Nursing Memories You'd Rather Forget

    The hours-old extremely premie triplet being coded in NICU while I wheeled his sore exhausted mother in to see him. NICU had called us and said, "Get these parents over now, this baby is going to die." We got her up, 8 hours after her c/section, into the wheelchair and wheeled her to NICU. Her husband came too. Every bad thing that can happen coding an adult can happen coding a micropremie, along with a few things that are unique to micros. It was horrifying. As soon as the parents got to the bedside they stopped the code and handed the baby to his mom. She looked at her husband and said through her tears, "No. You hold him. He's your only son." That baby died in his daddy's arms a few minutes later. Within the hour one of the sisters died. Eventually, the third triplet died as well. I can't imagine watching your child die three times. But I will not ever forget the sound that mother made as her son died. I would rather not have that memory.
  6. ElvishDNP

    A good person with a gun.

    I'm blinking sick and tired of people offering their 'thoughts and prayers' after yet another massacre in the only industrialized country on earth where massacres occur almost daily. Also, I'm really tired of angry white men with guns murdering people not being called 'terrorists.' That's exactly what they are.
  7. ElvishDNP


    I'm appalled at how slow this administration was to condemn the Nazi BS in Charlottesville and how quick they have been to want Americans fearing antifa. I mean, I understand why. It's just appalling. If you don't show up at Nazi gatherings and try to hurt people, antifa are going to, I dunno, play Pokemon Go and eat veggie wraps.
  8. ElvishDNP

    Afghanistan troop increase.

    Not surprised at all. Has the man read a book? There's a reason they call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires. They have no need for our brand of democracy in any case, as we've no moral authority to impose it.
  9. ElvishDNP


    Do you think speech openly advocating violence against people is protected speech? I'm not talking about generic 'white power' slogans; although they're BS, they're also easily drowned out and ridiculed. I'm talking about speech that advocates harming or killing other people. It's out there and it incites people to assault whatever group happens to be in the crosshairs that day: Jews, Hispanics, blacks, LGBTs, whatever. That - to me- crosses a line and violates others' right to life and should not be considered free speech.
  10. ElvishDNP


    All Antifa means is anti-fascist. So, I am antifa. If a group of rabble-rousers wants to co-opt the moniker there's not much I can do about it except be the best damn nonviolent antifa one can be. As far as a moral equivalence, that is pure BS. When antifascists believe in racial superiority up to and including genocide we can talk some more. I'm not saying violence is the answer on antifa's part, but I am saying that nobody should be taking the side of the Nazis.
  11. Trump has been showing us all who he was since at least the 80s (that's as far back as I remember current events). There is no way anyone could have lived in this country and not known that he's a schmuck. Until he signed on the Republican presidential ticket, everyone regardless of party affiliation agreed that he was a schmuck.
  12. ElvishDNP

    Eclipse Eyeglasses

    We're in the path of 91-94% totality so we're going to leave the windows open and watch it get dark outside & listen to the crickets and stuff. But the actual eclipse we'll stream on TV or via NASA or something. Not risking the retinal damage.
  13. ElvishDNP

    Trump's new immigration policy-would you qualify?

    No, I meant the folks here who swear they don't have a problem with immigrants from anywhere, as long as they're legal immigrants.
  14. If there's any evidence that mediocre (and even that's stretching it a bit) men get advantages, look no further than POTUS himself.
  15. ElvishDNP

    Trump's new immigration policy-would you qualify?

    Ok, where are the folks who welcome immigrants from everywhere as long as it's done legally?