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  1. ElvishDNP

    Breast Feeding

    In cultures where breastfeeding is far more common and supported than it is here, this assertion really doesn't play out. Kids routinely breastfeed for 3+ years and grow up perfectly well-adjusted.
  2. ElvishDNP

    Breast Feeding

    Unless there is some issue like a separated symphysis...
  3. ElvishDNP

    Hurricane Irene May Strike The East Coast

    Isabel's eye passed right over my house in '03...this one is tracking more or less the same way. Boooo.
  4. ElvishDNP

    Intelligent? Liberal? Interesting research

    Ehhhh, I've heard that but don't put too much stock in it. No one I know (except you, now) has ever actually tried to sell me on it. A swastika is actually an auspicious symbol that has its origins in Hinduism - unfortunately no one associates it with that anymore. Point being, there's a lot of stuff that started out as something else. I choose not to interpret the peace sign as a broken cross. It's staying on my car. :)
  5. ElvishDNP

    Intelligent? Liberal? Interesting research

    All I have on my Toyota is a peace sign. Make of my bumper sticker and my choice of vehicle what you will, I don't care. :)
  6. ElvishDNP

    Breast Feeding

    I'll weigh in and say it's quite possible for tandem nursing to happen, even with twins and a toddler. Just make sure she nurses the twins first and gives them priority regardless. The first month it seems like a baby is always on the boob anyway, twins or otherwise. (I have a 2-month old, so I've been there very recently!) I would, if I were you, encourage her to keep an eye on the babies' weight. If that and their output is appropriate, then all is well. Breasts work on a supply and demand basis, and having the extra stimulation may actually help with her milk supply. And don't worry about the potty-training....it's quite possible that at 2.5years, he isn't ready for it yet. When he's good and ready it'll be a cinch but I wouldn't pressure her with that with two new babies in the house. He won't go to highschool still wearing diapers. But if it makes you feel any better my son (who is perfectly normal) didn't get potty trained til he was well over 3, and then he did it in less than a week for daytime dryness. He didn't stop using Pullups at night until after he turned 6. Sorry, don't mean to get preachy. Just want you to not get worried about the PT bit. ETA - wishing your family the best!
  7. ElvishDNP

    General Election 2012 Thread

    Tweets, I don't think Paul is a RINO. He's more fiscally conservative than every other candidate in the race. They are scared of him because he speaks truth to the establishment....which includes them.
  8. ElvishDNP

    Happy Birthday, Elvis!

    For the record, I would laugh at anyone else famous who screws up something that is such common knowledge. It just happened to be Michele B, who has made more than her fair share of gaffes here lately.
  9. ElvishDNP

    Happy Birthday, Elvis!

    I know we are all human, but come on! I wasn't alive for any part of Elvis' life and I know today isn't his birthday. Bachmann tribute to Elvis marks wrong anniversary | Reuters
  10. ElvishDNP

    General Election 2012 Thread

    Ron Paul only grown-up running for president in GOP? – Cafferty File - CNN.com Blogs
  11. ElvishDNP

    General Election 2012 Thread

    Indecision 2012 - Corn Polled Edition - Ron Paul & the Top Tier - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 08/15/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central Frankly, I think the GOP is terrified of Ron Paul. At the very least they have no idea what to do with him.
  12. ElvishDNP

    Your online persona vs. You in real life

    [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] More or less. :lol2:
  13. I was going to partially say what Oramar said - S&P has gotten a few major things wrong. Lehman Bros and Enron being two....so the fact in itself that they've knocked the US' credit rating down a notch isn't (to me) the be-all and end-all. Having said that, a person who has done what the US government has done in terms of borrowing and spending deserves whatever crapola credit rating they get. So I really can't work up too much righteous indignation over this even though I don't really put a lot of stock in S&P. Hello, did they think China was going to float us loans forever?
  14. ElvishDNP

    Best driving songs...

    Oh, I do love some Ozzy. Great driving songs AND great running songs. [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MLp7YNTznE[/YOUTUBE]
  15. ElvishDNP

    Raise your hand if you like to read...

    I read a NYT article about that a couple months ago and while it's disappointing if true, what Greg Mortenson has done in Afghanistan and Pakistan can't be argued with. JMHO.

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