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  1. AnnieOaklyRN

    What is a paragraph?

    I do want to add that for some reason, sometimes when I post on here my paragraphs become one big blob of words. I think it is because I am using Apple, but I am not sure. So please don't make the assumption that a lack of paragraphs in a post equates to a lack of grammatical knowledge! Annie
  2. AnnieOaklyRN


    That is something you need to discuss with these men, there is not number or percentage we can give you. Have the other man show proof that his sperm count is zero. Cheating hurts, please get a divorce or counseling, you clearly are not in love with your husband anymore or the relationship is sadly missing something. Kind of hard not to pass judgement here. HPRN
  3. AnnieOaklyRN

    PERSONAL female oriented question!

    menses can stop or skip with stress... which is why the more a teenager worries that they are pregnant the more periods they tend to miss. Sweetooth
  4. AnnieOaklyRN

    What Are You Three Favorite Smilies On Allnurses Site?

    Here are mine: :barf01: :biere: :bugeyes: 'tooth
  5. AnnieOaklyRN

    Medical words you like the sound of

    Diltiazem :heartbeat