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  1. AnnieOaklyRN

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Dude?!, you just made me spit up my melon latte! W H Y would you say that in an ER, on a Saturday night, during Madi Gras?!
  2. AnnieOaklyRN

    Fentanyl used for executions?

    I heard that the manufacturer of the Benzo, I believe its Phenobarb, used for lethal injection no longer wanted to supply it to be used for executions. I am guessing maybe for that reason they had to start using other drugs. I don't know. Either way the patient is overdosed on multiple drugs to make sure they die, painlessly which is unfortunate. I am a believer that if they truly killed someone, proven by significant evidence, then why not make them suffer, they made the person they killed suffer. Karma! I can understand the quantum of the drug companies, especially narcotic companies. Multiple states have sued narcotic manufacturers because of the cost of all the overdoses, and the fact that people have died overdosing on their medications. You cannot be a hypocrite and then turn around and use those medications to purposely kill someone after you just sued them for killing people indirectly. Annie
  3. AnnieOaklyRN

    Septic tank advice :)

    Yes, I did have it inspected. You actually do not want to pump it before inspection. They actually said those bacteria products do not make a difference and that seems to be the online consensus. I am more worried about what cleaning products and laundry detergents etc are ok for me to use? Are there specific ones for septic tanks? Annie
  4. AnnieOaklyRN

    Septic tank advice :)

    Hi, I know this has nothing to do with nursing... I am a nurse and am about to buy a house (closing on October 7) and it has a septic tank, and that thing makes me nervous! I am just looking for advice as far as how to take care of it. Are there only certain soaps and detergents I can use? I plan no disinfecting the crap out of the house before I move in, but I don't want to over doit and kill all the bacteria in the tank and have issues. Any tips or advice is welcome! I am probably afraid of nothing, but I have never had one of these. Any other tips for my first time owning an actual house would be great too! Thanks Annie
  5. AnnieOaklyRN

    What is a paragraph?

    I do want to add that for some reason, sometimes when I post on here my paragraphs become one big blob of words. I think it is because I am using Apple, but I am not sure. So please don't make the assumption that a lack of paragraphs in a post equates to a lack of grammatical knowledge! Annie
  6. AnnieOaklyRN

    Please Pray for my Niece!

    Hi all, My 6 year old niece is very ill in a PICU secondary to a surgeon accidentally perforating her bowel during a routine umbilical hernia repair a few days ago. Unfortunately everyone, including the surgeon, contributed her vomiting and abdominal pain to the surgery, so she went 3 days with her bowel leaking. She had the perf repaired yesterday, but is still very ill requiring ICU care, central line, and TPN etc, thankfully she is not in septic shock! Please just say a prayer for her that she heals and ends up ok from this! I am so worried about her!! Thank you! HPRN
  7. AnnieOaklyRN


    That is something you need to discuss with these men, there is not number or percentage we can give you. Have the other man show proof that his sperm count is zero. Cheating hurts, please get a divorce or counseling, you clearly are not in love with your husband anymore or the relationship is sadly missing something. Kind of hard not to pass judgement here. HPRN
  8. AnnieOaklyRN

    Please be a responsible pet owner!

    Hi all,I am a nurse, but I also volunteer for the MSPCA! I love what I do, but it can be very depressing which is why I am posting this.....1) STOP BREEDING, START ADOPTING! There are MILLIONS of pets waiting in sheltes for a home, big and small, exotic and not so exotic...They all have one thing in common- They didn't ask to be born, they are thier because of us. Please support your local shelters by donating or adopting... Don't support breeding by buying from a pet store or breeder! By supporting pet stores and breeders you are supporting the euthanasia of thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets beacuse there are more of them than willing humans to take them in!2) SPAY AND NEUTER! If you adopt from a shelter it will be included in your adoption fee! It is a minor surgical procedure that you can usually find at low cost.... It beats trying to care for puppies and kittens and then trying to home them... That's 1-8 shelter animals that could have had homes! 3) DO RESEARCH! Research the animal you want to adopt FIRST! We reasearch the cars we buy, the electronics, etc...but people think its ok to just take a living being home that y ou must feed, clean up after, walk, take to the vet...etc. Don't buy a pet at the spur of the moment, thats one of the many ways they end up in shelters! 4) CAN YOU AFFORD IT! Pets require veteranary care, when they are sick and sometimes in some pets, even when they are healthy! VETS ARE VERY EXPENSIVE! Do research before you buy on the vet costs associated with a pet and take that into consideration! If you cannot afford vet care, dont get a pet! 5) WILL YOUR LANDLORD ALLOW A PET? Don't get one and then ask....ask first! 6) ALLERGIES! Spend time with the pet you wNt to adopt to be sure you, or your family members are not allergic!7) TIME...Don't get a dog if you work 12+ hour shifts, unless you have someone to spend time with them at least twice a day.... Consider your free time before you get a pet! They require attention and care from YOU!8) DO NOT BUY A PET BECAUSE YOUR CHILD WANTS IT! I have seen countless animals in the shelter because children get bored once the newness wears off! If you buy your child a pet, know that you will continue to care for it and give it attention even when your child doesn't. Just dumping them off at a shelter sends the wrong message to kids! 9) IF YOU ARE EXPECTING LIFE CHANGES, WAIT! Do not get a new pet if your planning on having a baby, moving,traveling a lot etc....Another reason they will get dumped at a shelter! Ok, done done for now! Sorry about the lacking spaces, for some reason my posts just show up as one big paragraph!Happy
  9. AnnieOaklyRN

    Anyone have a Parottlet?

    Hi all,I am thinking about buying one; however I work 24 hour shifts and am wondering if they could tolerate that?Any other information would be helpfull too! ThanksHappy
  10. AnnieOaklyRN

    Help with Goldfish

    Ugh, I having been keepin fish for 20 years now.It drives me crazy to hear people buying fish, including gold fish, and thinking they will survive in a 1 gallon tank with or without aeration and a filter! Contary to popular belief gold fish require at least a 30 gallon tank! Yes I did say that! All fish, INCLUDING BETTAS, require at least one gallon of water per an inch of fish...Thats the size when they reach maturity.Also all aquariums should only have a VERY limited amount of fish until the water mTures with bacteria in a few weeks...That is why, unless you are an experience aquarium keeper, most small tanks just end up with a lot of dead fish. Skip the 2 gallon desk top aquarium and buy at least a 10 gallon. As a rule the larger the tank the easier it will be to keep the fish living! Just my two cents..Need advice, semd a PM
  11. AnnieOaklyRN

    Workout thread...

    Hi all,It is great to see so many healthy people on here!I am currently working out on a spinning bike x3-4 days a week plus a walk at a fast pace plus weights... When I am at work I walk 2 hours a day. I was running a 7 minute mile, but something happened to my knee and I can no longer run or jog because of the pain. :( I think what happened to my knee was the 7 minute mile....As far as eating I just eat things in moderation. I eat fried food only once a month and everything else is whenever I want it, but like I said, it IS all about moderation if you want to loose or mai tain your weight. Loosing weight involves a very simple equation! BURN MORE THAN YOU PUT IN! If you are not loosing weight you are not doing this, no exuses, it isnt your genetics or your thyroid... A year ago I was 60lbs heavier.. I was doing mild exercise, sometimes none, and realized I was eating 700 calories in just ice cream a day, everyday! That is 4900 calories a week and an extra 19,600 calories a monrth! I got a big dose of reality when I actually scooped in my normal serving and then actually measured it to the serving size! Wake up call for me!Just my two cents! Happy
  12. Hi there welcome to the boards! Paramedic/RN from the northeast here... Happy
  13. AnnieOaklyRN

    My concience is beating me up....

    Narcan does not work for benzos ( ie Ativan)..You should report her for not knowing that too.... Happy
  14. AnnieOaklyRN

    Anyone been on a Disney Cruise?

    Thanks for the info Vtachy! I hope you don't mind my asking, but how much did it run you guys? We would have either 2 adults and 2 kids or 4 adults and two children. I am just trying to compare this to just doing a disney world vacation. I have never been to Disney world so I am really unfamilar with the cost of that and the area as far as hotels etc. Thanks any further info would be great!
  15. AnnieOaklyRN

    Anyone been on a Disney Cruise?

    Hi all, I am thinking about getting my neices a disney vacation for their birthdays (both in August, but I would book it for february 2012). They will be 3 and 6 then. I am wondering if anyone has taken their kids on a Disney Cruise and was it worth the money. Was their enough for them to do and did they get board, especially when on the islands? Thanks Happy