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  1. AnnieOaklyRN

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Dude?!, you just made me spit up my melon latte! W H Y would you say that in an ER, on a Saturday night, during Madi Gras?!
  2. AnnieOaklyRN

    Fentanyl used for executions?

    I heard that the manufacturer of the Benzo, I believe its Phenobarb, used for lethal injection no longer wanted to supply it to be used for executions. I am guessing maybe for that reason they had to start using other drugs. I don't know. Either way the patient is overdosed on multiple drugs to make sure they die, painlessly which is unfortunate. I am a believer that if they truly killed someone, proven by significant evidence, then why not make them suffer, they made the person they killed suffer. Karma! I can understand the quantum of the drug companies, especially narcotic companies. Multiple states have sued narcotic manufacturers because of the cost of all the overdoses, and the fact that people have died overdosing on their medications. You cannot be a hypocrite and then turn around and use those medications to purposely kill someone after you just sued them for killing people indirectly. Annie
  3. AnnieOaklyRN

    Septic tank advice :)

    Yes, I did have it inspected. You actually do not want to pump it before inspection. They actually said those bacteria products do not make a difference and that seems to be the online consensus. I am more worried about what cleaning products and laundry detergents etc are ok for me to use? Are there specific ones for septic tanks? Annie
  4. AnnieOaklyRN

    Septic tank advice :)

    Hi, I know this has nothing to do with nursing... I am a nurse and am about to buy a house (closing on October 7) and it has a septic tank, and that thing makes me nervous! I am just looking for advice as far as how to take care of it. Are there only certain soaps and detergents I can use? I plan no disinfecting the crap out of the house before I move in, but I don't want to over doit and kill all the bacteria in the tank and have issues. Any tips or advice is welcome! I am probably afraid of nothing, but I have never had one of these. Any other tips for my first time owning an actual house would be great too! Thanks Annie
  5. AnnieOaklyRN

    What is a paragraph?

    I do want to add that for some reason, sometimes when I post on here my paragraphs become one big blob of words. I think it is because I am using Apple, but I am not sure. So please don't make the assumption that a lack of paragraphs in a post equates to a lack of grammatical knowledge! Annie
  6. AnnieOaklyRN


    That is something you need to discuss with these men, there is not number or percentage we can give you. Have the other man show proof that his sperm count is zero. Cheating hurts, please get a divorce or counseling, you clearly are not in love with your husband anymore or the relationship is sadly missing something. Kind of hard not to pass judgement here. HPRN
  7. AnnieOaklyRN

    Workout thread...

    Hi all,It is great to see so many healthy people on here!I am currently working out on a spinning bike x3-4 days a week plus a walk at a fast pace plus weights... When I am at work I walk 2 hours a day. I was running a 7 minute mile, but something happened to my knee and I can no longer run or jog because of the pain. :( I think what happened to my knee was the 7 minute mile....As far as eating I just eat things in moderation. I eat fried food only once a month and everything else is whenever I want it, but like I said, it IS all about moderation if you want to loose or mai tain your weight. Loosing weight involves a very simple equation! BURN MORE THAN YOU PUT IN! If you are not loosing weight you are not doing this, no exuses, it isnt your genetics or your thyroid... A year ago I was 60lbs heavier.. I was doing mild exercise, sometimes none, and realized I was eating 700 calories in just ice cream a day, everyday! That is 4900 calories a week and an extra 19,600 calories a monrth! I got a big dose of reality when I actually scooped in my normal serving and then actually measured it to the serving size! Wake up call for me!Just my two cents! Happy
  8. AnnieOaklyRN

    PERSONAL female oriented question!

    menses can stop or skip with stress... which is why the more a teenager worries that they are pregnant the more periods they tend to miss. Sweetooth
  9. AnnieOaklyRN

    What Are You Three Favorite Smilies On Allnurses Site?

    Here are mine: :barf01: :biere: :bugeyes: 'tooth
  10. AnnieOaklyRN

    Medical words you like the sound of

    Diltiazem :heartbeat

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