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  1. ann945n

    Did being a nurse help you find religion?

    Thank you Workingforskies. One of my favorite quotes "That it will never come again, Is what makes life so sweet" by Emily Dickinson I do not waste my time as a nurse caught up in after life or my immortal soul. As I had no knowledge of life before I was born I will have none once I die, I simply enjoy the spot light while its still on me, cause this is it! This is no dress rehersal.
  2. ann945n

    Did being a nurse help you find religion?

    Nope, not one bit. Im an atheist and going through nursing school has only made me more of an atheist. For me I really wish people could be free from such an institution as religion.
  3. ann945n

    Stealing Baby Names

    I had a friend go through this recently. Her friend stole her unborn daughters name. She was soooo upset. She picked another though which I think is better and gave it to her daughter at birth. Wouldnt you know that other girl made a stink about that name too, she was planning on her #3 to have that name. Some people.....
  4. ann945n

    Family issues

    Im sorry this man has driven a wedge into your family. It seems to me that if your parents are willing to pick this man over there own children there is a much bigger picture here that no one has seen or mentioned yet. If its very upsetting to you, dont go over. If you would like to have a relationship with your parents do it on your turf where you can make the rules. Invite them over instead and your brother. If this guys shows up dont let him in send him away. With a situation like this its better to find a solution then to fight the problem if they are unwilling to change. I would only do this for family though, no one else. I hope you can find some calmness and get ready to enjoy that beautiful baby of yours :)
  5. ann945n

    Jehovah's Witness Nurse

    I couldnt have said it better myself. I would have a problem if I worked with someone who was unwilling to do part of their job and knowingly took that job in spite of that. Its that person responsibility to take a job where their morals can be upheld. Thats not everyone elses job
  6. ann945n

    Religion part II - educate me please

    Its nice to see other atheist nurses out there! We make up around 2 percent of the US population, though that number is higher if you including other groups but true atheist are a small number but we are here! I would like to add there are many different kind of atheist as well. I am of the type where I dont give religion a second thought, to me its just as rediculous for an adult to believe in god as it would be to believe in the easter bunny or santa clause. Atheist are very much scientificly based in their reasoning, that is why religion is not a part of it since there is no scientific backing to religion. I would also like to point out that most of the scientific community is atheist as well and there have been many studies showing that the higher ones education is the smaller the number is of those who take part in religion groups.
  7. ann945n

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    Agreed, people wont change. Also if my furbaby was afraid of someone I would listen to her and not him! She has been with you for 13 years, she isnt lying to you, this guy is scary! My parents had a cat once, a true lover a sweetie to the bone. My grandfather came over to visit and HATES all animals with a passion. The cat walked right up to him and attacked him, drew blood.... trust me cats know.... listen to your kitty. DANGER! Also I know for me that would be a deal breaker, love me love my cat, thankfully my hubby is the same way :D NO ONE hits My Zoe, NO ONE Ditch HIM!
  8. ann945n

    dental implants

    I dunno its just me but when it comes to health or dental care you shouldn't be shopping for the cheapest rate but the best care and outcome! I would be more concerned with the outcome then the cost. Just me I guess, rather have it done right the first time!
  9. ann945n

    A probelm worth discussing nicely!

    *sigh* yes i agree that us and them are different to other people *another big sigh* but to me i already described how i felt and what i feel the solution is, im not going to argue or nit-pick over the meanings of words with you, its a waste of time
  10. ann945n

    A probelm worth discussing nicely!

  11. ann945n

    A probelm worth discussing nicely!

    Our own is very clear US citizens. I dont see where that is fuzzy. And yes even if a person is mooching off the system is a US citzen they still get care and we take care of them regardless. What you are wishing for is a more worldly view and until all countries and demolished and we live as one (and im not joking or being rude here) we take care of our own. America cannot be the world health care provider or the world police. We have our own issues that need tending to before we worry about others. this same thinking could be applied to your daily life, surely you feed your own kids first before you would give to the food bank right? even if your kids were trouble makers and the kids getting the food from thefood bank were as good as good can be. You are mistaking my wanting to care for our own first for not caring about other peoples health around the world. I do care but that doesnt mean i want to pay for it.
  12. ann945n

    A probelm worth discussing nicely!

    I feel that if you come to the ER or any other medical facility and you are illegal this is what should happen. I agree we cant deport people from medical insitution, these places should be a safe haven to recieve care. But if you are illegal to get treatment you must first pay a certain amount up front before we will see you. if you are legal and cant pay you get treated no matter what. My feeling is any government money should go to citizen first!!!!!! If there is any left over after that the illegals can have it. We have the obligation to take care of our own first and make them a high priority. Now if an illegal came in with a disease that was dangerous to the community they get treatment for free to protect the rest. But sorry if you come in with a cold or a break or ect you need to pay for that illegals, cause im surely not going to. This for me also applies to places in colleges, american citizens should not be competing with student visa people for places in colleges, but thats a whole nother topic....

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