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  1. Kyrshamarks

    Mental Health Checks

    Furthermore, no one has yet out forward why it is ok to put means testing on the second amendment but not the other amendments.
  2. Kyrshamarks

    Mental Health Checks

    Nope, not pissed, not surprised. Not attacking even when my own mental health is questioned by people here. Just pointing out the disparity of some people's beliefs.
  3. Kyrshamarks

    Mental Health Checks

    Typical hypocrisy. Get pissed off and attack when confronted with a truth you don't like. Attacked the poster but not the issue.
  4. Kyrshamarks

    Mental Health Checks

    I actually am NOT advocating mental health checks for those things in my post. What I have done is shown the hypocritical view of some posters here. I chose those two things on purpose. They both are protected constitutional rights. There cannot be any means testing for a person to exercise them. now let's talk about another constitutional right. The 2nd amendment. Many people here who said we can't put mental health checks on thise two rights want to do just that to the right to bear arms. I argue that both the right to vote and religion can be far more dangerous than guns.... You cannot put means testing on one right and say it's not doable for another right.
  5. Kyrshamarks

    Mental Health Checks

    After seeing so much news article and all the seemingly unhinged people out there espousing radical beliefs I really think we do have a mental health crisis in the Untied States. I have seen so many reports of people as well as seeing in person how out of touch with reality they, are I really think we need to institute mental health checks on people. I have seen people literally vote for people and issues that harm them. I think we need mental health checks to be allowed to vote in elections. If you cant prove you are not of completely sound mind you should not be allowed to vote. They can too easily be swayed to vote against their own best interests. By voting you are potentially hurting yourself or others. Along with that we really need mental health checks on extremist religions. We all have seen the damage that those religions cause to society as well as individual people. I am not denouncing any one religion, but rather all extremist religions, christian or not. Too many people have been hurt by their views. If you are deemed extreme by a mental health expert, you should not be allowed to worship in those churches. Radical ideas lead to radical events and no one benefits from radicalism. I really think we need mental health checks on more people and if they are judged to be mentally ill then we need to protect society and themselves from harm by their potential actions.
  6. Kyrshamarks

    Close Family Members Who Are Total Strangers

    Don't feel bad. I have 9 brothers and sisters. I know who the oldest is and since I am the youngest who is next to me in age. What I do not know is what order they come in, what their middle names are, how old are they, where the live, their kids names and ages and even some of them who their spouses names are and how many kids they have and their ages. We all came from the same parents. I have not seen 7 of them for more than 15 years. Hell, i dont even have the phone numbers for them. I wil probably never see them again. I even have a brother that lives about 1 mile from me and i have not talked or seen him in 5 years. My kids dont even know their cousins nor do they care to. Seems pretty normal to me
  7. Kyrshamarks

    How will history judge us?

    Thise kids in cages pictures were from the Obama era.
  8. Kyrshamarks

    Right to Bear Arms

    In Texas, with my CHL, I only need to show it when I purchase the gun. No background check, and furthermore even if there was, there is no waiting period to get the gun.
  9. Kyrshamarks

    Neen'ers LIF's

    It's not a game...but those that know what it is are a special group. in more wys than one
  10. Kyrshamarks

    Neen'ers LIF's

    Trust me, not co workers at all. Neen'ee LIF'S are all around the world. if you were one you would know....kinda like the iliminatti
  11. Kyrshamarks

    Neen'ers LIF's

    I would never reveal a superhero real identity. the would go against the LIF code of conduct. as for my secret identity...I will just say paris, amsterdam, berlin, aushwicz....
  12. Kyrshamarks

    Neen'ers LIF's

    Just curious to how many of Neen'ers LIF's are here. Those that know what that is will know what I am talking about. I have figured out a few of them, and they probably have figured out who I am.... Just curious is all on this long and boring night shift tonight.
  13. Kyrshamarks

    What bands/artists have you seen in concert?

    Let's see.... Van Halen with Diamond Dave AC/DC Ozzy Osborne Marilyn Manson System of a down Dead Pool Zak Wylde Poison Dokken Warrent Korn Limp Bizcut Tool Judas Priest Kid Rock KISS Motley Crue Kenny Wayne Sheppard Aerosmith Vixxen Neil Diamond Anthrax Mayhem Slipknot Steel Panther Bruce Springsteen Peter Gabriel Genesis Tracy Chapman Yousan D'ourf Gwar Brian Adams NightRanger MR. Mr. Duran Duran Cheap trick Jesus Jones ZZ Top Alabama Blake Edwards Molly Hatchet Jethro Tull Plus a lot of smaller bands that play clubs and smaller venues...mostly black metal and death metal. (I get a lot of free tickets from my nephew who photographs the shows)
  14. Kyrshamarks

    Debating the Inheritance Tax

    If you inherit 10 million dollars form you family. say an uncle. You will end up paying an inheritance tax on that money which is blatantly unfair. That money was already taxed once when it was earned by the original owner. Paying again is double taxation.
  15. did you read the bill? it would not prevent anyone from photographing police. It would create a buffer zone of 25 feet around the cop that bystanders need to leave for the protection of the police and victims/suspects. No where does it say you cannot video tape the police. During an interview with WFAA's "Inside Texas Politics," Villalba made clear he wasn't opposed to videotaping police. "All we're saying is provide [police] a halo," he told the program. "Give them a little room. We're not saying don't film. We're not saying stop. We're saying just step back a little bit."