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  1. CrufflerJJ

    Wow! - gun control

    VERY nice!:yeah::yeah: It sounds like you've got the controllable factors well under control.
  2. CrufflerJJ

    Wow! - gun control

    I hope that it's a decent sized canister of good quality OC spray ("decent sized" = 2 ounces or more, not a cutesy keychain model). OC is a good thing, as long as it's made by a reputable manufacturer (I like Bodyguard or Fox Labs). There are some neat videos on Youtube of people being sprayed "for fun" (not my idea of fun, by the way).
  3. don't worry, though. the great prophet alan greenspan (blessed be his name) said: "the united states can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. so there is zero probability of default" (ref: news headlines ) great! let's just print $15 trillion or so and pay off our national debt. problem solved. right? right???:yeah: i guess rather than putting aside extra fiat money to pay off our home mortgage 8-9 years early (just killed it off this month), my wife and i should have just bought a number of monopoly games & sent in that money. that seems to be what greenspan is advocating. i can pay any debt i have because i've got plenty of blank checks. so there's zero probability of me running out of money. so sayeth the prophet. get your weimar germany wheelbarrow ready.
  4. CrufflerJJ

    EncryptOnClick For File Encryption

    Looks like a nice program, using a fairly robust encryption (AES). I've used encryption software on my PCs since the 1980's (beginning with "For Your Eyes Only", a package out of Canada). With more and more portable (tablet/billfold/watch-sized/eventually aspirin-pill-sized) computers & phones in use, each containing personal financial info, I hope that more consumers begin using encryption software. To do otherwise is just asking for your info to be stolen should the device be lost or "acquired." On my machines, I generally use either AxCrypt (which also does secure deletion of files) or TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt is a more heavy duty package, allowing you to create an encrypted disk volume either in the open or hidden on your system. I've found it to be fast and reliable....so far, at least!
  5. CrufflerJJ

    'Extreme kayakers' tell of deadly crocodile attack

    That sounds a lot like my garb for the FIRST and ONLY time of assisting my wife in trying to trim her adult male Pembroke Welsh Corgi's nails. In my case, it was just a heavy winter coat & winter gloves, but the Corgi was not at all amused.:eek:
  6. CrufflerJJ

    'Extreme kayakers' tell of deadly crocodile attack

    Yup - a nice mix of salty/soft/crunchy. A PERFECT appetizer!:D
  7. CrufflerJJ

    AZ hospital loses Catholic status over abortion case

    19th?? Maybe 13th. Burn the Witch!
  8. CrufflerJJ

    'Extreme kayakers' tell of deadly crocodile attack

    Yup....we're all critter-food.
  9. CrufflerJJ

    More "government takeover of our lives" stuff

    Of course - we need more laws to keep us safe from ourselves (sarcasm intended). The existing 47 bazillion laws (local, state, federal), plus legions of government agencies are obviously insufficient to keep us safe. Gotta add to the number of overseers, don'cha know. Then we'll all be safe. If you doubt that federal workers will terrorize families, Google "manna storehouse raid". Back in December of 2008, the OH Dept of Agriculture had the local sheriff office conduct a raid/search warrant execution on a family owned organic food coop near Cleveland OH. If the state agencies are willing to use armed force to keep people safe from themselves, I suspect that the feds will also be more than willing to do so.
  10. CrufflerJJ

    Al Gore Comes Out Against Ethanol

    From a Wall Street Journal article: Review Outlook: Al Gore's Ethanol Epiphany - WSJ.com ... The benefits of ethanol are "trivial," he added, but "It's hard once such a program is put in place to deal with the lobbies that keep it going." No kidding, and Mr. Gore said he knows from experience: "One of the reasons I made that mistake is that I paid particular attention to the farmers in my home state of Tennessee, and I had a certain fondness for the farmers in the state of Iowa because I was about to run for President." Mr. Gore's mea culpa underscores the degree to which ethanol has become a purely political machine: It serves no purpose other than re-electing incumbents and transferring wealth to farm states and ethanol producers. Nothing proves this better than the coincident trajectories of ethanol and Mr. Gore's career. ... It's interesting to read that AlGore has come clean on how he was bought & sold by the ethanol and farm lobbies, in exchange for political support. Our Most Benevolent Government in action.
  11. CrufflerJJ

    Who would really cut your taxes?

    Is "neither of the above" a choice?
  12. CrufflerJJ

    Any Nurses registered as a Libertarian?

    Count me in.:)
  13. The change I'd make to the above is to replace "radical lefties" with "Government". It doesn't matter if you're talking "left" or "right", RepubliKrats", or "Demopublicans." They're all the same when applying a boot to your throat, ratcheting up the pressure step by step. I sincerely hope that eventually the citizens of my country will throw off the boot, but have little hope that this will ever occur.
  14. CrufflerJJ

    NPR Ends Juan Williams' Contract After Muslim Remarks

    Innnnnteresting! Thanks for the link. On today's Diane Ream (?sp?) show, Juan Williams also said that his comments were misinterpreted. On today's radio show, he did NOT use the "she's got this Stokely Carmichael-in-a-designer-dress thing going"statement. Instead, he used something far more innocent sounding.
  15. Interesting article on Huffington Post: Are Credit Checks Keeping The Jobless Out Of Work? ... Bailey said he applied for a new job at Am-Rail in Kansas City, Missouri, three weeks ago but failed to pass the background check because of his poor credit. "When they run a credit report on you, I guess the score is supposed to determine what kind of employee you are," he said. "I've had very few jobs in my lifetime, and every job I've had I stuck with for a very long time. Seems like they should go off of you, not your credit score." ...experts are wondering whether it's still a fair screening tool in the wake of a recession that has left 15 million Americans unemployed and unable to keep up with their bills. ... According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 60 percent of all organizations polled said they conducted background checks on applicants, and 17 percent in the Northeast reported that favorable background check results are the most important factor influencing the final decision of whether to hire someone. Considering the fact that more than half of all working adults in America have either been unemployed, taken a pay cut, had their work hours reduced or become involuntary part-time workers since the beginning of the recession, more and more job applicants are hampered by blemishes on their credit reports in the search for a steady salary. ... It's pretty well a "given" that many employers use credit records as part of their pre-hiring "due diligence" background check on prospective employees. It's scary to read that having a good background check is the "most important factor influencing the final decision of whether to hire someone." Ignore recommendation letters, job history, past performance appraisals, length of service at past jobs,....what really matters is whether Joe pays his bills on time. Crazy.