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  1. CrufflerJJ

    Right to Bear Arms

    Ummm...no thanks. Your proposal merely shifts the blame/responsibility for responsible firearms ownership from our Most Benevolent Government to an independent firearms lobbying group. Since our Most Benevolent Government (and its elected minions) has been proven incompetent/incapable of preventing idiot driven firearm violence, let's shift the blame to another group. Riiiiiight.... A criminal background check prior to transferring/purchasing a firearm has only a minimal effect on criminals acquiring firearms. Yes, some transfers are prevented by "do not proceed" results on background checks. That being said, I suspect that only a small percentage of firearms used by criminals are acquired through legal means. This is just my "gut feel", and I'm too lazy to consult Dr. Google to prove my premise. My bad. As a person who is 50-mumble years old, who has owned plenty of firearms ("too many", according to my darling wife), I'm convinced that laws have little impact on who owns guns, and an even SMALLER impact on how gun owners (legal or otherwise) use said firearms. If I was a criminal, I could possess guns by "creative" means, whether that be through a "nalyevo" approach, or simply by breaking into homes where I might acquire guns. Responsible firearm use/ownership (or the lack thereof) is merely a symptom of our nation's culture as a whole. Laws, more laws, and even MORE laws will do little to prevent gun violence. They merely impede the ability of lawful citizens to own guns.
  2. CrufflerJJ

    Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules

    You're quite welcome! In typing out my post/rant, I didn't try to prioritize the factors. I just typed & typed & typed... I agree that #7 is high on the list, along with #4-#5.
  3. CrufflerJJ

    Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules

    "What's up" is probably a combination of factors: 1) The increasing militarization of our police (black battle rattle body armor, helmets, armored personnel carriers for even the smallest department). SWAT responses for what would have just been a 1-2 officer response in the past. Drones in the air. With the donning of the gear comes a change in mindset from "to protect and serve" to "gonna get some". 2) Lax oversight in terms of "use of force" reviews. There has always been a "thin blue line of silence", in which law enforcement officers (LEOs) were expected to back each other up in the case of a civilian complaint. The increased use/availability of personal video recordings by civilians might be the only thing standing between personal freedom in a LEO encounter gone bad, versus being jailed/convicted as a result of life altering trumped-up charges. 3) A sense of entitlement on the part of LEOs. Sort of a "might makes right" situation. On the minor end of the scale, this might result in a uniformed officer (or off duty cop) driving in a manner that would result in a civilian being ticketed/arrested. On the larger end of the scale, this may result in a LEO being judge/jury/executioner in any LEO/civilian encounter. It's left to the surviving family members to prove the LEO wrong. Good luck with that. 4) A very strong distinction between "us" and "them". Rather than your local police officer feeling that he is "one" with the community in which he serves, there tends to be a strong distinction made between cops and non-cops. Sort of a "cops are good", "non-cops are a threat." This impacts the behavior/perceptions/actions of LEOs against non-LEOs. For an interesting book on the effect that this us/them perception has on the beliefs/behavior of LEOs, I encourage folks to read "Signal Zero" by George Kirkham. Signal Zero: George Kirkham: 9780345257710: Amazon.com: Books This book, released in 1977, details the experiences/thoughts/actions of a criminology professor who goes through his local police academy and starts working in a high threat urban environment. He is painfully aware of his change in attitude with time. 5) The political nature of the prosecuting attorney (or as I affectionately call them...prostituting attorney) position. Nobody will get elected/re-elected by promising to enforce the laws fairly. Elections are won by claiming to be "tough on crime", a high conviction record, and by throwing people in jail. Too bad if you're chosen as the random criminal "poster child." Guilt doesn't matter...all that matters is getting a conviction. 6) The incestuous relationship between criminal defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, and the entire criminal injustice system as a whole. "Justice" does not matter. Being "fair" does not matter. Many defense attorneys have worked in the past as a prosecuting attorney. The "system" all depends on processing people through the system as rapidly as possible (much like cattle in a slaughterhouse). Numbers matter, not people. There is not enough time or financial resources available to fairly handle each case, hence the increasing number of "plea bargains" or "pretrial diversion" cases. 7) The ever-increasing number of laws, resulting in more and more US citizens being charged for "criminal" offenses. You ARE a criminal, each & every day of your adolescent/adult life. Guaranteed. It's just a matter of a LEO deciding to choose you for extra-special attention, then "shopping" your case around to a city/county/state/federal prostituting attorney willing to pick a suitable charge (out of the thousands & thousands & thousands of laws on the books). Been there, done that...burned the T-shirt. Remember...ignorance of "the law" is no excuse. See: Overcriminalization , and The Criminalization of America | JONATHAN TURLEY for some cheerful reading. Another cheerful thought is "'There is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime,' said John Baker, a retired Louisiana State University law professor who has also tried counting the number of new federal crimes created in recent years. 'That is not an exaggeration.'" This is from The Many Failed Efforts to Count Nation's Federal Criminal Laws - WSJ.com . 8) "Mens rea" no longer matters. mens rea legal definition of mens rea. mens rea synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary. . All that matters is your local LEO happening to notice you, write you up for something, then shopping your care around to the various prostituting attorneys until somebody decides that they can make a case. Whether you knowingly intended to break "the law" does not matter. It's a painful realization that a "free" citizen of this wonderful nation is subject to summary execution or (to a lesser extent), life-altering criminal charges on the whim of those in power. As a child, you're taught that as long as you "follow the rules", you'll enjoy a happy productice life as a member of our society. All it takes is a single random painful encounter with our criminal injustice system to experience an "awakening." Take the Red Pill.
  4. CrufflerJJ

    Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules

    herring_RN - I'm sorry to read that you were physically assaulted by the police. As a child growing up, I was always taught that the Police were the "good guys." With age, however, comes experience and wisdom. I won't go into details, but had my own (mentally) painful "awakening" about police and our criminal injustice system back in 2007. I can never again interact with the police with the same honest, open, trusting behavior. Unfortuntely, all law enforcement encounters are a threat to your personal safety/liberty, and must be managed accordingly. I write this as a person whose favorite TV show used to be COPS. Go figure!
  5. CrufflerJJ

    Pentagon Lays Out Options for U.S. Military Effort in Syria

    Hence the need for military forces (US included) to depersonalize the enemy, so that killing them is all the much easier. Ref: David Grossman's book "On Killing". If they're not people, just "gooks", "Yankees", "Johny Rebs", "Japs", "Krauts",...., they're much easier to kill without any feelings of guilt.
  6. CrufflerJJ

    Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules

    "one loss of job"...well, almost. Trooper Bui was initialy fired after performing the cavity search. Her partner was suspended. On further investigation, the Texas Dept of Public Safety (and random cavity searches) decided to reinstate Trooper Bui on 8/9/13. Their justification was that the grand jury decided not to indict Bui, and that she (as a newbie) had been directed by a more senior Trooper to digitally rape...umm...I mean...search the "subjects." See: Trooper who conducted cavity search reinstated | The TexasFred Blog Trooper who conducted cavity search reinstated - Houston Chronicle Once again, it suuuure is GREAT to live in a free country. The Eichman defense "I was only following orders" is alive & well.
  7. See: http://www.zdnet.com/snowdens-privacy-oriented-email-provider-shuts-down-under-u-s-government-pressure-7000019185/ ... An American company that specialized in highly encrypted email suspended operations today. The abrupt shutdown of Lavabit, a small Texas-based company, is suspected to be related to a court order related to its best-known customer, NSA leaker Edward Snowden. ... And today the company's owner and operator, Ladar Levison, announced that he was "walking away from nearly ten years of hard work" rather than "become complicit in crimes against the American people." A second company, Silent Circle, has decided to pre-emptively shut down its secure email service. http://gigaom.com/2013/08/09/another-u-s-secure-email-service-shuts-down-to-protect-customers-from-authorities/ It's sad when established companies are forced to commit financial suicide rather than leave their customers open to government intrusion.
  8. CrufflerJJ

    Jury acquits escort shooter

    I've only bought & sold a few things on Craigslist. I don't feel any need for "terror", just a reasonable amount of caution. If you're selling/buying a high dollar item, it might be a good idea to conduct the transaction in a public place, with "backup" on site. This could mean a trusted friend either within reach, or within sight of the transaction. A Glock (or similar tool) on your person is also not a bad idea.
  9. No need to be frightened. I'd encourage you to use this as just one more disappointing data point in assessing the current (evolving) situation. You have the right to remain silent, only after the State TELLS you that you have the right. No need for inherent or inalienable rights. After all, "rights" only mean what the State means they do. Right?:no:
  10. And the latest interview from Mr. Snowden....as detailed on Yahoo and a website from Mother Russia: Snowden to Guardian: ‘Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped' Edward Snowden: Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped ? RT News ... Snowden further deployed his considerable wit to cast aspersion on members of the US political elite who had led leveled the traitor charge against him. "It's important to bear in mind I'm being called a traitor by men like former Vice President Dick Cheney. This is a man who gave us the warrantless wiretapping scheme as a kind of atrocity warm-up on the way to deceitfully engineering a conflict that has killed over 4,400 and maimed nearly 32,000 Americans, as well as leaving over 100,000 Iraqis dead. Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give an American, and the more panicked talk we hear from people like him, [Democratic Senator Dianne] Feinstein, and [Republican Senator Peter]King, the better off we all are. If they had taught a class on how to be the kind of citizen Dick Cheney worries about, I would have finished high school." Living a life on the run had previously led Snowden to say that none of the options ahead of him were good, but his ultimate goal would be realized no matter what fate became him. "All I can say right now is the US Government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. Truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped."\ ...
  11. CrufflerJJ

    Chicago Tactics Put Major Dent in Killing Trend

    Yup....Rahmbo's tactics are working just fine. This weekend, there were "only" 41 shot & 7 killed, compared to last year's tally of 53 shot & 9 killed. Success!!!!:no: See: Gun violence: 6 dead among 26 shot across Chicago - chicagotribune.com Shootings from Friday afternoon into Saturday left another 13 people shot, 1 fatally. The combined tally resulted in 41 people shot, and seven killed this weekend. Last year at about the same time, there were 53 people shot, nine fatally in one weekend.
  12. Good luck with that, oh lawmakers. Our government's staffing is apparently such that the military relies on civilian contractors to perform basic duties such as food service and IT/security. I see this proposed bill as yet another chest-thumping move by the incompetents in power who can't (or don't want to) solve a problem, but feel the need to be seen as solving a problem by their constituents. Same as it ever was....same as it ever was.
  13. CrufflerJJ

    toner moisturizer

    Admittedly, I'm just a guy. You know, the sort who has a single bottle of shampoo in the shower....not the dozen or so various skin/hair "beauty" products used by some females (including my darling wife). That being said..."there are already signs of aging of me"...OH NOZZZ! Signs of aging? I suspect that might translate to "signs of needing to buy this & that & this high cost alleged beauty-maintenance product". Age happens. Beauty is from the inside.
  14. As to needing data, I understand that. Unfortunately, I hold most reports of "it's perfectly safe...no Amurkin's data has been swiped...trust us" with a high degree of suspicion. It's hard to know what to believe. That being said, "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."
  15. CrufflerJJ

    Stupid People Tricks

    I proudly call my wife Navigator, and am not too proud to ask for her help....frequently!