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  1. Grace Oz

    The cat is dead

    ((((((((((Joe)))))))))) The others have said it all and some. I hope you'll soon feel less sad and able to savour the memories.
  2. Grace Oz

    MLK (Martin Luther King) Statue in Washington, D.C.

    Marla, can you direct me to where I might also be able to see a picture of the statue, please. Thanks in advance and anticipation. I watched the Oprah Winfrey show today - [not something I normally do but had turned the telly on while I ate lunch! :)]- and the entire show was about Race. It was mostly in honour of Dr King I believe, and his message. I'm glad I happened across it, I did enjoy watching it. It is my humble opinion that Dr King's dream is still yet to be realised. Sadly, despite the human race having come a long way; we still have so very very far to go.
  3. Grace Oz

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    i'm a bit of a bookworm myself, never have gotten into computer games. each to their own i say, and it's better to be doing something you enjoy than being bored. i'm glad you enjoyed seeing the pics of the wattle! :d
  4. Grace Oz

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    And I have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about, xtxrn! :lol2: I'm neither "on" Facebook nor do I play Gardens of Time games - [whatever it is! :D] I'm only barely into the 21st century!:D But, congratulations anyway on reaching the level! :up::yeah::D
  5. Grace Oz

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    Here's another shot taken on the roadside for your viewing pleasure! :D
  6. Grace Oz

    Wednesday, August 31, 2011

    G'day and WELCOME TO wednesday! I thought you might enjoy starting your day by seeing a pic of our beautiful Aussie national flora - the Golden WATTLE. I took this pic on the weekend as we travelled across to Victoria. The wattle was in abundance all along the way and on the side of the roads. For miles and miles, all we could see was the green and gold! Fantastic! We have sunshine here today and our day went form calm and orderly to begin with, to suddenly having to deal with burst water pipes in the front garden and DD being ordered to bed rest! Between organising the plumber and dashing over to DD's and ensuring she's ok, the day has suddenly reached the p.m. and other plans out the window! DH dug up the garden and revealed the broken pipe. Plumber replaced old rotted pipe with new copper piping. We will receive the bill in the mail! :eek: Am dreading that! At least we have water again! DD's B/P is slightly elevated and pulse rapid. Iron count a bit low. She's plain exhausted, poor girl. Approx 6 weeks to go until delivery and she's still working, full-time! No wonder she's tired! Dr has ordered her off work until next week and to rest. I took her some lunch and had a mother to daughter talk with her about seriously considering ceasing work pronto! She's requested to cut her hours back, so hopefully the company will compromise and agree to her request. Last thing she needs is to go into labour already exhausted! Money, while important and necessary, isn't worth getting sick over! I'll phone tonight to see how she's feeling after a sleep. Have read the previous days threads/posts. Sending BIG :hug:to those needing same and some moral support and encouragement. Take each day as it comes and hang in there. Enjoy your wednesday folks and be kind to yourself and each other! Until later ........ :wavey:
  7. Grace Oz

    Tuesday, 30/8/2011

    G'day everyone :wavey: ((((((((((AKY)))))))))) Wishing your DD all the very best for a successful surgery. BIG :hug: for you as you await news. I'm on my way to bed, but wanted to pop in and make contact. I've been not so up close and personal with the computer of late - again! :) It goes like that with me from time to time. Plus, we went away last weekend. Did a 1,374 Kilometre road trip to Victoria and back again! All that way to attend a lunch!:eek::D It was worth it, so no complaints! :up: Have been watching the news reports on the hurricane and am glad the AN mates were spared any devastation. The images on the TV are terrible. Reminds me of the dreadful floods here in Oz earlier this year. Always good to read everyone's posts and as always; another gorgeous picture, Sabby! Stay safe and well everyone and be kinder than necessary, you never know what another person might be going through. Your smile and kindness just might lift them in a way you'll never realise! Besides, smiling also lifts our own spirit too! :) Until later ..... :wavey:
  8. Grace Oz

    Good Morning 8/24/11

    G'day one and all! :wavey: Glorious sunny day here in the land Down Under, spring is just around the corner! :yeah: Been busy with household chores today. DH didn't exactly spring clean while I was away! :uhoh3::rolleyes: It's looking sparkly now! :D:up: We had a wonderful surprise on monday. DS was in town! :redbeathe:yeah::up: He came for tea and slept here for the night. It was just wonderful seeing him for the first time in 6 months. He returned to base this morning after a few days of "secret men's business" here. :) Have heard the reports about the quake up/over, glad no serious damage was done. Bad enough any damage, but at least not devastating such as what Japan suffered, thankfully! Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy wednesday! :wavey:
  9. Grace Oz

    Christians- Do you struggle with fornication?

    i'll never be able to eat spaghetti again without thinking of you kathy! :d
  10. Grace Oz

    Christians- Do you struggle with fornication?

    crikey! hope the spaghetti didn't boil over! :lol2:
  11. Grace Oz

    Why do so many nurses not know how to spell?

    Crikey! much ado about nuttin'!! Here in oz, we call it a "stuff up!" :D
  12. Grace Oz

    Why do so many nurses not know how to spell?

    Well CRIKEY mate! Yep, us Aussies are oh so very posh! :lol2:
  13. Grace Oz

    Why do so many nurses not know how to spell?

    And then of course there's the little inaccuracies between Aussie spelling and how those folks in the USA spell! :D Neighbour Colour Honour Tyre Paediatric Theatre Centre .......... :D
  14. Grace Oz

    Seeing the wisdom without offense.

    Dear dudette, I second what the others have posted here and can only add that it has taken me until this age - 60 - to fully understand: "I'm the passenger on this journey. God is in the driver's seat." This by no means we sit back and do nothing, not at all. But learning to sometimes let go and let god, works so well for me. Go gently and allow life to unfold for you as it will. I wish you peace in your heart and mind. :hug:
  15. Grace Oz

    The great debate - over or under

    oh yes! ......... amen to that too!

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