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  1. RN-PA

    Just curious--what is the medical term for...

    How about "Intergluteal Cleft". After searching in an online medical dictionary (Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary), this seemed to make the most sense. More: crena (cre-na) (kre¢n[schwa]) pl. cre¢nae [L. "notch," from crenare to split] a notch or cleft crena ana¢lis, [TA] intergluteal cleft: the cleft between the buttocks on which the anus opens. Called also anal, clunial, gluteal, or natal cleft, c. ani or c. interglutealis [TA alternatives], c. clunium, gluteal furrow, rima ani, and rima clunium. Also: gluteal sulcus, sulcus glutea¢lis, [TA] a curved transverse groove or fold on the posterior aspect of the upper thigh, separating the upper part of the thigh from the nates (buttocks); called also gluteal fold or furrow. Butt crack is so much more descriptive though, wouldn't you agree? :)
  2. RN-PA

    Upse at what I heard from the convention tonight.

    Here's a transcript of actor Ron Silver's remarks: http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/08-30-2004/0002240914&EDATE= NEW YORK, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The following are remarks by Ron Silver as prepared for delivery at the 2004 Republican National Convention: I want to thank the President and the Republican Party for holding this event in my hometown, my father's hometown, my grandfather's and great grandfather's birthplace. Just over 1,000 days ago, 2,605 of my neighbors were murdered at the World Trade Center -- men, women and children -- as they began their day on a brilliantly clear New York autumn morning, less than four miles from where I am now standing. We will never forgive. Never forget. Never excuse! At the end of World War II, General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander of the South Pacific, said: "It is my earnest hope - indeed the hope of all mankind - that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past, a world found upon faith and understanding, a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish for freedom, tolerance and justice." The hope he expressed then remains relevant today. We are again engaged in a war that will define the future of humankind. Responding to attacks on our soil, America has led a coalition of countries against extremists who want to destroy our way of life and our values. This is a war we did not seek. This is a war waged against us. This is a war to which we had to respond. History shows that we are not imperialists . . . but we are fighters for freedom and democracy. Even though I am a well-recognized liberal on many issues confronting our society today, I find it ironic that many human rights advocates and outspoken members of my own entertainment community are often on the front lines to protest repression, for which I applaud them but they are usually the first ones to oppose any use of force to take care of these horrors that they catalogue repeatedly. Under the unwavering leadership of President Bush, the cause of freedom and democracy is being advanced by the courageous men and women serving in our Armed Services. The President is doing exactly the right thing. That is why we need this President at this time! I am grateful for the chance to speak tonight to express my support for our Commander-in-Chief, for our brave troops, and for the vital cause which they have undertaken. General Dwight Eisenhower's statement of 60 years ago is true today . . . "United in this determination and with unshakable faith in the cause for which we fight, we will, with God's help, go forward to our greatest victory." Thank you.
  3. RN-PA

    Left Behind Series

    Well said. I totally agree.
  4. RN-PA

    WHAT were these celebrities thinking?

    I have to agree. Quite sick-- and sickening! :stone
  5. RN-PA

    WHAT were these celebrities thinking?

    The names of Michael Jackson's poor children are the creepiest of all, IMHO: Prince Michael Jackson Jr Paris Michael Katherine Jackson Prince Michael II, aka Blanket What will he name his quadruplets? Prince/Princess Michael III, IV, V, and VI? :uhoh3:
  6. RN-PA

    WHAT were these celebrities thinking?

    Demi Moore and Bruce Willis's daughter's name is spelled "Rumer" not "Rumor"-- still wierd as all get out, though. I did a search and her full name is Rumer Glenne, her one sister is Scout LaRue and as someone else mentioned, the youngest is named Tallulah Belle. And yes, what WERE they thinking? I shook my head in disbelief at Gwyneth Paltrow naming her baby "Apple". I would've thought she'd choose something classier and more classical. I wondered if she was conceived in New York City (The Big Apple) and that's why they named her that.
  7. RN-PA

    Your Ideal Job is a Pole Dancer

    "Your ideal job is a Fluffy Bunny Trainer" That's with my married name. "Your ideal job is a Between the hours of 12 and 1pm on days with a W in them." That's with my maiden name. "Your ideal job is a Trained Assassin" That's with my husband's name... :eek:
  8. RN-PA

    Create your own Avatar

    I kept wondering about all the new avatars appearing on allnurses and finally found this thread! I haven't seen all the new portraits or comments here yet, but thought I'd add mine and then go back to reading the thread. The nose is a little wierd, but I think it looks pretty much like me and my cat.
  9. RN-PA

    who is still here that I'd recognize?

    Hi Shay, from one of your old fans! :wavey:
  10. RN-PA

    Excessively Oily Skin - Any advice?

    Once the heat and humidity hits, I'm shining continually-- and I'm 48!!! (They'll be powdering my face in my casket, I swear!) But I'm also fairly shiny throughout the year, an hour or two after applying make-up. I was on Accutane years ago and that's the only time I didn't have oily skin, but it's pretty extreme medication to be on for oily skin unless you're battling cystic acne as well. In our local beauty supply store, I recently found something to help with the shine: Facial blotting papers. They come 150 to a pack and they absorb oil and eliminate shine without disturbing make-up. They're really thin, almost translucent paper, 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. (The brand name is "Victoria Vogue".) I use an oil-free moisturizer by Neutrogena for my dry facial areas and an oil-free liquid foundation by Prescriptives. If I use an astringent before applying make-up, my skin gets irritated and eventually gets dry and flaky. But I will check into the Clinique face lotion #3 that txspadequeen921 mentioned. I'll try anything at this point.
  11. RN-PA

    American Idol: Season 3

    I so TOTALLY agree with everything you've said, I could've written it myself! I was also in the same boat as Dianah, a couple of posts back. I was put off by all the hype, hoopla, and screaming fans of the 2-hour finale. I have a TV right near the computer, so I kept it on the entire two hours, and Latoya (who should've won, IMHO) was the only ex-contestant whose song I listened to. The rest I frequently muted while I surfed the 'net. Fantasia deserved to win, and will do well in her career, but Diana is extremely motivated and talented, and I expect to hear more from her in the future. I also add my thanks to all for a fun thread!
  12. RN-PA

    American Idol: Season 3

    I'm watching the end of the finale show and since my favorite, Latoya was voted off, I have to say that Fantasia should win, even though her songs were incredibly full of ~YEAH~YEAH~YEAH~YEAH~'s tonight-- And poor Diana's last song went way out of key-- YIKES! And Paul Anka sang a song at the end was sort of pitchy, dawg! (Everyone's a critic, huh? :rolleyes: :D ) Now, on to the VOTING CONTROVERSY!!!
  13. RN-PA

    What is your fairy name????

    fairy name: ~dandelion whirling acorn~ hobbit name: prisca sandybanks of frogmorton
  14. RN-PA

    American Idol: Season 3

    As it's been said before, the ONLY way to watch AI, IMHO, is to tape and fast-forward through the commercials. OR, if watching live, flip around the channels OR clip coupons, read a magazine, etc.
  15. RN-PA

    American Idol: Season 3

    I totally agree! I have NEVER understood the absurdity of this "voting system" and I never will. AI will HAVE to address this if they want a season #4. OR they'll have to start calling it "Hackers' Idol" or "Phone Phreakers' Idol" as the article mentioned. :stone

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