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  1. dream'n

    Mental Health Checks

    Nope, not arguing with you over this. I've found since Trump was voted into office, trying to talk sense to his supporters doesn't help. Neither does speaking with hard-core NRA types. They aren't swayed by any facts. So you do you and I'll do me. Peace
  2. dream'n

    My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

    You and your child come first always. You are in school to improve you and your child's life. If he doesn't like the amount of attention you're giving him, tell him too bad not sorry.
  3. dream'n

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    Ok dog lovers, I'm going to show one of my pet peeves. I know most people are kidding, but talking negatively about cats really upsets me. My cats are my fur babies and I love them just as much as you love your dogs. I worked with a nurse once that worshiped her dog but spoke about how she should of "run over the cat that ran in front of my car this morning." I became very angry with her and wondered how she would have felt if I had said the same type of thing about a dog. Someone on here mentioned that dogs are good because they chase cats, well that really sucks. My cat was killed by a frickin' dog several years ago and it hurts me the same way as it would to someone with a beloved dog that was brutally attached and killed. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but the crap talk about cats pushes my buttons. If cats aren't your thing, fine. But stop saying hateful things about them.
  4. dream'n

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    There are more cats than people in my house :)
  5. dream'n

    One of Nurse Friends

    She probably just wants to vent. I'm sure she has her reasons for staying and is smart enough to leave if she needed to. I doubt she even wants suggestions, just commiseration. But if it bugs you too much. then move on from the friendship. Some people are generally negative, while others are generally positive. Personally, I'm a fairly negative person, but I do recognize that about myself and try to add some positive at times.
  6. If that is the case then I agree with him on means-testing. I worked at a facility with many very wealthy Seniors that had all of their care covered, while Medicaid cut coverage for transplants. Several young, poor people died because of that cut. But I specifically remember hearing Kasich in one of the debates stating that he was going to stop Social Security/Medicare for those after a certain birth year. I remember it vividly coming out his own mouth and that he also stated that the "younger citizens" would understand about giving to the elderly now but not receiving benefits themselves. Rand Paul was also part of the debate and stated right after Kasich's comments that people who didn't like the idea should "blame their grandparents for not having enough children" to keep the programs solvent
  7. That I'm not aware of, but having lots of family in Ohio...that place is a mess in many ways.
  8. Kasich lost any respect from me when he said that under his administration, Social Security and Medicare would have a cut-off birth year (like 1955?) and then be disbanded for everyone else. He** to the NO! I've paid into that system for 30 odd years and the government better d*** well find a way to keep it solvent for me. If they want to disband the Social Security/Medicare program, then stop taking taxes for it from anyone born after 2000 and let it end then. But don't have me pay for something and rip it out from under me like that; the government must keep it promises to its people.
  9. I don't think the majority of Americans are moderate anymore. They used to be, but not now. People are moving either further Right or further Left. There is a large division of people in this country. Myself, I am going to vote for Bernie. I'm a Socialist and proud of it. If Bernie doesn't get the nomination, I will vote for Hilary. Government should work for the people, but G. W. Bush showed me that the Republican government works for the rich. Furthermore, most Republicans I know will NOT vote for Trump if he wins the nomination. They have stated that they will abstain from voting. The only votes Trump will get in a General Election are the ones he has now. Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, and Bush voters will mostly abstain. Whereas Bernie or Hilary voters will largely support either candidate for election. And to the Trump supporter who said that Bernie only appeals to the young; you are way wrong. I'm certainly not a spring chicken and the other Bernie supporters I know are not either. I am sick of the scare rhetoric from the Republicans regarding Socialism. I lived many years in Europe and personally know the truth.
  10. dream'n

    Ben Carson for President

    The debate tonight; did he say that a HSA should be all that's available including for those on Medicare and Medicaid? Something about how each recipient on average uses 12,500 dollars of care yearly and "that buys alot of care?" Did I hear that wrong? If I heard correctly, he is insane. How could a Dr think that $12,500 would cover care for a very sick person yearly? Doesn't really matter though since I'll be voting for Bernie unless Hilary is the nominee. In that case I'll vote for her.
  11. dream'n

    $5000 a week for life

    I would be outta there so fast....there are enough things to do in the world to keep me busy and happy for a lifetime.
  12. dream'n

    Any Myers Briggs personality test takers?

    I'm either an INFP or ENFP; I score pretty evenly in the introvert/extrovert portion. I have found the MB very helpful in my relationships, both personal and professional. I've learned that one really easy way to tell if someone is a P or a J is to look at their car. If it's cluttered, they are probably a P; if it is exceedingly neat, they are probably a J. N's usually have difficulty with Math, while S's tend to be weaker in English.
  13. dream'n

    Anyone an Egg Donor?

    Not been an egg donor, but seriously considered it years ago in my early 20s. At that time I was completely prepared, but am now glad it didn't happen. Until I saw your post I had forgotten that I almost went through with it, but was deemed ineligible. I think psychologically it would really, really have bothered me now.
  14. dream'n

    What chore do you dread doing?

    Crap, please ignore this thread. Just noticed one right above that been around much longer. Sorry, I should of searched first
  15. dream'n

    What chore do you dread doing?

    So what chores do you enjoy or hate? Personally, I love to vacuum; something about sucking up all that icky dirt is satisfying :D On the other hand, I hate folding laundry. I'd rather keep everything in the laundry basket, but it's heck for wrinkles :clown:

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