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  1. you and your theory! This time, it was you...heh
  2. This is also another great reason to be living in a pro carry arms state.........
  3. greenfiremajick

    Pagan or Wiccan nurses?

    Until too many become convinced their way is the right way and then begin to fight amongst themselves.....Why do you (subjectively you, not you personally) think we had to make the decision to separate church and state. Let's remember The crusades, The Muslim Conquests that predated the Crusades, the Inquisition, any of the various periods of witch trials/burnings, etc. Hell, there are killings and riots over which team is better or who lost and won....But yeah-I agree....Fight nice is always the best policy........It's what separates us from the animals....
  4. He was gay...............
  5. greenfiremajick


    did it!
  6. greenfiremajick

    Pagan or Wiccan nurses?

    Here's hoping you won't be burned at the stake as a witch (That's what my hubby used to tell me when we were living in a small town overrun with old fashioned values and overly zealous religious people)! OK, all humor aside, I just recently left a very small town that was firstly dominated by Mormons, then Catholics were the 2nd biggest org there....I feel your pain. Anytime you need some support, feel free to PM me, etc. I'm not Wiccan however; I am Pagan....:yeah::redbeathe:spin:
  7. greenfiremajick

    2012 end of the world thoughts?

    I think it will simply be a new world, with the destruction of old beliefs, thought patterns, etc...Personally awesome to me, is the fact my son will be 12 on 12/20/2012.
  8. greenfiremajick

    Single mom thinking about homeschooling

    Thx for putting these together, Steph! I've been homeschooling my kids since they were in 2nd grade. I prefer it over the public school system; especially after the things I've seen....
  9. greenfiremajick

    PCOS & Weight Loss

    Check out the HCG diet. Works wonders and does amazing things to your brain, body, and emotions....
  10. greenfiremajick

    'Extreme kayakers' tell of deadly crocodile attack

    Yes, they are Old World monks (we also had 2 New World monks--spider monkeys...THAT is a story to tell while drinking wine and having extra pants so when you pee your pants from laughing so hard, you can change into new ones...Let's just say one story involves a woman on a ladder being shaken by long thin spidery monkey arms reaching through chain link, during which those arms rip off her shirt in the middle of a backyard in Tucson, AZ for all the world to see....That particular monk had belonged to a couple of gay men and the monk did not like women). Another involves a Macaque monk named Pepe' that was addicted to soda and when we got him, we cut him off....So one day he found a Wendy's cup in the trash. After opening it, he found that it was empty and went completely apesh*t (after living w/monks you become so much more understanding of the true meaning of that word). Truly, he opened the cup and looked down into it, then looked up at me, like I had just slapped his momma...It was personal, I tell ya' and it was definitely my fault in his eyes, that that cup had no soda in it. As he shrieked and screamed and did everything you could imagine a monkey doing, while going apesh*t, I had to figure out how to contain him to do no further damage. Mind you, Macaques are the 3rd most aggressive and dangerous species of monk there is (after chimps and baboons). Anyway, I don't want to bore you, but it was several years of barely controlled chaos.... OMG I have to tell you this one, too...Snowy (dominant male snow macaque--yes I know..real original name, right?)got sick one year. We went out to his cage and he was laying on the ground. Mind you, a 14 lb monk has the strength of a teen boy and Snowy was 40 lbs, so we couldn't just go in. We had to go get the dart gun and load the darts with Ketamine, but we were afraid to do that because he was sick and we didn't want to do any further damage...So I suit up in my leather jacket, my motorcycle helmet and gloves as does my hubby. As we slowly and carefully step into the cage and close the door, a miracle occurs...Snowy instantly recovers from his malaise and jumps 3 feet in the air, shrieking. As he comes down, he begins to hoot at us and make "bleh" sounds while slapping the ground. As he decides that we are obviously too stupid to understand his threats you can see a plan in action, in his eyes....He begins to leap from one side of the cage to the next, while we feeble and hopelessly slow humans can barely turn our heads fast enough to keep up with him. Luckily, he only put 2 puncture wounds through our clothes and gave us a few bruises before we were able to get out of there..... The next year, right around the same time of year, I look out the kitchen window and see him laying on the ground again....I kept good records and saw this was a recurring them in his life and so I began to wonder. I went out and sat by his cage...As he's laying there, I see him using his index finger to draw invisible designs on the concrete. He almost seemed to be drunk...I noticed these invisible designs he was drawing, weren't really designs....They were actually the effort of him using his index finger to follow along behind the path an ant was making as it traveled across the concrete floor of his cage...This really got me to wondering....In order to keep from dragging this story out too long, I will skip to the end...We eventually caught him picking the yellow flowers that grew along the sides and ground of the outside of his cage. The damn monkey was getting stoned every year, on the yellow flowers that grew outside his cage! I had 2 of the girls live inside w/us. They had been raised by humans and wore clothes, took a bottle, etc. They were my babies. Molly and Mickey were the 2 in the house, while we had the Snow Macaques living outside (they were ex lab monks and we worked with aberrant behavioral patterns with them). I wrote a few articles for the "Simian Society" periodical, as well as the "Monkey Jungle" magazine that was in print many years ago. I have so many beautiful and sad stories about our colony of monks. The rest lived outdoor fulltime in huge round silver metal, bullet type of circus cages. We spent much time on considering their nutrition, as well as providing them baby/kid toys for socio-emotional enrichment, etc. Really-you don't want me to get started, as I could go on FOREVER about them. Here's an example....You know monks don't usually kiss, like us humans right? I would give Molly a goodnight kiss every night before bed. After she had her baby, we watched her teach it to kiss. So beautiful. I also learned quite a bit about animal/human behavior, as well. For instance, have you ever wondered why it is polite to cover your mouth when we yawn? Me, being the person I am, I think about these kinds of things (I can't help it--I'm just weird that way). Anyway, when you're a monk (especially an old world monk) living in a colony, baring your teeth by curling back your lips is a sign of aggression and if you're not the dominant male of female, you WILL get your butt kicked if you show your teeth---either because you're showing them on purpose, or if it's by accident while yawning..You better cover those teeth....I watched the submissive girls in the troop yawning all the time, but they always ensured to cover their teeth with their lips when yawning and some of the girls would look away when yawning, or lower their head and hide their yawns...I can only imagine how this habit could progress to covering your mouth with your hand...So many little things I learned...Like forgiveness and learning to forgive and forget....Many times I would see monkeys shrieking/squabbling, only to see them hugging, grooming, and lip smacking w/one another when the fight was over... It was a beautiful experience and I miss them dearly.
  11. greenfiremajick

    Signs you've given up on the relationship

    It is very normal for each spouse to feel like they are falling in and out of love on a rolling/cyclical basis. I've been married 2 decades now and I find that the most important things for a marriage to be healthy and last are, (as opposed to feeling like you're in love all the time) 1. respect 2. kindness 3. sheer stubbornness!
  12. greenfiremajick

    FCC trying to take over Internet regulation

    And the current situation of North Koreans, Chinese, and many other cultures of peoples.....
  13. greenfiremajick

    'Extreme kayakers' tell of deadly crocodile attack

    The problem, is that their environment is quickly running out AND it is up to us, to keep many of the endangered CITES species alive and thriving. Can we do that by keeping them in our apartments in NYC?? Only if it's a species of say, frogs, or other small animals...Otherwise, we need to be responsible and caring with our animal companions in regards to the way in which we treat them and the environment we provide for them to live in. Also, it really helps to treat them like motorcycles...Never lose your fear/respect of them, be extra vigilant in whatever way we interact with them, and always watch out for others that may put our lives in danger when they interfere through ignorance, malice, or stupidity.... This is what I would tell people when they asked, when we lived with our Java and Snow Macaques, anyway. We had a BEAUTIFUL setup, too.....
  14. greenfiremajick

    VENT: Would you help your mom cheat?! (Sorry. . . Long)

    I would help o some extent, but having boundaries/limits to how much and which thing you help her with is not only morally responsible, it's emotionally healthy! As to your comment of "but she's not getting it and keeps making me feel like a horrible daughter," you should remember that noone makes you feel anything. If you feel like this you need to investigate your own self-image AND investigate whether or not your mother may be emotionally bullying you.
  15. greenfiremajick

    Should 'we' pay for the cost of non-compliant obese patients?

    Godwin's Law, again?? :yeah::lol2::yeah: How funny.....

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