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  1. Jules A

    I'm a Prison Mom - Part 2

    @traumaRUS and cardiacfreak - at one of my jobs I prescribe medications for the mental health needs of your children or those lost ones like your children as well as the severely chronically mentally ill and intellectually disabled who are locked in this vortex. It is both heartbreaking and in a few rare instances very rewarding. Since I cut my psychRN teeth in adolescent RTCs most of these inmates are my former kids, some quite literally. :( Know that I am also furious there is no therapy and should your child cross my path I offer whatever little I can in the way of handouts, DBT references and what I hope to be good old fashion Mom-type advice. I nip in the bud the beloved self serving theory that people suffering from SUD all have "my bipolar" and need a handful of psych medications to numb themselves through their lives when in fact coping skills and learning to tolerate discomfort are a necessary protective mechanism and a part of growing up. It seems most actually do appreciate my time although some hate me initially and yet I won't back down from an uncomfortable conversation or stop pointing out flawed logic that likely contributed to their current situation. I encourage everyone to think about future goals. Please know that your babies are treated with respect if they are in my office.
  2. Jules A

    Autumn as a Boy's Name?

    Maybe its because I'm older but I think you have more creative license with girls names vs boys. I don't particularly like Ash mostly because of the bazillion chicks already named Ashley. Not that you asked for suggestions but one of my all time favorites is Aris, short for Aristotle.
  3. Jules A

    Holiday plans?

    We don't have any little ones, or anyone needing practical stuff like school supplies, so years ago we started donating to charity in lieu of exchanging gifts. My family is ok financially and we are fairly low key with regard to not needing the latest and greatest new toys. Although not as altruistic as it might seem we started because it got to the point where it seemed stupid expensive, time consuming and wasteful to search for gifts for people who truly didn't need a thing. We take what our holiday gift budget would have been and donate to charity. I like it.
  4. Jules A

    Holiday plans?

    I am exhausted just reading all this! Sounds like great fun though. You will need the following week off to recover from all the festivities, lol.
  5. Jules A

    Holiday plans?

    I'm working both Thanksgiving and Christmas, as I always do. No little kiddos at home so I figure I might as well take advantage of the holiday premium pay. I usually enjoy spending the holidays with patients and staff especially when I'm working on the pediatric or adolescent units. The shifts normally aren't bad and definitely better than traveling hours in holiday traffic to spend it eating too much with my cool but wacky family. What you doing?
  6. Jules A

    What Should I Name My Dog!

    So did I miss it? What did you name the little cutie? Any updated pictures?
  7. Jules A

    Signing up for nursing without researching

    I rarely see a NP because if anything is amiss I want a hard core, rock star physician. I'd consider a NP for routine exams or simple things like antibiotics if I have already self diagnosed although as a NP now I have enough contacts that most times I could just text a friend and have them call in a script for me.
  8. Jules A

    Signing up for nursing without researching

    I'm not a new NP and at least for now will continue with the punky adolescents. I love/hate? them, lol. They are amazing and I admire their resilience in the face of the abuse and neglect that most of them have experienced. Things are changing for the worse when dealing with juveniles. Many of their parents were these kids and have zero respect for any kind of social rules or authority which of course translates into their children's responses. Our society is so politically correct that our hands are often tied with regard to rules, consequences and requiring they take responsibility for their actions so the frustration level is up but I'm not done just yet.
  9. Jules A

    Signing up for nursing without researching

    There were two things that got me thinking of doing the NP. The first was watching two attendings on an acute psychiatric unit prescribe and seeing the amazing difference in outcome. One was really good and the other not so much. It was so obvious that not only was medicine magic but there is a huge difference in someone who knows what they are doing and someone who doesn't. As a RN we were monitoring, assessing and choosing which prns to administer based on the patient's presentation and our knowledge of how we have seen medications work in other patients. I actually got quite good at being a psych RN and really enjoyed it. I also worked on an inpatient adolescent unit which I loved but those kids kicked the crap out of us on a regular basis. Even as a spry 40yo I knew my shelf life was limited if I wanted to continue with this population and although I still spend a lot of my time cruising the unit and standing on my feet, I'm not doing the hand to hand combat nearly as often, lol. What I love about being a NP is being able to prescribe whatever I want for my patients rather than having to pick from what someone else ordered. It is so rewarding when I see patients improve especially those with a psychotic process. I love managing medical detox for benzos and alcohol. I'm well known in my area, make excellent money and the gravity of prescribing medications keeps my neurons firing full speed. Plus all the perks for medical staff are pretty cool.
  10. Jules A

    Signing up for nursing without researching

    I swear it is HARD and I'm no wuss. I love, love, love it but never in a million years expected it to be so stressful. Was talking with another older gal the other day and we wondered if our age makes us more prone to feeling the gravity aka stress of what we do? I meet so many young ones who are fearless and seem oblivious to the fact that they don't know what they don't know and have just been handed a prescription pad!
  11. Jules A

    Signing up for nursing without researching

    They do but it isn't much especially compared to physicians and PA hours which I believe was initially set up this way counting on the NP having nursing experience. Sadly my sign off list for the FNP program was filled with stupid stuff that had my precepting Doc shaking their head like "provides empathetic and holistic care" blah blah. I quickly learned that our actual education inside the school was largely nursing fluff, sigh, so I arranged my own clinical experiences geared toward the environment I wanted to eventually practice in which was also the area I had my RN experience. I also picked my own preceptors because I wanted to be with physicians who I knew were competent providers. I guess its like anything there are good, bad and somewhere in between providers in all fields and I wanted to make sure I learned from the ones who knew what they were doing.
  12. Mods please feel free to nix this if it is totally out of line (or be warned that I might need some censorship in the near future lol) but OMG I am about ready to kirk out on the next person who posts a long sob story about how they had no clue what nursing entailed, the availability of jobs or the pay. AND now the plan is to go straight to NP school. Where they will soon be begging for preceptors because they haven't ever met a freaking NP and really have no clue what the job entails, the availability of jobs or the pay... :banghead:
  13. Jules A

    When is it time to euthanize?

    This is excellent news! I have always loved your avatar and never noticed your other handsome baby in the background. They are beautiful. I have to add when I first saw your title my response was going to be "as soon as I'm not longer able to wipe my own arse". :D
  14. Jules A

    When is it time to euthanize?

    This is the most difficult part about loving a critter, my heart goes out to you. Only you know your baby and I believe they tell us when it is time. For mine I tend to be willing to spend any amount of money if the condition is treatable. If it can be fixed and they can have a good quality of life, sign me up. In our dogs we have done 4 knee replacements, 2 colon resections for obstructions, years of seizure medications and a $2,000 dental on a 12 year old dog without regrets. With our cats I did ear sticks and insulin injections at least twice a day for 4 years, chemotherapy for two cats with lymphoma which interestingly enough although expensive is often very treatable for 1-2 years and a course of radiation for a cat with hyperthyroid. With regard to quality of life I largely depend on whether they are willing and able to eat. To me if they have a condition that is not going to improve and they are to the point where they feel so bad that they won't eat, especially tempting treats, then I am fairly quick to help them leave this lifetime. :(
  15. Jules A

    If Only We Had Personal Assistants

    I feel ya and trust me next time around I'm picking a housewife rather than a husband, lol.

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