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  1. hapeewendy

    Bittersweet Part II - Who Is Staying

    I Hope all of you stay... I would if I could .... and sanakruz, I dont see how calling ppl "sharks out for blood" helps any situation at all ... its a shame you felt that way , and a bigger shame that you feel the latest "brouhaha" is so "melodramatic" just as your firends feelings were hurt, so were mine.
  2. hapeewendy


    hey , a tv sitcom analogy if you will you watch your absolutely favourite sitcom, faithfully ,and then there is one bad episode, or something that makes you not really watch anymore.... doesnt mean you like the actors in the sitcom any less right? doesnt mean you wont watch them in another show right? *exactly*
  3. hapeewendy

    Mea culpa - recent events here

    I agree and can admit to feeling a twinge of guilt for calling some people annoying.And for that I apologize, however , some of the people I referenced have been less than nice to me at times, and although that is not justification or reason to post about them on a thread, I do believe I suffered from a human moment and vented my frustrations. it was silly and childish most definitely but I dont think its something we all need to beat ourselves up over. I stated, and still believe, that I know I annoy some people, and had they posted "hapeewendy you're as irritating as the thong in my buttcracK" I would deal... I do admit that not everyone can and would be able to deal with being told they are annoying. And there is something to be said for those users that purposely try to incite argument , conflict and strife on this board. I do not like that kind of behaviour ,and to call it annoying would be putting it mildly, and yes what Jon said about the target thing we are humans, and we need to remember that there is someone behind that "identity" with feelings and emotions, in the same breath, if you know that what you are posting could infuriate some people or cause conflict where it doesnt need to be then you might want to think before you post. I have caught myself a few times in that respect. I think (this is after reading the new TOS) that many of us (myself included) need to know that this is not really a public board , I forgot that and figured I could post at will and thats simply not the case. I think the people that post about other ppl being annoying, did not do this to break someones character down or crush someones feelings, I think that , well I for one, fell into the old trap where you turn to your friends (which i consider most of you - friends that is) and vent and be done with it. Just like when a co worker or a friend or some random stranger on the street annoys you. Next time I wont express my frustrations (well not here anyway) good post
  4. hapeewendy

    Yup, I've Finally Got a New Job

    Susy you strike me as the type of person who can make the best out of a less than ideal situation, here is hoping that this turns into something better for you and that you do enjoy it just a little bit! if not , you know that this is not the be all and end all for you so just keep that in mind and keep pursuing what you really want to do , as always , in your corner good luck !(not like you need it!)
  5. hapeewendy

    Picture time....

    you have no idea the fear that coursed thru my veins when i saw the link for wendyscat.jpg lucky it turned out the way I did I used to have pics scanned of Cali (the pet) but I cant seem to find em , just gonna have to trust me that she's gorrrrrrrrrrgeous! love the pictures, I Love to see the important ppl in your lives... :)
  6. hapeewendy

    What do you do for the best BF in the world?

    sorry to hear it , what a great girlfriend you are! sometimes its the little things that matter, you know , nice dinner, quality time with him , complimenting him on how well endowed he is , candlelight, dirty talk, poetry , strip tease, nah seriously , just wanted to make ya smile for a second there... you have to reinforce to him how fantastic he is , and that you love him ... hopefully it wont be as bad as he thinks and that over time he will be inspired by his work... keep us posted friend :)
  7. hapeewendy

    Any other Red Green fans out there?....Canadian TV!

    oh no , my worst fear has come true red green lives *sigh* hee :)
  8. hapeewendy

    Something serious to think about

    I take everything seriously and I am highly offended that you would jest about serious matters like ........ahhhh whatever the he!! I got it right away and I sat here in silence , raising my smirnoff ice in honour...... :)
  9. hapeewendy

    Away from work, what do you do?

    sleep in get drunk karaoke (in that order) nahhhhhhhhhhhhh jes kiddin! being the geeky nerdlet that I am , I love to read and write was in the baby steps of writing a novel that has been ignored for some time now (thank you allnurses.com! hee) I like bein outside, not when its a crazy stupid snow storm but I like to go for walks and be near the lake (even if its crazy polluted and any fish you see in lake ontario , definitely glows in the dark and has three heads) but as you can tell, I do so love nature :) I like to shop , I go on kicks where I feel like I *NEED* to shop (I Know , very girly of me) love hearin live music/bands/concerts/local bands like to frequent different toronto cool spots... or new places I havent been yet I'm on the union local executive committe at work ,so that keeps me busy... also part time continuing ed student for my BSCN (takin health assessment - stupid since I've already taken it!! farg! and ethics in health care next semester- just finished research, acute care/traumatic conditions and leadership , yipeeeee!) like going up north in the summer (yeah there are places north of toronto for the record) to just chill by the lake , swim etc..... hobbies that I'm not afraid or ashamed to admit that I like include bowling (with the big balls of course hee) karaoke (bad!) playin pool (cept not really getting any balls in the holes.....errrr disregard please)
  10. hapeewendy

    yucky and dehydrated

    feel better adrie! damn I need to make a road trip I think... hmmmm but wait, perhaps hottie male strippers , booze and drunken karaoke are not what the dr ordered to make you feel better but it would make you feel better I promise! seriously girl , if ur symptoms persist/worsen get thee to a doctor please, I dont wanna be all worried about you I'm not cute when I have a look of worry on my face ...... *hugs*
  11. hapeewendy

    Guiseppe and Joey

    now karen, dont go volunteering my services before I consent (I consent btw) thats fantastic news! just dont fight over who gets to come online etc, were here for both of ya! hugs I'm so happy........ good news, and I needed some! I volunteer to ummmmm babysit if you ever wanna night out or something "daddy" hahaha
  12. hapeewendy

    What ONE INGREDIENT is a must-have for your food?

    I am all about the dill....... dill goes into dips and spreads (none of which I actually make,but you get the point) garlic is my friend ...... love garlic .......mmmmmm! and of course, your pal and mine , Mr Ketchup :)
  13. hapeewendy

    Woot!!!!Come see my new baby!!!

    lovin the car lovin the kids lovin the hotrod mama hehe congrats on the new "baby" now come pick me up so we can go trollin for hotties :) (yeah yeah I know yer married with kids ,but wendles has needs you know!) seriously, great car! wooty!
  14. hapeewendy

    HELP! Hubby's Been Stonewalled!

    ugh , what a farged up situation *yep understatment city I know* is there anyone there he can go talk to? sounds like theres so much "else" going on ..... I'm really at a loss here, feel crappy that this is happening , I mean , I dont know Aaron but judging from what you've posted about him , and what I can gather from what I read here, its almost as if Aaron keeps getting dumped on .. is it in his nature to stand up when the B.S. starts to fly?? or is he very easygoing for the most part? I hope this gets settled and soon... no one deserves this kind of mess at the workplace good luck to both of you sorry I'm not much help here, Thinking up alternatives when there seems to be a disproportionate amount of morons is tricky...............
  15. hapeewendy

    older men, oh man....

    hmmmm was responding and then poof disappeared interesting hehe anyway I know 19 year old guys who are complete tools I know 19 year old guys who would give their girl nothing but love and attention I know 26 year old guys who just want someone to bang and 26 year old guys who are looking for the woman they can spend their lives with I know 30 year old guys who are married and cheating I know 30 year old guys who I feel are my intellectual matches and who could at this point in my life make me the happiest I know 40 year old men who are thisclose to some kind of crisis involving a hot blonde with fake ta ta's and a convertible I know 40 year old men who still look at their wives with nothing but love and adoration in their eyes I know 50 year old men who try to pick up their daughters friends I know 50 year old men who still remember every anniversary like it was the first I know 60-80 year old men who oogle young teenage girls , with lust in their eyes ,if only "lil mister" would cooperate and I know 60-80 year old men who sit by the bedsides of their ill wives and pray that they dont suffer..... it would appear I know a lot of men but thats not the point what was the point? oh yeah there was a point.... I dont think you can get too hung up on age, sure you can generalize , but as women we hate to be generalized dont we?