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  1. Medic2RN

    So what's wrong with this picture?

    I think you should! There's absolutely no reason for this style of "shorts" in middle or high school.
  2. Medic2RN

    Help a country girl going to NYC

    Did you go to NYC yet? What play are you going to see?
  3. Medic2RN

    Current gasoline prices

    Unfortunately, we have to drive everywhere due to being in a rural area. Unleaded regular is $3.50 and I'm waiting for it to get higher.
  4. Medic2RN

    Irrelevant observations.

    Or if they were mean, shouting insults every time you walked by them - like school yard bullies. Yeah, I'd definitely get my chainsaw out for those trees.
  5. Medic2RN

    Death Penalty

    I do not have personal experience with a death penalty case, but I'll share my thoughts like some others have. Previously, I did believe in the death penalty, but after much thought I have changed my mind. I have read a few books where the innocent have been killed by execution. I think that execution and abortion should not be allowed. I view them the same, as government sponsored killing. > However, with that being said, in my view, prisoners who would have been on death row should serve a lifetime of hard labor. Everyday filled with hard labor and anything they earn goes to the family of the victim. No education opportunities, no TV, no lounging around. Work, eat, sleep - for the rest of his/her natural lifetime.
  6. Medic2RN

    A Right or a Privilege

    I don't believe it is a right. The rights stated in the Declaration of Independence are rights to action, not things given to you by other people. I don't think rights require the duty or obligation of another individual. If that occurs, then you may be violating the constitutional rights of those supplying the service. It is up to the individual to take the responsibility to pursue those rights and that is his/her freedom of choice. What we have with the ACA is more of a duty than a right. We must buy insurance or face a penalty tax. It does not guarantee healthcare, but insurance for healthcare. I looked up EMTALA, Medicare/aid and prisoner's healthcare and I saw it cited as a duty by hospitals and rights to these populations, but it is not a constitutional right. It's a very philosophical question and I need more coffee before I think more about it. :nono:
  7. Medic2RN

    Polls on government shutdown

    I'll be nice and share my assignment with you StNeoster. :)
  8. Medic2RN

    Polls on government shutdown

    You make it sounds like a homework assignment. I'll give you some, but the ACA must be included because it is such a boondoggle and historic as an example. The Patriot Act - which allowed the National Defense Authorization Act to be signed, specifically with regard to the detention of US citizens without due process. The whole sticky web of helping people with housing: the Community Reinvestment Act/ Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, and the whole messy timeline and additional laws. In history, just take a look at Korematsu v United States. That was upheld by the Supreme Court. I also have a problem with eminent domain. I witnessed it in my area and although the families were compensated as stated in the law, the complete experience was heartbreaking and in my opinion, totally unnecessary. As I stated previously, my statement is my opinion. I don't place much confidence in the government regardless of which side is in the majority. Corruption is rampant. I assume that some people have high opinions of the government, that would be their opinion and right. I do not agree.
  9. Medic2RN

    Polls on government shutdown

    "For the common good" is a fine concept in theory. In reality, it is what it is, a trumpet call by the government to excuse their power grab for more intrusion into the lives of the people. That concept has unfortunately been perverted and because of that, I do have a moral objection. Rarely is it really for the 'good of the people' and more for political ideologies and motivations. IMO
  10. Medic2RN


    I have a jury summons in a few weeks. They always seem to ask the question if you or a family member has been in law enforcement and I'm always dismissed. Call me crazy, but I've wanted to serve on a jury. They should just flag my name because I'm always dismissed.
  11. Medic2RN

    To AKY, with love

    I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I'm so very sorry to hear about Jim's passing. Take heart that he was surrounded by the people who loved him and is no longer suffering. I pray that you and your family may heal and find peace. I'm so sorry.
  12. Medic2RN

    To AKY, with love

    I'm just now reading this AKY. I'm so sorry to hear about this. You and your SO will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  13. Medic2RN

    First word that comes to mind.....

    high school
  14. Medic2RN

    First word that comes to mind.....