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  1. deleern

    first paycheck as RN... what did you do/buy?

    My husband asked me what my check was. he said no what was your check not your gross..... I told him that was my take home pay... then I told him what my gross was... He shook his head and said that is just so sick.... then he hugged my and took me out for supper... I paid LOL....
  2. deleern

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    WOW Pens by Pentel. I by 5 5packs at a time and have a big stock at all times.... Smothest writing ben with just the right point width, not to thick and not to sharp.
  3. deleern

    How many days would you survive?

    I took the test... due to the fact we have two frezers full of meat veg. and fruit. it says we could survive for 355 Days. no pets so that was not a factor.
  4. deleern

    Regular Posters MIA?

    I have been a member for almost a year... I don't post much because I learn more from reading. I Love the variety. I love the journals. this is just a really great place to Land after work!!
  5. deleern

    Regular Posters MIA?

    I like that.... do we consider them Underground.
  6. deleern

    Nurses show your personality, what kind of car do you drive?

    1999 envoy. I bought new in my other life. just graduated but plan on keeping it for a while still has low miles. and in northern MN I need 4-wheel drive. going to by a little 4cylinder here very soon as the gas prices are out of site.
  7. deleern

    happy thurday may 17 th

    Today is a big day in our community 17th of may is a Norwegian holiday (live in the North West corner of MN) AND it MY Graduation day From the ADN Pogram!!!! As soon as I take my boards I will be an RN!!!! Have a Great DAY every one