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  1. *** The question is not can they best men in physical qualities. The questions is can they physicialy do the job. If so I say let them.
  2. we see it now. women are being killed, maimed and wounded. you indicated you know this, so your last comment is not all that relevant because male soldiers and the public are already dealing with this. *** naw, 110 women have been killed in iraq over the course of 8-9 years out of 4000+ kia total. 110 dribbled out over 8 years is not what i am talking about. clearly you have access to the net, therefore it is simply a matter of type, point and click to find more footage of what is going on than you could imagine. there exist programmes such as baghdad er that show the carnage in all it's glory. since the net has pretty much proliferated throughout the united states, it is safe to say most people can easily find all the graphic footage they desire. *** true but that's not the same. certainly one can seek out these things but it's not the same as like in viet nam with it was all over the regular nightly news. my opinion is that the images of battle are deliberately not shown to the people.
  3. perhaps you have misunderstood. it's not exactly a secret what is going on overseas. we are saturated with violent images on the television and internet all day long. *** actually i do disagree with you on this. in my opinion the scenes of battle are kept from us. we get tiny glimpses only and then rarely. i don't have cable tv and i pretty much never see any violent images from the wars. you state unlikely, but i've seen first hand that this is not the case at all. it is very likely that bad things could happen to any soldier who is captured. *** yes unlikely. when one looks at the history of our pows in all our wars mass gang rape of our pows has not been a factor for any large number of male pows. i once listened to a woman from bosnia who came to speak at our vfw hall. she described being kept as a "breeder" by serbs and being forced to deliver three babies fathered by serb soldiers. that isn't a risk male soldiers run. again, women are already experiencing combat, they are just not doing so with a combat mos. *** ya, i know. it makes little difference what your mos is in these situations. so, the only reasons i can see for keeping women (who are well informed) from combat mos roles are our underlying feelings about traditional gender roles? *** i am all for women serving in any capacity they desire and are qualified for, even the combat arms mos's. this is no different than the homosexual issue that is being debated, or the racial inequality that occurred in years past. we are denying what i consider a fundamental and important concept based on our feelings about gender. *** it will be interesting to see the reaction (should this come to pass) of our male soldiers to killed, wounded and maimed young women. even more interesting will be the reaction of the public.
  4. Believe me when I say a man can be "abused" in ways that are more or less analogous to what could occur to a female. *** Yes, I am well aware. Exactly why I was careful to specifically use the word "likely". I do not think women are stupid, and prospective women going into combat arms probably have an idea of what to expect should the worst case scenario occur. *** I certainly do not think women are stupid and nothing I said indicated I thought they were. However when I think of the 17, 18 & 19 year old girls, many from small towns with very limited life experience, the words "naive" and "gullable" come to mind. It seems to me that you are arguing against making information available so that women can make informed choices. Have I misunderstood you?
  5. *** A woman in combat does face dangers that a man is very unlikely to face, in particular if taken prisoner. I would like to see this threat clearly spelled out to any potential female volunteers. The military is not doing this at this time.
  6. **** I am not sure you are disagreeing with me. I was not making a case for women to meet the higher male fitness standard, just pointing out that they are different. I don't what would be wrong with a minimum standard that anyone who wants to do a particular job. That doesn't mean it would have to be the higher male standard.
  7. I wonder if and when this comes to pass the military will finally do away with the lower physical fitness standards that women currently have. You can find the army standards here: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/army/a/afpt.htm As you can see the lowest passing time for the 2 mile run for an 18 year old male is 15:54, for a female of the same age it's 18:54. For push ups a woman only has to do 19 in 2 minutes, males must do 42 in the same time to achieve the passing minimum score. Seems to me that if there needs to be the same standard for the same job.
  8. *** Looks like I am wrong. Thanks for the correction.
  9. *** I am not aware of any. Could you please tell us wich ones?
  10. *** Actually Israel's experience provides good evidence why it doesn't work. If this becomes a national issue I am sure that the opponents will use Israel's brief experiment using women in infantry and armor units as evidence why we shouldn't do it. Although women do serve in Israel's military, just as they do in ours, they do not serve in ground combat units. They did at one time and it didn't work out for them and they discontinued the practice.
  11. PMFB-RN

    Vaccines/autism link called a fraud (and f/u)

    *** Absolutly nothing is 100% safe.
  12. PMFB-RN

    Vaccines/autism link called a fraud (and f/u)

    i am in no way arguing against vaccinations, but addressing the parent's rights portion of this discussion: if you want to hold a parent responsible to the point of manslaughter for the injuries/death their child suffers due to lack of a vaccine then... what about the eventual grievous harm caused by parents allowing childhood obesity? what about the thousands of deaths and devastating injuries every year that result from allowing childhood sports including atvs, football, cycling, gymnastics, horseback riding, and cheerleading? shouldn't these carry litigious penalties, as well? *** no, those things are not the result of thier parents being ignorant and gullable. they are the wrong anology. a better analogy is the parents who know their child is a type i diabetic and refuse to allow medical treatment ans instead rely on prayer. another good one that has already been used here would be the parents refusal to make their children wear seatbelts. i think a little introspection on the part of those so quick to point a finger at parents who decline to vaccinate their children is in order. what parent hasn't made a grievous mistake with the most well-intentioned decision? and i advise caution to those advocating limitation of another's rights *** i fully support a parents right to refuse vaccinations for their child. i also believe we all must be held responsible for our own actions and decisions. i do not support eliminating or curbing their rights. i support personal accountabliety as it goes hand in hand with personal liberty.
  13. PMFB-RN

    Vaccines/autism link called a fraud (and f/u)

    *** I would be _IF_ we could charge the parents criminaly if their child is harmed or dies of a diseas the parents refused to allow their child to be vaccinated with. I don't know if mandatory manslaughter charges for parents of children who die as a result of the parents refusal to properly care for their children by getting them vaccinations would make parents more responsible or not, but it might.
  14. PMFB-RN

    I want to be nice to my guy...

    *** Have sex with him. Don't buy him things, he will buy what he wants for himself. Sex is what you can give him that he can't get anyplace else or do for himself (well you know what I mean). Besides it's fun for you too. Am man will put up with most anything from you if he is well taken care of at home. Good luck! PMFB-RN - A man.

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