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  1. Nobody criticized me. You and two others lied snd accused me of making threats. I never did. That is how this started
  2. Um, yes you did. By falsely claiming I made terrorist threats. Terrorist are not good people. You made personal attacks aginst me.
  3. I'm disappointed to see the Break room go from a place of (sometimes heated) discussion, to one of baseless personal attacks.
  4. Only when other are actually being dishonest, as in this case. With three of you, and once with you before.
  5. Actually, it's not my opinion, but a fact. As the author of the sentence in question "were it to pass I'd expect violent resistance", I'm the only one in a position to know with certainty what the motivation was for saying it. I have of course explained that motivation.
  6. Yes, those who lack the capacity to engage in a discussion without making baseless and dishonest false claims about others, as you have done, are not good people.
  7. That PMFB-RN was never attacked with disgusting lies claiming I'm making terrorist threats like you two have done.
  8. You two are not good people.
  9. You are entirely fabricating something that never exsisted here in this discussion.
  10. It's obvious to me that many people are clueless about those who live their lives in the gun culture. While not in it myself, I do have access to it and people in it. I've kindly shared some of the insights that access has given me. You are welcome. Falsely claiming that my sharing of these insights are some sort of threat is simply dishonest.
  11. I've read them all. Not one single threat of any kind to be found in this whole discussion.
  12. Certainly there have been violent back lashes in US history. I'm sure you know this and not sure why you are asking me. I don't personally know any gun zelots, nor do I know anyone who thinks of civil war. When a patient is being offered a therapy it's normal to provide them with information about possible side effects so they can make an informed decision. That's what I've done for you. You are welcome.
  13. You have turned my attempt to help you make an informed decision into terrorist threats. How very dishonest of you.
  14. Threat? That's a bit of drama. I thought people would like to make informed decisions. Apperently I'm wrong.
  15. FWIW, when I informed you of the backlash that will result were national gun registration to he attempted I was kindly informing you. Many people are unaware of the violence that would result. People should make informed decisions. I'm helping to inform.

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