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tnbutterfly BSN, RN

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As the Content & Community Director, I'm here to help make your time here enjoyable. Please contact me if I can help you. I'd love to hear from you.

Body, Mind, and Soul

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Let me know what you think. As the Content & Community Director and long-time member of allnurses, I am interested in your input. The most wasted of days is one without laughter. e.e. cummings

    What Are Your Favorite Christmas Traditions?

    What Are Your Favorite Christmas Traditions?

    In our family, traditions have always been important, especially at this time of year. Don't get overwhelmed trying to make the perfect Christmas. Remember, it's really the things that you can't buy o…

    23 replies
    The Jack-o-Lantern Challenge

    The Jack-o-Lantern Challenge

    Halloween is just a few days away. Do you have everything you need to make this the perfect Halloween? This Halloween, spend some time making memories with your kids as you go to the store, farmers ma…

    15 replies

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