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  1. Jolie

    Support Planned Parenthood

    How about none of the above? All of your examples involve trampling upon human life, both born and unborn.
  2. My heart goes out to you. As the mom of 2 teenage girls, there but for the grace of God go I... Please seek professional counseling. You need your husband's involvement, especially at this age in your son's life. Your son is behaving exactly as your husband does. He is shirking responsible behavior for his own immediate wants, and isn't going to change because his mom wants him to. My very best to you.
  3. Jolie

    The Economy

    Obama's daily rhetoric includes dissing the Republicans for refusing to raise taxes to cut the deficit. This gives them an opportunity to agree to raise a tax (in order to counter Obama's criticisms) that their constituents probably won't get too up in arms about. It makes as much sense as Obama being passionate about a tax cut :)
  4. Jolie

    The Economy

    I really don't understand all this ado about the soon-to-expire SS tax break. Obama proposed it last year as a means of putting a few more dollars in every worker's pocket to stimulate spending. Most economists I've seen comment on this agree that it has had little, if any effect. Since SS taxes are paid on roughly the first $100K of eranings, the biggest impact was felt by higher earners, who were less likely to need or spend the extra cash. Lower income workers probably noticed little extra income. Also, it made no sense to me to lessen the revenues to SS at a time when we are trying to figure out how to keep the system solvent just a little longer. Why don't we hear that Obama needs to explain how he is going to "pay" for this tax break? So I can't help but think that Obama supports this ineffective tax break just so he can say that he favors cutting a tax...any tax... And I can't help but think that the Repubs support ending this tax break just to say they favor raising a tax...any tax... Politics makes strange theater.
  5. Jolie


    They do not (yet) owe a sworn and sacred duty to the American public to establish policies that promote job creation and economic growth. At the rate Obama is performing, one of them will, soon.
  6. Jolie

    Happy Birthday, Elvis!

    We all say stupid things. I bet she at least knew which of the 57 American states she was in :)
  7. Jolie

    The Austerity Thread

    Perhaps if Obama puts his supposed spending cuts in writing and agrees to them upfront, modest tax increases would be agreeable. He has consistently avoided any specifics of his elusive spending reduction plan. Sorry, I just don't believe him. Reagan did raise taxes, but he cut those on income, which stimulated the economy greatly. His problem was one that also should NOT be repeated...railure to reign in spending. His Congress agreed to spending cuts in conjunction with tax hikes, BUT NEVER DELIVERED. He wrote and spoke extensively about being hoodwinked by Congress, a failure on is part.
  8. Jolie

    The Austerity Thread

    It's a shame that Buffet ignores the obvious. GUEST OPINION: The stimulators: Reagan vs. Obama By Dr. Paul Kengor Posted Aug 15, 2011 @ 11:53 PM How ironic that as America debated its debt ceiling all summer and faced a stunning credit downgrade, the nation approached a most timely anniversary: It was Aug. 13, 1981, that President Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Act. Understanding Reagan’s thinking 30 years ago is critical to discerning where we are now. Reagan’s initiative was the antithesis of President Obama’s $800-billion “stimulus” that didn’t stimulate. The 2009 version was the single greatest contributor to our record $1.5-trillion deficit. It was, plain and simple, what Reagan didn’t do. When Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Act at his ranch near Santa Barbara, it was the largest tax cut in American history. He also revealed leadership that Democrats and Republicans alike agree we are not seeing currently from the White House. Even the Washington Post called Reagan’s action “one of the most remarkable demonstrations of presidential leadership in modern history.” The enemy that day was America’s progressive federal income-tax system, birthed in 1913 by Congress and President Woodrow Wilson. It was revolutionary, requiring a constitutional amendment. That tax, which began as a 1 percent levy on the wealthy, would rocket up to a top rate of 94 percent by the 1940s. Ronald Reagan personally felt the toll. In the 1940s, the so-called “B”-movie actor was one of the top box-office draws at Warner Bros. Then a Democrat, Reagan saw no incentive in continuing to work — that is, make more movies — once his income hit the top rate. He also realized who suffered from that choice. It wasn’t Reagan; he was wealthy. It was the custodians, cafeteria ladies, camera crew, and working folks on the studio lot. They lost work.... Yet it is clear today that we have refused the proper lessons of history. For one, our problem remains excessive spending. Obama must bear this in mind if he’s considering tax increases (which hamper growth) as part of his “balanced” approach to deficit reduction. More than that, the best “stimulus” relies on the tried-and-true American way: Let free individuals stimulate the economy through their earnings and activity. Ignoring such realities explains the mess we face in August 2011 — a millennium removed from the wisdom of August 1981. Read more: GUEST OPINION: The stimulators: Reagan vs. Obama - Taunton, MA - The Taunton Gazette
  9. Jolie

    Can you drive a stick shift?

    Yes. I believe it's a necessary life skill. How else does one enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall, other than top-down driving in a vintage sports car? Dad was a car nut. I learned to drive in a newly restored '64 Mustang GT convertible. Hubby is also a car nut. We have a new-ish Corvette convertible and a '68. We both prefer the old one, although our girls can't understand why. Re-living our youth, I guess. Nothing smells more like the '70's than a non-catalytic converter car burning premium. They say you marry someone like your dad :)
  10. Jolie

    Breast Feeding

    Please check with your daughter's pediatrician. S/he might want to do a weight check with a quick assessment to ensure that the babies are adequately hydrated. Is she nursing every 2-3 hours? This can be a dauanting task, but is necessary to establish good feeding habits and adequate milk supply, especially with twins. It can be difficult to tell if a newborn is receiving enough breast milk. Some things to look for include: a wet diaper with every feeding, at least one stool per 24 hours (probably more), mouth is wet after nursing, baby exhibits periods of sustained sucking and swallowing with each feeding, baby appears satisfied and sleeps after nursing. I agree with the previous posters that the twins must have priority in nursing. It is their only source of nutrition and hydration, while the toddler has plenty of other ways to take in food and water. If s/he craves the attention and closeness with Mom, that is understandable, but that need can be met by nursing last, after the babies. ETA: You don't say exactly how old the babies are, but please watch for jaundice and report it at once, if you see it. This can be a serious problem if the babies are not receiving enough breast milk. Secondly, colic is unusual before the 3rd-4th week of life, so if the babies are younger than that, I doubt that explains their crying. Good luck to all!
  11. Jolie

    The Economy

    I heard a little blurb on the radio news last week that left me scratching my head. It said that nationwide consumer spending was up in July (which we noticed, too :).) It highlighted the increased spending on cars, furniture and gas. Now I get that increased spending on cars and furniture is a positive thing, as most people won't spend money on elective purchases, especially big ticket ones, unless they feel somewhat confident. But increased spending on gas a good thing? Here, it just means that gas is more expensive, not that we're spending more on it because we have cash to burn.
  12. Published in The Onion. 'Nuff said.
  13. Jolie

    General Election 2012 Thread

    But you are legally able to do whatever is in your best interests, as well, be it advancing yourself financially, socially, academically, etc., even when your interests compete with those of others. So I don't see the difference. Tweety, this is the issue that I was referring to by comparing people's ideas of corporations versus labor unions. I wasn't aware of Romney's statements, so I inadvertently threw the conversation off track, assuming that it was related to corporations' involvement in the political process. Frankly, the primary process is starting way too soon for my taste or interest. I haven't paid a bitof attention to any of this nonsense so far, and probably won't, until after the holidays. I don't understand why some people advocate for different treatment of these 2 groups when it comes to either politics or taxes. Both are paid to represent of the interests of a particular group of people and have a huge financial stake in doing so. To claim that unions are not-for-profit may be technically true, but not at all convincing. Perhaps the best solution is to do away with not for profit status of all organizations.
  14. Jolie

    General Election 2012 Thread

    For those who believe that corporations shouldn't be able to participate in the political process by making campaign contributions, etc. do you believe that unions should likewise be prohibited?
  15. Jolie

    What have you been complimented on lately?

    My 20 something employees all think I'm older than dirt :) But one of them told me today that she appreciates my expertise from my "former career" as a nurse. Most of these young'ins won't talk to their parents about health concerns. I guess I'm still a school nurse in their eyes. Just feel like patting myself on the back a tiny bit...I took a certification exam tonight in my new field. Scored a 97%...1% higher than hubby. I get bragging rights :)

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