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    Word Game

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    Soy is making kids 'gay'

    back to the old nature or nurture question. genetic predisposition or too much soy milk and soy burgers. i vote nature.
  3. ONSnrs

    Thursday November 30,2006!

    good morning all, Happy one year anniversary Kay. I have a nice relaxing day off today. Maybe just a nice cup of coffee and then a leisurely walk w/ the dogs. hope everyone has a blessed thursday ons
  4. ONSnrs

    Good Morning! November 27, 2006

    Good morning, still at work, doing an critical care nurse education rotation in msicu and absolutely loving the experience, man it is great when you love to come to work. Good morning Bethin and Julielpn
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    Happy Birthday To Siri!!!!

    Happy Birthday Siri!
  6. ONSnrs

    Good Morning! Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Hello all, a balmy 57degrees in Florida today, believe it or not we had snow flurries last night, and that hasn't happened in years in central florida. I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Thanksgiving ONS
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    Word Game

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    Saturday, August 5, 2006

    Good morning NURSeMary, you snuck right in on me.:roll
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    Saturday, August 5, 2006

    Good morning Saturday the 5th of August peeps!!!:spin: :wavey: :spin: I am still here at work, rough night had to take a pt w/ respiratory depression at beginning of shift, who was also on restraints (never good). She probably should have already been in ICU, but within 2 hours she was intubated and on her way to ICU. The rest of the night has been uneventful Thank the good Lord, because this is my 3rd night of a marathon 7 nights in a row. I remember Bethin all too well the hostage crisis in the 70's , that was the original tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree. They transformed that Tony Orlando song to hope for a safe, soon return of the hostages. Someone from the 70's help me out i am having brain freeze. :confused: LPN,RNnow, I am so glad that you survived that retail nightmare, I was a dept mgr at Wal-Mart in a past life (10yrs time). Heavy retail times like this, all sorts come out of the woodwork, quite literally.:uhoh3: Good morning Dianah! Nice analogy:D of "retail H-E-double toothpicks." Enjoy your weekend off NURSEYbaby, I only wished that it was me!!! That is allright, next weekend is my weekend. Enjoy your Saturday and say a prayer for me on my 7 day marathon all good morning thread posters down the line. ons
  10. ONSnrs

    ____ or ____?

    comedy. mueslix or cap'n'crunch?
  11. ONSnrs

    ____ or ____?

    rock. nike or new balance?:rolleyes:
  12. ONSnrs

    Monday 31st July, 2006

    Oh well, oh boy isn't everyone getting an early start this a.m., it's 0430 here in Florida when this is posted. Good morning Grace, well it's probably your Tuesday by now. Congratulations on your Statistics test Fun:w00t: , don't worry dosage calc is much easier than stats you will be coasting after that nightmare class. Good morning to all who follow this morning in allnurses land, hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Only 3 more hrs and I get to give report and then it's two beautiful days off for me.:dance: :dance: ONS
  13. ONSnrs

    ____ or ____?

    elevator;) treadmill or couch?
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    Word Game

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    Saturday, July 29

    :typing Good morning Suzy, Dianah and Liza. Hope your move goes terrifically Liza. Have a great road trip Dianah. I have two more gruellingly long hours left on this shift and home for a rest and back to work tonight. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. ONS:wavey: