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  1. Currently, I am using a few dvds for fitness Gilad -Ultimate Body Sculpt series Gilad-Lord of the Abs series Essentrics Classical Stretch Fluidity (Barre workout) I also walk 1/2 -3/4 hour per day. Our local gym closed, and I am finding I am staying more on track at home. No excuses... What is your approach for a fitness plan for the New Year?:saint:
  2. jahra

    clueless about cats

    Thanks again for all the suggestions. I went with the fake mice and they were a big hit!
  3. jahra

    Make up that stays on so i look "fresh"

    Try Jane Iredale makeup, it stays on and is a mineral makeup. I love it and it is commonly used by makeup artists for modeling and acting, in addition it was developed to be used by plastic surgeons. I have used it for years and she continuously improves and innovates new products...
  4. jahra

    Nursing & Pets: should I get a dog???

    My suggestion is to wait. Dogs require a lot of care, and you still do not know where you will land for work. If you do not know what type of dog you would like, now is a good time to research. If you know what breed you would like, take a break and attend a dog show to network with some breeders. Join the breeds association, that too will give you a lot of breeder contacts. Sometimes, if your breeder is local they have day care options... It will all work out. Once you are employed with a schedule, then you can determine what is the best option for the dog care while at work. You want to be able to enjoy your dog, so consider everything before jumping in. Best wishes and hope you update us when you get your dog!
  5. jahra

    Accelerated nursing/relationshp breakup

    Question, what are her goals? Is she working or have plans for school herself? Many factors will play into your relationship, so having time alone for school or a career is healthy. Seems like she needs to get her school/career goals sorted out. If she is working as hard as you will be, she will not have time to be needy. Rather, she will respect your school focus and plan with you some fun activities you can enjoy to get some time away from a busy school/work schedule.... Best wishes...
  6. jahra

    clueless about cats

    Thanks so much for the reply! We have always had dogs, thanks for the suggestions!
  7. jahra

    clueless about cats

    I will be visiting a friend who has a few cats. I would like to bring a small gift for them, any suggestions? I am just taking a carry on bag for the flight so it needs to be easy to pack and security process friendly. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Best wishes with both your acting and nursing careers. My advice is keep the talk about the acting career low profile while in school. Some Nursing Deans and professors as you see may not favor a dual career. In the current economic climate, having two careers is a good plan. So, keep right on track-it will make you a better nurse to also have another career that you love. I have been an RN over 23 yrs. When I tried to get a dual degree, nursing and business the Nursing Dean said that she would not waste a space in clinical on a foolish idea that I would be one of the first wave of people designing computer programs for healthcare and specifically for nurses. She rejected me, and my business professors and Dean could not convince her that is was a wave of the future. Back then, there were no cell phones, laptops,or pcs. This was a setback for me and I pressed on and found a different nursing program, but never pursued the healthcare/computer option. I had a great career as a nurse, by her closing one door it opened many other opportunities for me... So, follow your heart and... Go for you dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!:balloons:
  9. jahra

    Getting a dog...should I?

    Wow, here in New England we are having an increase in the coyote population, so when we had a dog I took him out on a leash and could never leave him alone even in the yard. Even with protecting him with flea and tick tx, he received a tick bite and had 2 tick bourne diseases. To the OP: The outdoors is a challenge in some areas today, so know what issues are in your area before putting your dog outside.
  10. jahra

    Bare Minerals makeup

    For mineral makeup I use the Jane Iredale brand. It is more pricey, but very natural looking. They suggest using a small amount of the powder and gently tapping the brush to remove the excess on the cover of the compact. With the high quality of the product , I do not have to buy it as often as you use less...
  11. jahra

    keurig single cup coffee maker

    Thanks for the replies. Just took a look at them and I am leaning toward the Elite model which looks like the basic model.
  12. jahra

    keurig single cup coffee maker

    Anyone have one? How do you like it? And which model do you have?
  13. jahra

    Makeup and Hair

    Ouidad hair product are designed for curly hair. worth the cost, only products that control my curls and frizz.... Makeup=Jane Iredale products. Look natural and stay on all day beautifully..
  14. jahra

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Thanks for the link Tweety, looking forward to the workshop! Will look out for Dr Oz show on Wednesday, looks like Rip and Dr Barnard are included in the segment.
  15. jahra

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Thanks so much for the replies! I have just completed day 1 and onward to day 2... It was fun to make the recipes, and I did not miss the usual suspects (milk/cheese/eggs etc). Easing into the vegan concept, but to be honest-I felt I had more energy today!