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  1. kids

    In a panic

    If you apply and are eligible Medicaid typically picks up the bills going back 90 days. Apply to the hospital for compassionate care, it's likely they require a Medicaid application as part of the process and they will help you fill it out. It's better to do this sooner rather than later. Some place on the application they will ask if anyone applying for services is hospitalized or under a doctors care, you want to answer yes. Please, don't be too proud to apply, you've paid taxes for years, you've earned the help and yours is exactly the sort of situation public assistance was created for. Your husband is going to need a lot of follow up and likey medications, don't spend the rest of your life paying off medical bills that Medicaid may pay for.
  2. kids

    Political correctness

    Thank you for pointing that out. I'm more than happy to ***** about our frivolous lawsuit happy society but the often misrepresented 'McDonalds cofffee lawsuit' has no part in those discussions. Ms. Liebeck originally only sued for her medical expenses AFTER McDonalds rejected her claim and denied any liability. During the trial it came out that McDonalds had had 700 claims for coffee burns in the preceding 10 year period, some of them 3rd degree as Ms. Liebeck's were. McDonalds disclosed in discovery that they held their coffee at 180-190 degrees, well beyond industry standards and their own QA Manager Director testified that any food above 140 degrees represents a burn hazard yet McDonalds refused to lower their temperatures. Ms. Liebeck never received a "huge" settlement, the jury awarded her $200,000 in actual damages that was then reduced because it was determined she was 20% at fault for the injury. The jury DID slap McDonalds with 2.7 million in punitive damages, the judge reduced that to $480,000 despite calling McDonalds conduct "reckless, willful and callous". The parties eventually entered a sealed settlement. I nice summation of the entire thing can be found here: A picture of some of the poor woman's burns can be seen here (*NOTE: it is NOT an especially graphic image, the wounds are nearly healed)
  3. kids

    Knitting Anyone?

    I have 3-4 projects going at any given time. Last Christmas I was finally able to convince my husband that a Namaste Hermosa bag was a need not a want. Now I get to carry all my projects and tools wherever I go :p Waaay after the fact but have you tried changing techniques? My mom knit English her entire life, until her arthritis got too bad. I taught her Continental and she was able to enjoy several more years of knitting. Love knitting socks, hate working with DPNs with a passion that burns. I do them with 9" bamboo circs :D
  4. kids

    Lost kitty!!! :(

    I'm so glad you got your kitty back, silly fur-brat worrying you like that!
  5. kids

    It's Breast Cancer

    Nothing but hugs and hopes for the best possible outcome for you Ruby.
  6. kids

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    The EMPLOYER determines any given nurse's duties, not a nurses co-workers. That "old" nurse who isn't able to "fulfill their duties" maybe protected by a union contract or have a condition that qualifies them for an accommodation under the ADA, or they might just be enjoying one of the perks of being a long term, loyal employee. Heres a news flash, LIFE ISN'T FAIR. Someone is always going to have it better or easier than you, someone is always going to have a lighter workload than you and you're always going to have to pick up someone's slack. Be it on the job, in your personal life or as a tax payer.
  7. kids

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    That right there sums it up perfectly.
  8. kids

    What happened to good babysitters?

    You get what you pay for in terms of childcare. I got $2 an our per kid 30 years ago, if all you're wanting to pay is $4 an hour you'll get someone who will supervise and call 911 if needed.
  9. You know what? Never mind. Lets just agree to disagree. You can continue to believe the circumcision of infant males is akin to FMG and serves no purpose. I'll continue to believe does confer some health benefits, is best done as an infant due to lower risks and support a parent's right to choose.
  10. you're right, i misspoke. what would have been more accurate is that none of the links you posted draws a parallel between fgm and male circumcision. that is a connection you (and others) have chosen to make. the arguments in favor of circing boys would "never ever ever fly" if given in favor of doing it to girls because there is no medical benefit to girls. did you actually read the links i posted? or just skim them for something to contradict my position? even leaving the benefits to men out of it, female partners of uncircumcised men are:
  11. yes, i've read the links you've posted through out this thread, many of them i'd read for myself long before they were posted. not one of them written by someone who is unbiased. comparing fgm to male circumcision is comparing apples to hershey bars. the only similarity they share are that they involve genitals. from your link quoted above: whether or not research debunks the benefits of circumcision is in the eye of the beholder; it can just as easily be argued that research that show the benefits of circumcision debunks the research against it. who supports the belief (and research) that male circumcision reduces the risk of hiv. two who/unaids publications: male circumcision: global trends and determinants of prevalence, safety and acceptability another who/unaids publication: neonatal and child male circumcision: a global review and many of us don't believe it's cosmetic and feel that putting it in the same catagory as fgm is red herring tossed about by the anti-circumcision crowd.
  12. If a circumcised male doesn't perceive himself as damaged then by whose standards is he damaged? Is a baby girl with her ears pierced "damaged"? Removal of port wine stains and benign hemangiomas is often cosmetic, should we also delay treatment to remove or diminish them until the child is 18 and can choose for themselves? Are they damaged if treated? Are women who undergo prophylactic mastectomy "damaged"? Are kidney donors damaged? Is anyone whose body has been somehow altered due to medical necessity "damaged" or does it only apply to people who have been modified electively? The more research I've done on the diminishing of a parents rights to make decisions for their child the more opposed I am to people sticking their nose in other people's parenting choices, unless their decisions represent an actual danger to the child.
  13. kids

    Drug screens and medical cannabis?

    Codeine taken on an infrequent basis is out of your system (and UDS test) in 2-3 days, not 30. I take a long acting opiate and test negative if I'm off 5 days.
  14. kids

    The TSA

    I've flown approx 20 times in the last 2 years, both domestic and international. I'm wheelchair bound and have multiple metallic implants. I've never been treated with anything but the utmost courtesy. They ask if you can stand or walk through the scanners but they certainly don't force you to. They have to follow the same rules and methods for checking. Extremists come in all ages, abilities and colors. As soon as you exempt one group (young, disabled, elderly) you create a new risk group. Is the current system safer? I don't know but it's the best we have at this point. Flying is not a right, it's a privilege that carries it's own set of rules. If you don't like the rules, don't fly. It really is as simple as that. I can not think of any situation where a person is forced to fly commercially, at some point it is a choice.
  15. kids

    Why is It That . . . .

    Why is it that people think every vent needs a reply? Why is it that 6 brief paragraphs can be overwhelming to some people?