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  1. classicdame

    Non compliant me

    I am diabetic and I believe part of the reason people do not comply is they do not feel sick or in pain till MUCH later. If it hurt to have a BS of >300 you would fix it now. May be the same mind-set as addicts - just not worth it till it is worth it
  2. classicdame


    Kudos to OP! Nursing school is very trying. Be flexible. Let her vent. LISTEN. Hugs and kisses go a long way too.
  3. classicdame

    What is your plan for retirement?

    I am past retirement age, but enjoy my work. I have debated this for a while, but as long as I feel good I will work. I am afraid retirement will make me age faster. Anyway, what can possibly compete with a hospital for stimulation and entertainment?
  4. classicdame

    When to not be a Nurse

    how discouraging for you and scary for your Dad. He needs to know that his complaints are being heard. I do understand when people try to take over the plan of care and interfere, but if you are NOT interfering or contradicting the MD then they should be more understanding. Are you sure he cannot be transferred to another oncologist?
  5. classicdame

    Just Write it Right!

    I agree with OP. Very annoying to have to guess to what the post is referring. We all make mistakes, but some posts indicate a true lack of education, which leads to me ignore their complaints and vents.
  6. I would talk to the manager face to face and even request the contruction project manager be there. Also, call an attorney just to see if there is anything that can be done legally. This is very unfortunate and I hope you get to move quickly.
  7. classicdame

    Off Topic, What do you drive?

    7 year old Saturn. I hate to give it up!!!! I have owned 5 and they are no longer made.
  8. classicdame

    First OB clinical?

    Give her our best wishes!
  9. classicdame


    you can grow a lot in containers on a patio. While I do not believe everything in fast food is poison, I do agree that there are a lot of people digging their graves with a spoon.
  10. classicdame

    When Your Parents Want You to Butt Out of Their Healthcare

    not had this experience. While the MD cannot share medical information with you, you can share with him/her. Send a note stating your observations and ask that person to re-assess your Mom.
  11. classicdame

    I just did something stupid...and I love it

    so basically you are saying you went to work on short rest. Once in a while is ok, but I would not make a habit, or is it hobbitt, of it.:) P.S. Night nurses frequently work on short rest. :(
  12. classicdame

    Stethoscope charm made with med vial and IV tubing?

    I made one years ago but do not recall the steps. Got tired of it dangling
  13. classicdame

    Any good book recommendations?

    Life of Pi. Has nothing to do with nursing but has everything to do with life. Short too
  14. classicdame

    Truth about Margaret Sanger....

    At the end of some days I would advocate birth control for certain people----- just kidding. I can see why "defectives" have been considered as in need of birth control, but then the control of body functions is not, in my opinion, the job of any government. Maybe Sanger was someone who did not know how to filter all her thoughts. I have those days.
  15. classicdame

    Opinions on Obamacare from healthcare workers?

    We anticipate an increase in census if healthcare is available to more people. No problem with that, but the plan does not call for an increase in reimbursement, so we would be caring for more people with no increase in resources, human included. I live in a border state and resent paying for healthcare and other benefits to people who are in this country illegally and do not pay taxes. We already have to educate their kids and give them housing, etc. I do not believe healthcare is a "right", but a "privilege".