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  1. classicdame

    Dr. Oz: Is letting child become obese, abuse?

    any behavior by the parent that causes health problems for the child is abuse, in my opinion. We are not talking about "overweight" but "obese". If they starved them, is that abuse? What is the difference if the child does not die? Fashion?
  2. classicdame

    You Know You're A Diabetic Nurse When....

    I find myself planning meetings around my meal times. Otherwise I have to bring snacks and if someone objects, too bad. Same with plane rides. I tell my seat partner I need to take an injection. Most say they do not mind. The others I tell to close their eyes (I am doing it anyway).
  3. I guess even fat smokers need to work so we ought to let them. It would be up to them to fit into the policies of the facility about appearance and odors. As to the real question, is this a good example for patients, the answer is probably no. But whether I have a life-limiting habit or not will not affect the patient's health. I am a diabetic educator and a diabetic. I have had people tell me I don't understand their situation because I am a nurse. Others tell me I do not understand because I am otherwise healthy. I believe the patient will focus on an "excuse" not to adopt good information regardless of how it is presented, if that is their choice.
  4. classicdame

    Energy wrist band

    consider the laws of physics. How can a bracelet "create" energy. I think it is a scam. However, it does point up the importance of positive thinking and the ENERGY our brain has. I recommend you try to maintain some balance in your life between family, work, school, and fun. Don't forget your spiritual side - that is where many believe your energy is supplied.
  5. classicdame

    2012 end of the world thoughts?

    kidding aside, we may see any increase in neurotic and psychotic episodes from people who are not stable. So it would not hurt to educate ourselves on dealing with anxiety-ridden patients.
  6. classicdame

    2012 end of the world thoughts?

    I assume there will be some nervousness like we had with the Y2k bug (which never occured). I also believe some will take it TOO seriously and start looking for space ships to save them. I personally believe that no one has the date or hour when (or if) the world will end.
  7. classicdame

    loneliness through the holidays

    the message is, if you know someone who may be alone, reach out. Certainly not restricted to the elderly. We tend to ignore them anyway since they are "non-relevant" to our lifestyle or are "too much trouble". A real shame.
  8. my son lives in Sweden and when I have visited him over the years I have learned a few things about this topic: they walk everywhere. they are outside every day, even when snow is up to your chin. they eat to live, not live to eat. they rarely visit fast food restaurants. Sounds simple, but seems to work. I always lose a few pounds when I stay with my son's family a week or two.
  9. classicdame

    HawthoRNe season two: thoughts?

    won't bother to watch. It will either be sophomoric or comedic and neither portrays nursing professionally.
  10. classicdame

    Toddler smoking 2pks of cigarettes/day

    if that is the culture he probably has a short life expectancy. Probably not the only "crazy" thing going on
  11. classicdame

    Semi-random question about political leanings

    My friends and I are probably conservative, but doubt we represent EVERY nurse out there. Would have to get stats from reliable source to make a decision on that I suppose.
  12. classicdame

    Help me understand this train of thought...

    the problem is that everyone has different parameters when it comes to justice. Maybe that man felt justified in killing the infant. So sometimes it comes down to doing not what you prefer, but what is legal.
  13. classicdame

    At The End Of My Rope

    tough love. Tell him there is medication and you can take him to the MD but it has to be his idea. Also have a sitdown where you tell him how YOU feel about all this and that he is important to you, but you have to work together on getting over the grief, etc. My heart goes out to you in this difficult situation.
  14. classicdame

    ETHICAL QUESTION please read

    if we do not acknowledge that the ugly things happen we will allow them to be repeated. Case in point - some people think the holocaust never occured. That is easier than believing people can be so horrible to one another
  15. classicdame

    What do you think happens after we die

    Read Randy Alcorn's book "Heaven". It starts slow, and I don't agree with everything, but it gives the Christian perscpective and is very interesting. Science tells us that no energy just evaporates. I believe we have an individual energy that relocates. Some call that a soul going to heaven (or not!)

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