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  1. live4today

    Tiger Woods says he's sorry publicly

    I had to give props to this statement because those "two parts" of a man's persona are what draws "ho-ho-ho's" to continue being airheads and breaking up marriages, destroying lives within those marriages, and then having the nerve to proceed thru life as if "it was all about them (the ho-ho-ho's). :rolleyes: The ONLY cure for sex addiction is for women who partake in this behavior with married men is to STOP! No one to screw around with...no one to claim a "sex addiction" with. :twocents: What is really sick about this is those ho-ho-ho's want "apologies from the married men they feel wounded them, then they announce that they have something to say to the Mrs....etc.... Good grief! The MEDIA can, will, and do sell their own souls to make a living. They've been doing it for years. Where there is a market for this trash, there is always someone who is making a living off of those lives that are being ruined......especially the children in the middle of it all. THEY are the ones who have no say in what has gone down in their lives, and that trash has altered their lives forever. There is no taking it back! :crying2:
  2. :yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: ess HILLARYPEACE2006 --- Got your back! :up: I took the liberty to bring forth what you shared, changed "less" to more because 'I knew what you meant, and enlarged MORE so others wouldn't miss it either. :up::up::up: I have always loved Erykah Badu...still do! Art is in the eye of the beholder, and I "get" what she was trying to portray. And Steph...it wasn't about her...it was about "the message" that she'll reveal later in her album, on her video.... It's a pretty deep message that MANY people "wont' get". Good day folks! :twocents:
  3. live4today

    Divorcing the Divorce

    (((Ashley))) I could have written much of what you shared about my own past life - not just with one husband, but two, several children, and many grandchildren later. Thank you for sharing straight from your hip (so to speak). I gave you all the stars I could give you after reading your article. I love the title "Divorcing the Divorce". :yeah: Gives me reason to pause...and adopt the same attitude. Keep sharing your story. It not only will continue to be a blessing and healing to you, but to many who hear it. :up: :)
  4. live4today

    Tiger Woods says he's sorry publicly

    This actually sickens me. Why on earth is SHE upset and crying betrayal...things sacrificed to cheat with a MARRIED man whom she admits to knowing was married during their tryst. :rolleyes: When a man or woman cheats on his or her husband or wife, both the cheating spouse and the one they cheated with are equally guilty. No pity here for either one of them. Through this whole uncovering of Tiger's issues, it just blows me away the number of women who professed being hurt because they thought they were Tiger's favorite. :uhoh3: HELLOOOOOO..........Tiger's WIFE is the only woman here that matters. The rest of the "ho ho's" got caught right along with Tiger, YET....because he is RICH...they are trying to publicly capitalize on his fame to get rich at the heartbreak of Mrs. Woods and her children. THIS is the lowest of the low. IMO. :twocents:
  5. live4today

    Obama's 1st State of the Union - anyone gonna watch?

    I did watch the speech, and once again, was very moved by it. I give his speech an "A+". It was very sincere, heartfelt, and filled with a bit of sadness that those our country has elected in the Senate and Congress who should be working WITH...and not AGAINST...one another to make things happen quicker and act more professional in the process are acting worse than spoiled brats. So NOT good examples for our children to look up to. :(
  6. live4today

    Vote tomorrow?

    :lol2: Hi Leslie! Thanks for breaking the ice. Good one here! :lol2: WHAT was Massachusetts thinking with yesterday???? Obviously not about "the underdogs" in America. So sad...so sad. :confused:
  7. live4today

    Vote tomorrow?

    Well said Leslie. :up: :)
  8. live4today

    Vote tomorrow?

    There are those who will "get" what I've shared...and obviously...those who won't. That is life. Have a great day! :)
  9. live4today

    Vote tomorrow?

    GCTMT - TMI! And I didn't post my thoughts as a joke or criticism to attack others. I posted my thoughts because they are my thoughts, and I pay good money on Allnurses to share what I want to share with others..........just as you are allowed to do. So..........don't knock others thoughts. They ARE our thoughts. Thanks. :twocents:
  10. live4today

    Rachel Maddow on Obama's first year......

    HM2VikingRN - I really like your signature line. It says exactly what the world needs a LOT more of: "Politics is not left, right or center ... It's about improving people's lives." -Paul Wellstone I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another.-Thomas Jefferson :)
  11. live4today

    Am I The Only One Who's Outraged...

    We, the people of this United States, can change what we do not feel is fair and equitable for EVERY U.S. Citizen by meeting with our neighbors in community parks and forming our own healthcare plan, present ourselves to healthcare providers in our cities and towns, allow the healthcare providers to give feedback on those suggestions, and come to our own agreement with the providers as to how healthcare can be affordable for everyone...leaving none without treatment when needed. When crap hits the fan, and the mess becomes bigger than the proposed need, we all need to return to the basics...cut out the middleman...do it ourselves. If done with the right intentions, we CAN reverse the damage we've done to our country, thus...to one another. As the population grows, smaller and smaller caring communities are needed to bring a major problem down to size to become a manageable problem. When we look at the big picture, it's frustrating, makes us mad, and we begin fighting each other. This is wrong. Work together FOR positive change for all American Citizens...leaving none out. We're smarter than we stop and think people. Cut out the confusion. Enter in the solutions...one community at a time. Maybe doctors and other healthcare providers need to go back to the basics of why they became doctors in the first place, learn from doctors in history past, make housecalls, form small clinics where procedures/treatments can easily be done at half the cost thus cutting cost to the consumer. The middle man is always the problem. Perhaps we need to return to the "doctor-patient" one to one care, and start sending the message that healthcare is wayyyyyy out of control, and we won't tolerate it any longer. The root of all confusion is "the greed for more"...money being the greed in this case.
  12. live4today

    Vote tomorrow?

    What's going on in the world has nothing to do with political figureheads from any time in history because the one truth we, as human beings in this world, cannot escape is we are all sinners...none are perfect...no matter your political party/beliefs, religious beliefs, etc.............We are totally related as sinners. None can save us except The One God sent whom died for all of us...regardless of what we have done or will do..........Jesus reigns. HE -- and He alone -- is who we should look to today for answers to what ails us. We put ourselves in the messes we are in...some directly caused by our own crap...some indirectly, but we all made choices that sent our lives into the spiraling mess it is in...no countrie's political head did that to you or to me. I acknowledge the mess I entered into. No, I did not know the outcome of every choice I made so "innocently" in my life that ended up wrecking havoc on my life......yet.....choices come with consequences...and although forgiven for those choices when we seek forgiveness from God...we still live with the aftermath of each choice. Forgive one another as God has forgiven each of us. :)
  13. live4today

    Robertson: Haiti had "pact with devil"

    i didn't know anything about haiti, so i've been reading a lot about it this very early morning. the things i am reading brings tears to my eyes. haiti represents a lot of other countries more than we know. here is a link to one of the pages i've been reading this morning: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/history_of_haiti
  14. live4today

    It's Time!!!!!

    Congrats Allie, dh, and brand new son!!! Although we've not "met"...I wanted to congratulate you and your family on Jason's arrival! Children are a gift and a blessing always. (((hugs))) :balloons::icon_hug::flowersfo:wavey::ancong!:
  15. Hmmm...I guess it goes to prove that no matter the age of someone, as long as breath remains in our body, we have the capacity to do good...or do evil. Evil reared its ugly head in this case. Sad sad sad indeed.