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  1. clemmm78

    What book are you reading or have read lately?

    taking names down. Great thread!
  2. clemmm78

    Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010

    good morning everyone. Getting ready to have brunch with my sister. Been up a few hours just doing nothing in particular other than getting dressed. Apparently we must do that before going out in public. Who knew? Wine is my downfall. I love a good wine. South African wines are up there along with New Zealand wines for quality of taste. Have a great day, end of day, evening, night, whatever the case may be everyone.
  3. clemmm78

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Hi all, checking in to see how the day went. Steph, the shoulder pops out and then back in right away, so it's not as bad as the initial injury. However, should I fall, then we'll be in trouble. I just took apart three large pieces of stained glass. When we moved in here, there were 12 stained glass shutters but they were very, very dark. I took them down and tried to sell them, but no interest. So, I'm taking the glass out to reuse them in my own projects. I feel kind of bad taking apart someone else's art, but at least I'm not just tossing them.
  4. clemmm78

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Good morning all. Sabby - you had a very busy day yesterday so, yes, rest is absolutely in your future. Loved reading the descriptions of people's Saturday. Mine was so-so. Went into the oldest part of town for a bit of a walk and picked up some supplies to take apart some stained glass windows. The window aren't worth much but the glass is beautiful. I'm going to reuse it for Christmas presents. Popped my shoulder out three times yesterday. Once while getting dressed, once in the early afternoon and then again last night. Enough already! Grrr. Have an article to write today, so I best get to it. I've not decided yet what to make for Sunday dinner. Youngest is back from his summer job and I think oldest is in town this week (some weekends he goes camping with his gf or to her parents' cottage). I'll have to see if they're coming over tonight. With daughter here, that means we should have a full table for supper tonight, which we've not had since the beginning of the summer.
  5. clemmm78

    Friday 20th day of August

    Good morning everyone! I'm awake! I had to be - the project I was working has launched. Woohoo! And, I don't know if I mentioned it, but my contract with this client was to end in October but they extended me another three months with a 10% increase in pay!! heehee Dianah - how are you today? Sometimes the day after a reaction like that, you feel like you've been hit by a truck. Hope you're ok. After today, only two more workdays at this temp job. Glad I did it but 22 days is enough. :) Have a great day everyone.
  6. clemmm78

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet because I haven't had time to read the whole thread, but the lack of siderails drives me nuts. I don't know about you all, but I don't roll an unconscious patient over on his or her side to do something without having a side rail up on the other side of the bed to stop the roll from being a real roll - off the side of the bed!
  7. clemmm78

    Transition glasses

    I'm glad you asked this question as I'm considering them as well. I did know about the not darkening in the car, so my solution may be (if I get them) to get them in the frame I have now, which has sunglasses that attach by magnet. Then I would leave the sunglasses in the car for use only there and have the transitions for everyday use. My frames are a bit small for sunglasses, but since I've been using them for a couple of years with the magnetic sunglasses, I guess I'm used to them.
  8. clemmm78

    Happy mother's day 5/9/10

    Ah, you'll be in the west. Too bad, 'cause the east is where to be. :lol2: Indiana is quite far from us. Isn't it amazing how close things seem to be, only to find out that "close" is a very relative term?
  9. clemmm78

    Happy mother's day 5/9/10

    Good morning everyone. Happy Mothers Day to the moms. This will be the first time i don't have all my chickies home with me on Mothers day as my DD doesn't come home until next week. Oh well, at least she will be here for my birthday, which is a week and a half later. Or you could visit some of us Canadian nurses! Sounds like everyone is having a busy weekend. Sabby, it's so great to hear about Joey. Spidey's mom - I used to work in palliative care and I've seen good deaths and bad deaths. The bad ones tend to stick with you for a while. :crying2: I spent yesterday building shelves for my daughter's room, straightening it up. A bit later today, I may pop out to the store to buy new linens and cushions. But as I look outside at a gray sky and unseasonalbe *snow flakes*, I'm rethinking the going out plan. DH is already out. Yesterday was the 7-year mark of his father's passing, so he wants to go to the cemetery before the Mothers Day crowd gets there. Have a good day everyone.
  10. clemmm78

    Abortions by a pregnant doctor

    That was a very interesting read. I'm not sure what I think. It's definitely not something I'd thought of before.
  11. clemmm78

    Saturday 10 of April 2010

    I have been tested for celiac disease and I've been scoped inside out. Since there doesn't seem to be a cause for my, erm, discomfort, and it comes in cycles, the most likely dx is IBS. I was spoiled because I had a cycle - a few months - of little trouble. I should have suspected something was going to happen because for the past few weeks, the gas level had increased tremendously. The Bic Mac was likely the final straw. When I'm in a cycle like this, it's hard to tell what I can eat. For the past couple of weeks, I've been taking probiotics every day and enzymes before I eat - I forgot before yesterday's meal. Oh dear! I had pleurisy in 1999 and it went undiagnosed for 6 weeks. During that period, I flew to FL to take the kids to DisneyWorld. I couldn't cancel it because they would have been devastated. The pain from the pleurisy was horrid. I used to love Big Macs - not so much any more, not because of what they do, but I prefer Wendy's hamburgers. Grr, wasn't my choice. I wanted to go to a restaurant not far. Would even have been cheaper than the crap we paid for at McDs. He wanted MD because he wanted a milkshake. Last time I'm listening to him. WEll, not that I actually listen to him all that often anyway....:p Ok, it's almost 4 pm, I really should get up the courage to eat something. Wish me luck.
  12. clemmm78

    Saturday 10 of April 2010

    Checking back in to see how everyone is doing this Saturday. I'm feeling ok, thanks for the good wishes. It's almost 1 pm and I've not eaten anything. I am hungry, but I'm too worried about what it might set off. :( Oh well, I've been meaning to lose a few pounds anyway.
  13. clemmm78

    Saturday 10 of April 2010

    Good morning. I'm hoping to wake up enough to start getting this house in order. We've been here for four months now - time to start hanging pictures, empty left over boxes and so on. We were over at my MIL's yesterday, visiting because her cousin and Dh were over from Scotland. Unfortunately for me and my (undiagnosed but fairly certain) IBS, my husband decided we should have a Big Mac for supper. An hour later as we were chatting with the visitors, I could feel my insides doing a unhappy dance and sure enough, I had to get out of there *now*. Luckily MIL lives within walking distance so I took the car and raced home. Not a fun way to spend the evening. :( Oh well, hopefully that was a one time bout and not the start of a cycle. Have a good day everyone.
  14. clemmm78

    Easter Quiz for nurses - questions please

    Here are a few for you: What countries have the highest nurse per capita? (According to the latest data available to the World Health Organization, Finland, Norway, Monaco, Ireland and Belarus have, in that order, the highest ratios of nurses per capita of all nations, ranging from 2162.0 to 1182.0 nurses per 100,000 people.) What percentage of US RNs work part time? (One out of every four registered nurses works part time.) What percentage of nurses in the military are male? (In the various U.S. Military branches, approximately one-third of all nurses are male.) How many years did Florence Nightingale actually work as a nurse? (Florence Nightingale, the most famous nurse in modern history, was only a nurse for three years of her life. (b. 1820. d. 1910)) When was the first African American nurse certified? (Mary Eliza Mahoney became the first African-American nurse in 1879. (b. 1845. d. 1926).) Source: http://edu.nursinglink.com/articles/75-nursing_fun_facts
  15. clemmm78

    The basic rules for clotheslines

    We moved into our new place this past December, no more clothesline. I'll miss it. I remember when my babies were young and when the last one of three was toilet trained. I wanted to hang out the diapers with letters on them that spelled: NO MORE DIAPERS HERE. (yes, I used cloth, but I also used disposables depending on what we were doing and where we were going). I noticed that my neighbour downstairs has a clothesline and I'm going to ask her if I can borrow it to hang out quilts after they're washed. Nothing is better than a freshly line-dried quilt.

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