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  1. softstorms

    Question for atheist nurses

    nursing takes us down many paths into other peoples lives. We choose this path for many reasons, but all will bring you in contact with many aspects of life you may not understand. Funny thing is...you will grow and learn more about life than you ever could hope! And, one day, you will not be uncomfortable......you will just know! Trust me, it happens
  2. softstorms

    The "Downhill" run?! :)

    Age.....that is most of what we think of! LOL. But is not often what we are. It is often a gift of sight and knowing. Be it nursing or life....it is aall about ouur intent!
  3. softstorms

    Getting rid of facial hair

    After menopause I found I had less underarm and leg hair.........but it found a new home.....MY CHIN!!!!!! Never dissapeared....just relocated! Shaving worked best. LOL
  4. softstorms

    Fish Oil

    I think one of the benifets of fish oil and the people who take it to loss weight is that they are already thinking about a healther diet and a better life style. Maybe it is not the fish oil.........it is the whole program. Weight loss is just the good side-effect :)
  5. softstorms

    I just died a little bit inside...

    We often look at violence in other countries and are amazed that this goes on in this world. But I agree, most never see the violence that goes on next door or down the block! I support our military..but...sometimes we look so hard at the big picture.....we miss the really bad things that happen on the home front.
  6. softstorms

    I just died a little bit inside...

    evil does not come from the Devil!!!! It comes from the hearts and minds of man!!!
  7. softstorms

    Question for atheist nurses

    Death and dying! Something a pt goes thru alone and by him or herself! Is this a time we should care or worry about our own beliefs? While we talk about how this effects us? The "us" should never enter into it.
  8. softstorms

    Not Wearing Makeup

    I was born in the north and raised there. The only reason I say that is that I wore make-up ( foundation, powder, eye make-up). Then I moved to the south...from ohio to south carolina....and my make-up slid off my face LOL! REALLY!!!! So I gave up most of it for just some mascara and some lip gloss. Then I turned fifty and and was going out for an evening and realized I had not been using it for a while, and it no longer fit my face! I was going to look around for the right make-up for my new/old face, when I thought about why I wanted it. Yes.. I wanted to present myself in the best light I could...and that light would be what? LOL. There is not enough light in this world to make me look 35 or 45 at my 55+ years. So I am content to add a little light to my eyes with mascara and cover a few laugh lines with cream and let the rest of me come thru with my life.
  9. softstorms

    Any Odin worshippers here?

    Nope...not Odin. But, not christian. But I think you may find many believes here. Nurses as a whole seem to see the best and worst of the world....and develope a judgement that is different than most.
  10. softstorms

    Are you a christian nurse?

    The shape of the cross can be found in many places.... but your choice of music is great!
  11. This is a loaded room...loaded full of wisdom and thought. Full of ideas and questions. I have read thru all ans. and find mostly truth LOL. I am always amazed by the fact that nursing rooms bring out the best and worst of us....but the best of us remain.
  12. softstorms

    God is not mocked

    tjb......agreed...no qoute needed
  13. The pt came back "here". No matter what they see in the moment of death, "they come back here" . So...there was no death....once you go there, you do not come back! There are no visitor's rights!
  14. softstorms

    Five myths about health care around the world

    Yes. but I really feel that we can't fix this.

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