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  1. Logically, I would think that it counts as a legal document. Problem is, not everyone is familiar with it, and also it's not listed, because the majority here don't have it because they were born here-----therefore, they use other documents.
  2. rn4ever?

    You win lottery, quit or keep working?

    Quit. I don’t want to be a target of lawsuits just because I have lots of moolah!
  3. rn4ever?

    How Do I handle Coworkers Wanting to Borrow Money?

    You can’t undo things. But hopefully you learned something from this situation. First, do not “lend” money you cannot afford to lose. Second, you can always say “NO”. Third, lending your co-worker money does not make one a team player and doesn’t really foster camaraderie. Fourth, keep you boss out of your personal issues. I know that your co-worker borrowed money at the work place-----but you were a consenting adult, so I don’t believe that that kind of thing should be reported to her.
  4. rn4ever?

    You ONLY work 3 days a week!

    Sorry to hear that you are going through all these right now. If you are so tired and exhausted, you don’t need to take extra shifts-----and don’t feel bad about it. You have to take care of yourself too-----if you’re not feeling good, then how can you take care of your family well? If you take more shifts than what you can really do, then you might get burnt out in your job as an RN. If your husband has issues with his job, then he shouldn’t blame you. By the way, you said that he is facing lay-offs in the near future? Why don’t he try to be a nurse and do (3) 12 hours shifts-----and maybe pick-up extra shifts too? So he will know how it feels “to work only 3 12 hour shifts a week”. :smackingf