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  1. Beary-nice

    Good Morning November 24th..

    Thought I would stop by again. I think I really shall take a quick nap. I really feel like doo-doo. My nose got real stuffy at the grocery store and now my head is pounding, kinda feeling tired. Me thinks cold sxs. Not good. So if I duck out, I'm catching a couple winks b4 the chillins get off the bus. Love to all!!!!!
  2. Beary-nice

    Good Morning November 24th..

    Good morning Michigan, Sabby, JMG, Joe, Clemm, Sweeper and Grace and all of you yet to come! It is 27 and very frosty here this morning. I am off today after having worked the weekend on the floor. I am shocked no phone calls from them yet today. Will have a very nice pile to return to on my desk in the am tomorrow. Would like to just go back to bed, but should probably do a few things around the house and go grocery shopping. (Then maybe a nap????!!!) Haven't been here for awhile, so will bring you up to speed just a bit. My new job of about four months now....big challenge!!! That is all I am saying about that. Learning alot tho. Hub goes back and forth on liking and hating his job. The past couple weeks, he has been on hate mode. He is so good at it (his job) but he says it isn't much of a challenge other than dealing with the daily politics. Going from a trailer plant to a small community hospital doing the maintainence mechanic thing is a big difference. He often talks about going back to the plant, which I would rather he didn't, but he'll do what he sees fit. My kids are good, have been relatively healthy and are doing well in school. The oldest is on the drill team and she just completed the softball season about 3 weeks or so ago. The youngest is at the top of the kindergarten class and seems to keep progressing. My youngest bro in the Navy just completed his second term in Afganistan and is now home with his wife and 2 sons in Sicily. The middle bro just recently got divorced and is and has been seeing someone else....ugh...been there done that...I guess he can figure it out on his own...I hope. He has 2 small children, might get to see them this Thanksgiving. Hope you are all doing well, that is about enough about me. Have a splendiferous day!!!!
  3. Beary-nice

    Happy Birthday Siri!!!

    Woo Hoo! Possum Stew For Everyone!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
  4. Beary-nice

    Friday November 21, 2008

    Too cute Suz! Uh huh...uh huh... I need to go pretty soon tho. (course I said that to myself 30 minutes ago) :D
  5. Beary-nice

    Friday November 21, 2008

    Hello all! Prayers and hugs to all in need. Hope you are all doing well!
  6. Beary-nice

    The Vegetarian Thread

    I am curious and wanting to learn more about vegetarian diets and lifestyles. It is hard to find much here in the middle of country where its potatoes and meat, meat and potatoes. I know it would be alot healthier for me and the kids. Hubs on the other hand, will die before he would ever convert. Thank you for starting this thread Tweety. It looks like it has been out for awhile. That's what I get for not being around as much.
  7. Beary-nice

    General Election Thread - 2008. NOVEMBER 4, HERE we come.

    I have heard him say Senator several times now, must be me. What am I saying???? :banghead: :bugeyes: