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  1. azhiker96

    Special Council Muller Report

    I can’t get excited about a report that if/when released will likely be so heavily redacted as to be essentially useless. It would be like reading The three little redacted and the big bad redacted, only with less detail.
  2. azhiker96

    A good person with a gun.

    If the witness reports as written are accurate the officer who shot probably will lose his job and should be prosecuted.
  3. azhiker96

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Not when we have a werewolf in 2east.
  4. azhiker96

    Do YOU Keto?

    Update, my wife's A1c dropped a full point to 5.8 from 3 months ago on the Keto diet. I've hit a plateau but part of that could be increased muscle mass due to 3 day a week workouts. It was nice going through the closet and getting rid of a couple of bags of clothes that don't fit. For a sweet fix our go to is sugar free gelatin cut into cubes and mixed with home made stevia sweetened whipped cream.
  5. azhiker96

    What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

    I've had many different pets; cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, fish, snakes, spiders, and turtles. Overall my favorite have been dogs and I hope to see some of them when I shake off these mortal coils. It doesn't matter whether you've been gone 5 minutes or 5 days, a dog is always happy to see you!
  6. azhiker96

    Do you think this is a scam?

    Sure, $2M sounds like a lot but you need to consider the exchange rate. They are talking Canadian dollars so in US it's only $1.53M, not enough to be worth the trouble really.
  7. azhiker96

    Do YOU Keto?

    My wife and I started this about a month ago. For me it is part of a fitness journey as I work on improving ability and decreasing weight. For my wife, it is helping control her DM II with a side benefit of weight loss. It has been a little difficult since our granddaughter has been visiting us during this time. Normally I would have purged our house of carbs but we have to have some on hand to maintain her normal diet.
  8. I would expect that RN would pay US federal and state taxes on the income and then may pay additional Canadian taxes as well depending on their tax laws. It would be best to check with someone familiar with Canadian tax laws to see how they would treat the income.
  9. azhiker96

    dysfunctional coworkers

    I bet they don't know that EVERYTHING is discoverable. Suppose one of their patients has an event and there is a lawsuit. The lawyers will obtain records of their phone calls, text messages, social media accounts, phone app usage, etc. If they were updating their Facebook status while their patient crumped it will not sit well with a jury.
  10. He apparently wasn't motivated by Milo, Hannity, Maxine, or Trump. Turns out the shooter had filed a defamation suit against the paper for an article they ran about him. A judge tossed out the suit. Then he appealed and lost the appeal. More details about the article and the shooter in this article. Jarrod Ramos: Accused Capital Gazette shooter sued paper, held grudge
  11. azhiker96

    President Trump Plans Meeting to Denuclearize N. Korea

    I'm not naive enough to blow a horn celebrating a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. Past agreements to not seek or develop nuclear weapons have been broken by NK. What happens going forward remains to be seen. However, this is the first time since the early 1950s that a leader of North Korea has set foot in SK. An agreement to denuclearize the peninsula is a different path than what NK has been following. If all it took was a chance to meet with the US President then I think that's a small price to pay.
  12. azhiker96

    Constitutional Legitimacy for War

    My high school AM gym class got gassed with Chlorine one time. When we entered the basement boys showers there was a very strong odor of chlorine. Our eyes were watering and it kinda stung to inhale it. We just thought the janitor had finally gotten serious about the years of mold buildup in that dark, dank place. Then someone came down yelling for us to get out, there was a chlorine leak from the pool chlorination system. Mild respiratory symptoms for the day but on a side note we didn't see any roaches down there for the rest of the semester.
  13. azhiker96

    Constitutional Legitimacy for War

    It seems short term engagements are pretty much exempted from prior Congressional approval. We've seen plenty of them over the past few decades. I have not seen any evidence presented that Assad perpetrated the recent apparent chlorine attack. Chlorine gas is easy to buy or produce. I can make it at home with common household goods. The rebel forces have home made gas canister mortars capable of delivering the gas. They also have killed plenty of civilians during their uprising. Motivation is also worth examining. They Syrian govt forces, with Russian backing, have been steadily overcoming the rebels. There is no need for govt forces to use chemical weapons since they have been winning with conventional weapons. The rebels have been reduced to only holding one major town. They are desperate and need outside help. This attack has succeeded in mobilizing outside nations to attack Assad. Whether the rebels committed the gas attack or not, they have benefited from it.
  14. azhiker96

    13 Signs You May Be Elderly...

    1, 10, 12, and 13. I'm on my way. I also have two organizers for my AM and PM meds. I hate that I'm parted out now. I have a GP, cardiologist, urologist, dermatologist, and podiatrist. I'd love to find an old country doctor who would take care of all of me. BTW, I finally came to grips that I was getting old when my new GP was younger than me.
  15. I doubt that teacher/reserve police officer was taught to point a gun up and pull the trigger to see if it is loaded. That was a very poor choice. Standard protocol is to never place your finger on the trigger unless you intend to fire or to check function after assembling an unloaded weapon. However, I wouldn't condemn the idea of teachers carrying concealed based on this one incident. If we applied that same standard to nursing we would soon have little to do at work. I think we should value our children enough to provide them with at least the level of security we use at sporting events, concerts, federal buildings, and many inner city schools. Our government needs to provide funding for metal detectors and armed security at every public school. I'm not a fan of making armed teachers a first line or only line of defense. They already have enough to do with lesson plans, classroom instruction, assessing kids for learning issues, watching for behavioral problems, and dealing with student on student violence or student on teacher violence.