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  1. azhiker96

    Regarding this trade war against China.

    Tying trade to human rights violations has demonstrated itself to be ineffective, Cuba and Iran are just a couple of examples. Can you name an example where it has been effective? Anyway, China has been abusing human rights for decades. Not Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Obama, not the Bushes have been able to change that. I don’t expect Trump to either even if he tried.
  2. azhiker96

    Regarding this trade war against China.

    Lil Nel, you’re correct. I have heard of issues for the Unghers but have not researched it. I am more concerned with issues that directly affect US citizens and I’m not a fan for tilting at windmills. So, what is the solution? What is the plan to get China to treat their citizens fairly and when do you expect that to occur? Back on topic, are you in favor of China’s trade practices? Do you think we should ignore them or try to get China to play fairly?
  3. azhiker96

    Regarding this trade war against China.

    I’ve seen huge improvements in the environment in the US due to EPA regulations. Comparing US pollution to what China dumps is comparing a small skin rash to 90% full thickness burn. Yes, many companies moved manufacturing offshore or contracted it with foreign companies after clean water and clean air acts. That’s largely because we put no restrictions on imports to address how they were made. I’d like to see that changed. Use one set of pollution standards worldwide. Of course the Chinese government is oppressive. The same can be said for many countries. I just don’t know whether I’m supposed to wring my hands about it or embrace the diversity of their culture. My more immediate concern is what China dumps into the ocean where we source salmon, tuna, and other seafood. I also care about unfair trade practices which should be a bipartisan concern.
  4. azhiker96

    Regarding this trade war against China.

    We’ve been in a trade war with China for decades. The only difference is now the US is firing back. China has put tariffs on US goods, stolen intellectual property, copied patented items, produced goods with no pollution controls, and shipped controlled substances by the ton. I doubt the current tarrifs will last for long. Those are just a negotiating technique to demonstrate that we are serious My biggest concern is how China dumps chemicals into the oceans and the atmosphere we all share. IMO, we should use trade policy to give them an incentive to capture and properly dispose of industrial waste.
  5. azhiker96

    Special Council Muller Report

    I can’t get excited about a report that if/when released will likely be so heavily redacted as to be essentially useless. It would be like reading The three little redacted and the big bad redacted, only with less detail.
  6. azhiker96

    Game of Groans

    My wife complains that I don’t listen or something like that.
  7. azhiker96

    Game of Groans

    I didn’t think orthotics would help but I stand corrected.
  8. azhiker96

    A good person with a gun.

    If the witness reports as written are accurate the officer who shot probably will lose his job and should be prosecuted.
  9. azhiker96

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Not when we have a werewolf in 2east.
  10. azhiker96

    Do YOU Keto?

    Update, my wife's A1c dropped a full point to 5.8 from 3 months ago on the Keto diet. I've hit a plateau but part of that could be increased muscle mass due to 3 day a week workouts. It was nice going through the closet and getting rid of a couple of bags of clothes that don't fit. For a sweet fix our go to is sugar free gelatin cut into cubes and mixed with home made stevia sweetened whipped cream.
  11. azhiker96

    What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

    I've had many different pets; cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, fish, snakes, spiders, and turtles. Overall my favorite have been dogs and I hope to see some of them when I shake off these mortal coils. It doesn't matter whether you've been gone 5 minutes or 5 days, a dog is always happy to see you!
  12. azhiker96

    Do you think this is a scam?

    Sure, $2M sounds like a lot but you need to consider the exchange rate. They are talking Canadian dollars so in US it's only $1.53M, not enough to be worth the trouble really.
  13. azhiker96

    Do YOU Keto?

    My wife and I started this about a month ago. For me it is part of a fitness journey as I work on improving ability and decreasing weight. For my wife, it is helping control her DM II with a side benefit of weight loss. It has been a little difficult since our granddaughter has been visiting us during this time. Normally I would have purged our house of carbs but we have to have some on hand to maintain her normal diet.
  14. I would expect that RN would pay US federal and state taxes on the income and then may pay additional Canadian taxes as well depending on their tax laws. It would be best to check with someone familiar with Canadian tax laws to see how they would treat the income.
  15. azhiker96

    dysfunctional coworkers

    I bet they don't know that EVERYTHING is discoverable. Suppose one of their patients has an event and there is a lawsuit. The lawyers will obtain records of their phone calls, text messages, social media accounts, phone app usage, etc. If they were updating their Facebook status while their patient crumped it will not sit well with a jury.

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