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  1. GPatty

    Good Monday Afternoon

    Thats about 4.5 hrs north of where I am! :) Have a lovely visit with your daughter.... I get to see mine here in a few days....
  2. GPatty

    Good Monday Afternoon

    No. It's about 2 hrs south from where I am..... :)
  3. GPatty

    Good Monday Afternoon

    Good morning (or afternoon to Michael and Grace!).... It's a chilly morning here in Indiana, but it looks to be a good day. I hope and pray my blues are over, and I can look forward to being a wife and Mom again. I do need to go to the doc and maybe get some meds.... I was seriously contemplating running away the past few days... not good! I don't have to work till Wednesday, so I wil fill my days with sewing and maybe some cooking.... Thank you to you all for just "being here". Love and hugs to you all!
  4. GPatty

    Monday 15th- Feb

    good morning my loves! hope this day finds you all well and warm! school has been called off again due to expecting another 4-6 inches of snow....:uhoh3: thank goodness i have today off, but i have an interview at the hospital today, so wish me luck with that one! other than that, nothing much is going on around here today. just cleaning and cooking supper later on! stay safe and warm everyone! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ morning sabby and tweety! mary~ while i wouldn't care for those circumstances either, i can agree that having your grandbabies near would surely make it easier! (i miss mine terribly...) goodnight michael~ rest easy and find shovel when you wake up! :)
  5. GPatty

    My prayer for all of you dear Allnurse friends

    {{{Fran!}}} Love you dear one! Julie
  6. GPatty


    HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!!! What a blessing to be able to be here and enjoy the day with family and friends. We're just having a family meal and not doing anything spectacular... just enjoying the day the Lord gave us. Have a wonderful day everyone!
  7. GPatty

    Homeschooling, anyone else???

    We homeschooled our 3 before I was accepted back into school. When we found out, we decided to send our children to the local private Christian school. Yes, it's killing us by having to pay tuition every month, but the teaching is excellent, the children are excelling, and it frees me up to do my studies. Best of everything with what you decide to do!
  8. GPatty

    Extreme pet grooming

    That's W-A-Y over the top in my opinion...
  9. GPatty

    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Howdy do everyone! We're working on popcorn balls for Christmas goodies... then we'll be making something else today too! Children were called off school today cause of the weather. That means that my volunteering hours being a combo lunch lady/ librarian today are also cancelled... I've been doing alot of sewing lately. Made a purse for a gal at work and a Christmas jumper for gd.... gotta get Christmas gifts to the post office today. They've made it to my truck this AM.... hopefully, I'll make it to get them OUT of my truck today! LOL! Hope you all have a blessed day today!
  10. GPatty

    What book is on your nightstand right now?

    I have a quilting magazine and an Ottobre issue (sewing mag).
  11. GPatty

    Good Morning November 24th..

    {{{BEARY}}} Feel better soon....
  12. GPatty

    Good Morning November 24th..

    howdy all! just woke up a couple of hours ago. tried to sleep on the couch so i wouldn't get to comfortable and sleep too long... whatever....:uhoh3: and i was uncomfortable! lol! dh was supposed to drive to ky tonight, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen... but i may still have to stay up tonight and work on some christmas gifts that are in the "almost" completed stage! have a few errands to run today... in the rain and c-o-l-d! *blech!* but i'd rather get them done today than to have them looming over my head tomorrow. last night at work was interesting to say the least. a confused resident got outside in his wheelchair, and tipped off the curb, wheelchair still atached to him. strange though, cause the wandergard worked, but we cannot figure out why it didn't latch the door when he got close. thank the good lord above that he is alright and no broken bones.... anyhoo~ looks like everyone is well and dandy around here! so i 'll add my blessings to the bunch and talk to you all later on!
  13. GPatty

    Doctors Find Worm In Woman's Brain

    OMG!!!! How absolutely disgusting! Glad she's ok... but what concerns me is the fact the Dr says he's removed 5!!!! (and this is RARE???)
  14. GPatty

    Good Morning Tuesday 18th October

    Good morning all! Little Mr. grandson stayed last night, but Mommy already came and picked him up....he was a bit on the fussy side, but nothing we couldn't handle. Today, the children are working on schooling, of course, with 15 y/o, "I'm grown up and shouldn't HAVE to DO anything" already on a roll with smirks and comments... I am working on Christmas crafting today. Made some dough for gingerbread ornaments, and blew up my hand mixer! LOL! Seriously... the thing sparked and smoked... so I guess I won't use THAT one again! LOL! This is the first year trying to make ornaments, I hope they turn out, as I plan on giving them as gifts. I'm also working on sewing some purses for the girls. Hopefully, they'll like them. I already have fleece blankets for the grandbabies made, and crocheted winter caps... I do need to get more fleece for my dd in Colorado a blanket. She specifically asked for one.... (how can you say no?) Well, enough about me. Guess I had best get on a roll... ds has a doc appt this afternoon. Have a blessed day to you all! Hugs~ :)
  15. GPatty

    Sunday 17th Nov a Loving - Sunday

    Good morning to all! Today is my first 3rd shift after requesting to go back, and I'm excited! I know it's a 12 hour shift, but OH WELL! I can't wait! LOL! 3rd will work better for my family right now, so it's a necessity. Maybe when I graduate.... who knows? Thank you Zuzi for the opening today! Hiya Siri! Love your animations... soo... sparkly.... LOL! Jnette~ Have a wonderful time with your dd and Gavin! Sabby~ Stay warm today! And take a nap! Clemm~ Loving the work you do is half the battle, eh? MichiganRN~ We've discussed having Ativan pumped in by the air system at our workplace... think that might work? Have a blessed day ya'll.... I'm not sure if we're going to church this AM or not... things in the tummy don't feel too great around here. Talk to ya'll later on!

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