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  1. Looks interesting. I'll try to remember to watch it.
  2. eltrip

    'Freebirthers' have babies with no medical help

    :yeah: :yeahthat:
  3. eltrip

    Nazi Twins

    Oy vey.
  4. eltrip

    American Jews feel threatened by religious right

    I rather like this from the article noted by URO-RN: "Rather than expecting unanimity, let us try to understand one another's feelings on divisive issues, while tirelessly working to identify the common ground on which both can stand. And in this relationship, as in all relationships, let Evangelicals and Jews seek to live by the maxim which has been the guiding principal of The Fellowship since its founding: Cooperate whenever possible, oppose whenever necessary, and teach and sensitize at all times." Calling the concern that some American Jews have of feeling threatened by the religious right lies or hogwash is disrespectful of those who do feel threatened. I have Jewish relatives who, due to the efforts of those among the religious "right," are antagonistic toward Christianity. I can't blame them, particularly since I haven't "walked a mile in their shoes." As a Christian from a Jewish family, I am increasingly concerned at the intolerance I see being spread by my fellow Christians toward those with non-Christian beliefs. I see this behavior as being very un-Christian. What's more, it's un-American as well. And that's my two cents worth for today.
  5. eltrip

    Top 5 surnames in America

    My surname: very common: 1 in 322 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #13 My maiden surname: rare: 1 in 50000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #5184 I'm not at all surprised!
  6. eltrip

    Oprah Takes On Child Molesters

    jkaee, I see what you're saying. I guess that I started this thread because I'm glad to see any human, especially celebrities, stepping up to the plate to try to be a part of the solution to the problems of the world. Celebrities because, overall, they tend to be self-absorbed. They also get a lot of attention for no reason at all. When one of them starts looking at making a difference in the lives of others rather than looking in the mirror, I am encouraged. Oprah has been very helpful to those who've dealt with the ravages of childhood sexual abuse. Back in the early 90's, a therapist mentioned to a group that until Oprah started discussing sexual abuse, very few clients mentioned it. At that particular point, this therapist mentioned that more than half of the clients seen at this center were dealing with sexual abuse. Now, this was not something that Oprah intended to do. She just did it in the midst of one of her talk shows. The change that she became a part of has been incredible. For her to intentionally be involved in trying to effect change to benefit future generations of children is something I find commendable. Anyone who gets involved in making things better gets my attention. regards, eltrip
  7. eltrip

    Oprah Takes On Child Molesters

    (CBS) The queen of talk is taking on a new crusade, calling on her millions of viewers to help track down accused child molesters. Oprah Winfrey told her audience, "It was as clear to me as if God himself spoke ... that this is what I'm supposed to do, with your help, America." http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/10/12/earlyshow/leisure/celebspot/main936385.shtml ******************************* I have two thoughts on this matter: 1) It's about time that a celebrity got involved in this issue! 2) ...and who more right for the role than Oprah? She's a survivor herself!
  8. eltrip

    This would be funny if it wasn't so blatant...

    Recently, while conversing with a resident of Alaska, I was informed that the state of Alaska doles out checks to every Alaskan resident every year based on the profits the state has received from crude oil sales. Bearing that in mind, I am more than a little puzzled that a state agency would find it necessary to seek out a federal grant to promote Alaskan salmon. It would seem that the state has more than enough cash to fund their own advertising. Just my point of view, of course.
  9. eltrip

    Student rebuked for sitting during Mexican anthem

    I see what you mean. I suppose that the difference is that I would expect the Mexican student to stand (and all other students for that matter) if they were in this country, attending an American school. I also wonder if any repercussions were experienced by students who didn't stand for the American anthem that day at the school. If not, why not? Fair is fair, right? I remember when I was in high school that very few of us stood to recite the pledge (I frequently being the only one). No one ever suffered repercussions. It was a matter of choice. I would expect this to be as well.
  10. eltrip

    Student rebuked for sitting during Mexican anthem

    Since when are Americans required to stand for another country's national anthem (other than at olympic events when more than one athlete is being honored)? And why is any other country's national anthem being played in assembly in a public American school...other than to provide an historical perspective, at least? I'm all for respecting people of all cultures but this is ridiculous.
  11. This article is a crock. It makes noises about what female college students are considering doing in the future and then acts like exercising this right to choose isn't a good thing but rather, a waste of education. I heard about the article earlier this week on another website. Its lack of data & overuse of the word "many" has risen the ire of a number of readers who have dissected this article to bits. For young women to be considering the possibility of putting their family's needs ahead of their careers is commendable. A college education is certainly not wasted when a mother is parenting her children. Apparently, the author is trying to fuel the fire to the "mommy wars." What a jerk!
  12. eltrip

    Weds 21st Sept Good Morning Campers

    This bundle of boy is due Jan 3rd. He's quite active these days...of course, he weighs about 1.5 lbs at this point, so I suppose it's quite natural for me to feel his movements. He's providing our family entertainment at this point. We're all enjoying this part. Siri, I totally agree! Now, how much do you want to bet that it won't snow until I need to get to the hospital & my doc will be marooned up on the mountain? That'll be fun, don't you agree?
  13. eltrip

    Weds 21st Sept Good Morning Campers

    Hello to all on this sunny, HOT day! Well, at least it is here. Isn't the Autumnal Equinox occurring this week? Where in the world is Autumn? Has this season overslept, or what? We're still in the low 90's for cryin' out loud! I've been hoping for cooler weather for a month...pregnancy + hot weather = uncomfortable woman. At this rate, I wonder if we will have winter this year? Glad to hear that y'all are doing well. Keep hangin' in there, Donny! baskets of blessings, eltrip
  14. eltrip

    The Homonym game.....

    principle and principal stationery and stationary
  15. eltrip

    Color Test

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

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