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  1. Justhere

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Guess she is wanting you to incinerate them for her. Guess we can send all our biohazard waste to you since you are keeping the fire burning.
  2. Justhere

    Sister Diagnosed With Necrotizing Fasciitis

    Glad to hear she is doing better. Will continue to keep you all in my prayers
  3. Justhere

    Argument Clinic

    Nope we set your calander back a week, the exam is TOMORROW. PS. Goodluck
  4. Justhere

    Argument Clinic

    No Its not it is E. I could have been a respiratory therapist.
  5. Justhere

    SUNDAY 5th October, 2008

    She's not bad about when she gets the shot, she might cry just as long as it takes the nurse to shoot her but as soon as the needle comes out she stops. The problem it the fever afterwards and I guess just being achy.
  6. Justhere

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    No Babs wasn't the woman in Any video. She was the one playing the MAN in the monkey costume. OH MY.
  7. Justhere

    SUNDAY 5th October, 2008

    Sabby LOVED the joke. OH IT IS SO SLOW TONIGHT. Hey but I am not complaining since they have worked my tail off for the past few weeks. We only have one wee one in the nursery tonight. Didn't sleep well tonight Grace kept hollering in the empty room outside my door way (when we get through it will be a hallway, her room and a new laundry room) So you know how empty rooms echo so she was enjoying the echo, but I didn't get to sleep much. Then later if it wasn't her fussing at the others, it was my dog barking at what ever critter was walking around in the yard. AAAAAAAAAAuUUUUggggGGGGGGGGHHHHhhhHHHHHH. Well I only work two nights this week so maybe I'll get off my lazy butt at home and post some pics of the party and Grace's photoshot, (the photoshot pics should be in sometime this week). I also have to take poor Grace to get her shots this week. Poor thing she has her second tooth coming in and then I'm going to make her feel even worse with her shots. Hope everyone has a wonderful night.
  8. Justhere

    NaNoWriMo (Hint: the Wri stands for Writing)

    Oh I would love to do it. I have always dreamed of writing, but my computer is so slow at home to post things(I have dial up). I once wrote (hand written) a 150 page book, but everytime I tried to type it I would go on a tangent and change it all up. Here lately I've been fiddling around with an idea in my head but just haven't got it started. Does this help you get started?
  9. Justhere

    Need parenting advice re: pre-teen boy

    Don't think the aftershave would hurt his skin. And puberty can start around that age. My son is 13 and he started getting pubic hair after he was 12. Still no arm pit hair though. He still my little boy and it took me by surprise then when I found out he had pubic hair, and I'm not quite sure when he got it. I just made a commit one day about something and said "Oh you won't get that until you get hair down there" and he responded "I already do". That just about floored me there. He still doesn't have facial hair either, maybe just a little peach fuzz. But it is so scary we had a just turned 14 y/o have a baby and the daddy was about that age also. They are just toooooo young to have babies at that age.
  10. Justhere

    Any Johnny Cash fans 'round here?

    I've got a story about Johnny Cash. My husband side of the family had a cousin that was Johnny Cash's best friend when they were growing up in Arkansas. Well the cousin had a neck injury and was parylized I think mid chest down when he was a teenager from diving into shallow waters. Well a couple of years before Johnny Cash died, this cousin had passed away and my MIL contacted Johnny's Estate to let him know of the passing. So I was sitting in the living room at her house one day when she gets this phone call and she tells me to go and get on the other line, it was Johnny Cash. He was thanking her for letting him know of the passing, and regreted that he would not be able to attend the funeral because he would be out of state. It was neat to hear him on the line his voice is not a deep as he used on stage but it was still deep. I probably wouldn't have believed it if I wouldn't have heard it with my own ears.
  11. Justhere

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Mercy puts in hidden cameras in her patients rooms and blackmails them with the video.
  12. Justhere

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Well I heard about Mercy's latest business adventure. She goes into the room of new mom's and tells them that she needs a milk sample and hands them a pump and two bottles and tells them to fill them up. Then she goes and sells the milk for $8 and oz on the internet. MY goodness Mercy.
  13. Justhere

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Well Steph hope you got back to sleep. Hate them nights I can't sleep, but I can't get up and play on the puter because then my light sleeper of a hubby is in there seeing what I am doing. He thinks I'm mad at him for some reason when I get up and play on the puter. Plus my Grace doesn't sleep long and if I move she usually is up soon after. Grace I hope you are having a wonderful day, wish I could see the pic but work computer has it blocked, all I see is a big red X. HI SABBY I see you down at the bottom. Grace had a wonderful b-day party. She looked so confused when everyone was singing happy birthday, I hate it that my video camera wasn't turned on. I forgot I had turned it off, and forgot to turn it back on when I brought the cake out, :( . I should have her pictures back from her photo shot next week and I'll have to post some. They came out wonderfully. I spent $350 on them all :eek:. Hope my check don't go bouncy bouncy when I write it out to her. MY DS IS AS TALL AS I AM. When did this happen. I've got a picture of him just two years ago and he was only up to my shoulders. Boy no wonder he complained of leg pains. Well I'll check back later.
  14. Justhere

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Medic goes around putting dirty diapers in jars then goes around asking people "Whats this smell like?" then shoves the jars under their nose. I think the last one just about got her knocked on her behind.
  15. Justhere

    Make up a total lie about the poster above you!

    Not holding up very well. Hey just got a diaper off a baby that would knock your socks off, want a wiff.