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  1. Bumashes

    To All the Heavy Nurses

    Wow. Very interesting stuff to think about. I'm definitely gonna be reading the book referenced in the video. I think this man's amateur research study/documentary is a good call for someone to do a REAL scientifically unbiased project on. I would love to see the results. Thanks for a good watch!
  2. Bumashes

    Nothing to do with anything (banned books)

    Ah, thanks so much for the info. Interesting site. I'm gonna bring some of that up to work with me. I don't remember which magazine the article we read was from, but perhaps it was trying to sensationalize things like the media tends to nowadays. Good to know the ALA isn't as asinine as I was presuming, though. Our school systems, notsomuch. I think people just focus too much on the one bad part about a book sometimes and never really give the whole thing a chance. When I was in high school, I remember thinking how stupid it was that they removed some books from the required reading for my Honors English class just b/c they had a couple of 4 letter words in them. C'mon, I was 18 and in an Honors class. If I can't handle the word that rhymes with "bam" by now, then I weep for my pitiful soul. They've said that word in cartoons for Pete's sake. Neat book that you listed by the way.
  3. Bumashes

    Nothing to do with anything (banned books)

    Wow. I love it when the author really does his/her research about the topic. Sounds like he went all out for his. Definitely gonna pick one up from Amazon. I have nieces/nephews that are big readers like me and it sounds like it would be right on target for them. Thanks Spidey!
  4. Bumashes

    Nothing to do with anything (banned books)

    Oh, I agree that an elementary age kid shouldn't be reading this stuff, but after you pass up 16 years of age and can't read something like Harry Potter without your fragile little mind breaking...it just seems a bit ignorant to me. I realize it isn't true censorship, but many of the books I read in high school I might not have read at all if they weren't required reading (Huck Finn, Beowulf, Scarlet Letter.) And b/c of reading them, it opened me up to a few new genres that I am still enjoying today. I just can't see how well-rounded our kids are gonna be if we keep whittling down the books/activities they are "allowed" to do year after year until all they have left is "See Jane run. Run Jane. Jane runs fast." I just get all worked up over stuff. Think I'll go back to bed now. ZZZzzzzzz. By the way, that sounds like a real cute book you've got there. I'll have to look it up. Thanks. :yeah:
  5. Bumashes

    Nothing to do with anything (banned books)

    Also, I'm very sorry for the angry tone of this post. After re-reading it, I'm kind of embarrassed at my choice of wording. Once I get on my little soap-box, well, there's just no saving me.
  6. Bumashes

    Nothing to do with anything (banned books)

    It's not that I'm not totally ticked off about the others, too. It's just that as I read the list of banned books, I started getting madder and madder until I reached that one and thought, Have they lost their ever-loving minds?! I read those in high school and enjoyed them. You can find more smut on tv than in those books. I'm a huge reader, almost never to be caught without a book in my hands, so it really irks me when they do this stuff. If there's a curse word in the book, then black it out with a permanent marker and move on. The Scarlet Letter has adultery in it...so does over half of daytime tv. I remember that I did a paper on a banned book when I was in high school just to "go against the man." Fat lot of good it did, but it made me feel good. LOL! I hate to think what's next. We'll all be reading Dr Seuss I suppose. :uhoh3:
  7. This has nothing to do with anything nursing really, but I was ****** off to learn it. My coworkers and I were reading this magazine article someone had posted on our bulletin board about the books that the American Library Association and our nation's school systems have banned. Some I could understand to a point, but not really. Some of the ones I remember being banned were: Huckleberry Finn, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Harry Potter series, Ulysses, The Diary of Ben Franklin, 1984, Of Mice and Men, The Scarlet Letter, etc. But the one that still has me ****** off to the max is that they banned the Diary of Anne Frank... *****!?!?! Who are these morons that come up with this ****? It made me physically ill to see that book listed as being banned. Whoever was responsible for that, well, I hope they slip and fall into some dog **** mouth first and choke for a lengthy amount of time before receiving permanent brain damage (more so than they already obviously must have.) :devil: If this is banned, then I hope those *******s banned Mein Kampf as well. Who am I kidding? They probably worship that author. :mad:
  8. Bumashes

    They Think I'm a WITCH!

    Sounds pretty good to me! Just kidding. I'd never want anyone HURT, just maybe taken down a peg or 2 when they seem to get all high and mighty over nothing. :D
  9. Bumashes

    what are you paying for gas?

    MS Gulf Coast is at 2.90 per gallon, but some days it fluctuates up/down as much as 10-20 cents.

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