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  1. Rose_Queen

    Thursday April 16, 2020

    Yes it is. Sorry, today's time traveling has now ended- I fixed it for ya! It's been busy but not busy at work if that makes sense. We're seeing the COVID patients but with no elective surgeries, it's not like the OR is hopping. I find this more exhausting than busy for my department days! It's also an eerie ghost town- nurses who have critical experience are MIA (because they're in critical care shadowing or taking patients) and many others are still low censused. I just want to sleep when I get home from work and lack the energy to do what I should be doing. I haven't cooked a real meal all week, but frozen French bread pizza is delicious and minimal effort soooo... I can live with that. Hit the 6 month mark of losing my mom on Tuesday. That was not an easy day. For the most part I've been dealing pretty well, but not that day. I still have voicemails on my phone that I just can't delete.
  2. Rose_Queen

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo

    Sometimes I think other countries have the right philosophy: they are more involved with their local government than they are with the country's government. And those countries are so much smaller- what could the US do if the focus moved to local government? Sometimes it's the small things that can make the biggest difference.
  3. Rose_Queen

    Friday April 3 2020

    Evening all! Haven't really posted much because my routine lately has been wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep, lather rinse repeat. I don't even have the motivation to do all the cleaning I see others doing! That routine changed at 0243 this morning. I got woken up by the weirdest sound coming out of my poor little terror... er, terrier. Found her lying on her side on the floor, just totally out of it, making that weird sound. I thought maybe she was having a stroke (she does have a heart condition), so naturally I was grabbing clothes to get dressed and take her in to the emergency vet. By the time I got my pants on, she did try to get up- but she was very unsteady and her back legs just looked like they were on the verge of giving out. So, I spent the night in the parking lot- they came out to the car and took her away, then called for all the history and with estimates and everything. Final verdict is unknown- her lactate was twice the normal high level, so they know something happened that she was not oxygenating. They think she either threw a clot or had a seizure, with the seizure being more likely since it's more common for dogs. So, home with no sleep, no new meds (but continue the cardiac meds), and ended up taking the day off work. She's spent the day curled up on my lap, fortunately no repeats so far.
  4. Rose_Queen

    Likelihood of a nursing draft with COVID19

    @calcgirl314 you might want to come to the "yellow" side and check out this forum: https://allnurses.com/disaster-preparation-c179/
  5. Rose_Queen

    President Trump National Scandal

  6. Rose_Queen

    Wednesday March 11, 2020

    Sometimes it also goes the other direction . They had to shut down the cardiology office and move those appointments elsewhere. KOP Doctor Among 9 to Test Positive for Coronavirus in Montco https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/coronavirus/montgomery-county-coronavirus-cases-pennsylvania/2318941/ Lots of changes at work- local colleges are transitioning to an online format, no conference attendance allowed, all patient classes cancelled. Waiting for elective surgeries to be forced into a holding pattern. Outside of work, it's at least decent weather wise. I always forget how nice it is to open doors and windows and get fresh air. Time to go feed the dog her evening "cheese". In quotes because said cheese just so happens to be wrapped around her pill that she won't take plain or in a pill pocket made to hide pills. Nope, gotta be cheese.
  7. Rose_Queen

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    I intensely dislike my sock slipping down and down and off my foot inside my shoe. Especially when I can’t fix it
  8. Rose_Queen

    Monday March 9 2020

    Afternoon all! Spring has sprung! Or at least pretended to- we'll see if it's still this warm all week. Windows and doors have been thrown open, which means it's the first day of the annual "all the pet hair hiding in places the broom can't get to will suddenly begin rolling across the floor pretending to be tumbleweeds!" The joys of pet parenting! Dinner with dad and unplanned laundry (it may or may not be related to the pet parenting... I'm tempted to shave them all!) later on.
  9. Rose_Queen

    Sunday March 8, 2020

    Afternoon all! I hate time changes. Until I crawled out of bed today, it was already almost 2pm!
  10. Rose_Queen

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    I hate how commercials are almost always far louder than the TV show I'm watching! Peacefully enjoying a movie and then BAM! commercial break with insulted ear drums.
  11. Rose_Queen

    Tuesday March 3, 2020

    Evening all! It was crazy at work today. My second call was supposed to end at 5pm. I finally left at 7pm and the first call team was still working away. I am beat!
  12. Rose_Queen

    Saturday February 29 2020 Leap Day

    Afternoon all! Joe, your quiet day must make up for my crazy one yesterday- the gun and knife club was playing and even the management/education team had to scrub and circulate surgeries. Tweety, I'll take your low 60s! It's supposed to start snowing here soon... BC, hope you found the motivation for the gym j22, communication really is key isn't it? Your poor petsitter and the panic they must have felt Ted, sounds like seeing some old friends is a worthy reward for cleaning. herring, happy leap day indeed. This date always gets me messed up. No Stars, I avoid ATMs as much as possible. About the only exception is the one at work when the cafeteria's card system is down. The one at work charges me $3.50 and my bank charges me another $2. Steep fees for a $3 breakfast! As for coronavirus, it's crazy. Not only the pharmacies but also the home improvement stores have sold out of masks. Facebook is full of so much unscientific info and even some calling out that info. Personally, I love the snark of the one meme going around about how even if there was a vaccine, "you" wouldn't get it anyway. So, back to my day of planned laziness and watching movies and later the snow.
  13. Rose_Queen

    Thursday February 27, 2020

    Good evening! I was enjoying my Friday... until I realized it isn't Friday. Picture Homer and his signature d'oh! here. Thank goodness tomorrow is the real Friday! (Right? Please tell me that's true and I've gotten my days straightened out!) Anyone else wondering where the heck February disappeared to? It feels like January took forever but blink and February is over.
  14. Rose_Queen

    Fat Tuesday February 25 2020

    Evening all! The litter boxes did not magically clean themselves last night. Oh well! Rainy and icky today. All I want to do is curl up in front of the fireplace and nap. Currently out of books to read- I've read all of the Outlander books waaaaaaaaaay too fast.
  15. Rose_Queen

    Monday February 24 2020

    *Flying tackle hug!* Don't be such a stranger in these here parts! Just taking a quick peek in while procrastinating on cleaning litter boxes.

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