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  1. Rose_Queen

    Thursday February 27, 2020

    Good evening! I was enjoying my Friday... until I realized it isn't Friday. Picture Homer and his signature d'oh! here. Thank goodness tomorrow is the real Friday! (Right? Please tell me that's true and I've gotten my days straightened out!) Anyone else wondering where the heck February disappeared to? It feels like January took forever but blink and February is over.
  2. Rose_Queen

    Fat Tuesday February 25 2020

    Evening all! The litter boxes did not magically clean themselves last night. Oh well! Rainy and icky today. All I want to do is curl up in front of the fireplace and nap. Currently out of books to read- I've read all of the Outlander books waaaaaaaaaay too fast.
  3. Rose_Queen

    Monday February 24 2020

    *Flying tackle hug!* Don't be such a stranger in these here parts! Just taking a quick peek in while procrastinating on cleaning litter boxes.
  4. Rose_Queen

    Sunday February 23, 2020

    Happy belated birthday @nursej22
  5. Rose_Queen

    Sunday February 23, 2020

    We always called it BAP in the LTC where I used to work. Bran flakes, applesauce, and prune juice. It looked nasty but didn't smell horrible. Never attempted to taste it, but the residents apparently loved it!
  6. Rose_Queen

    Saturday February 22, 2020

    Afternoon all! Lazy day ahead for me- made the executive decision that I am not cooking for lunch and ordered delivery. Currently reading The Martian- gotta say, the book is better than the movie, but I find that to be true of almost every book turned into a movie.
  7. Rose_Queen

    Friday February 21 2020

    Evening all! Much better day today compared to yesterday- yesterday we had a patient come to the OR emergently from cath lab (perfed the ventricle) who sadly didn't make it. I was call yesterday and today, and worked late both days. Looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and laziness and maybe a little cooking. I'm craving cheesecake at the moment, and I even have all the ingredients to make it. Joe, it's cold here too. Haven't had much snow at all, and it was warmer the last few weeks. Looks like winter was just a little late to the party. Ted, insurance sometimes needs to be shortened to 4 letters to go play with all those other naughty words. Tweety, does your employer accept online CPR? Mine will not, other than the online portion completed with American Heart Association combined with a hands on skills demonstration. One of our staff was actually suspended for bringing in a card from one of the online options and had to very quickly find an AHA center to complete. Herring, what is this "lawn mowing" of which you speak? I have dry brittle brown spikes in my yard. Stars, glad to hear that there is some progress with Nannie and improving your own quality of life. Elder care is definitely not for the faint of heart and even the not faint of heart can't do it indefinitely. nursej, TGIF indeed! BC, stay away from the cars with the pretty flashing red and blue lights! And tell Far she should check in with us.
  8. Rose_Queen

    Wednesday February 19, 2020

    Evening all! Had to get up extra early this morning (yay?) so feeling extra sleepy at the moment. Some days I question my decision to give up caffeine. Have I mentioned I missed you guys?
  9. Rose_Queen


    Well, the gremlins got evicted from yellow and found a new home over here until they got the final eviction.. I'll try not to be as much of a stranger. That's one thing I miss about the old format- I'd get notifications on yellow for blue and vice viersa, but now they're totally separate.
  10. Rose_Queen

    Leaving Nursing?

    I left direct care- I'm now in staff development. There are days where I miss the clinical environment, but not enough to go back.
  11. Good evening! Ted, at least you remembered you need to renew- you won't believe the emails I've been getting with "Oh crap my CPR expires at the end of the month and there are no classes available at work! What do I do?" Well, you plead your case with the instructor and when that fails because a failure to plan on your part isn't an emergency on their part, you suck it up and pay the $115 to get your renewal at the community center. Can ya tell this has been frustrating me this week? And of course it all came out after one person emailed me with their oh crap and we sent out an email blast to the entire department to check their cards and get signed up before their expiration date... Meanwhile, I'm now snuggled in at home with critters on my lap, making it a bit difficult to use my laptop as I have no lap to put it on. And look! I found my way back after rediscovering y'all on Thursday!
  12. Rose_Queen


    Anyone else having issues accessing the yellow side? I keep getting an error message.
  13. Rose_Queen

    Wednesday November 20, 2019

    Evening! Must be something in the air- I didn't sleep all that great last night either and had some... disturbing dreams. I very strongly dislike how early it gets dark. Today, it was dark when I went into work and barely light out when I left. The days I do overtime mean no daylight for me. I'm ready for spring!
  14. Rose_Queen

    Where are the healthcare professionals?

    Not to mention the fact that it is tied to their employment, leaving many unable to leave jobs that perhaps are not in their best interest. My own father couldn't retire because he was the one holding the medical insurance for my mom and she didn't qualify for Medicare. Now, instead of enjoying retirement with my mom, he spends most of his days in an empty house.
  15. Rose_Queen

    Tuesday November 19 2019

    I'll take things I could have lived with not knowing for $1000 Alex. Where has the time gone? I can't believe Thanksgiving is already next week. Guess that means I need to get grocery shopping. Of course, I also need to know which foods I'm being assigned to make first. Currently eating dinner under the very watchful eye of the pup. There is no such thing as a 5 second rule in my house. Aaaaand I just lost a crouton. Pup is very happy.

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