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  1. sweetpealoubylou

    The Alphabet Game Returns!!!

  2. sweetpealoubylou

    Word Game

  3. sweetpealoubylou

    First word that comes to mind.....

  4. sweetpealoubylou

    Saturday, November 11th Good Morning

    Good morning/afternoon and evening fellow allnurses :spin: Well my days been and gone i've been playing my PS2 for a bit, also I have been researching for my first placement as a student nurse and what the unit does for clients/patients, Not much info there though.:banghead: Been strolling through my uni emails and website for any updates, Been battling to find out what I missed on my sick day on thurs as was due in lectures but had bad headache and nausia.:smackingf :confused: sussed out today why I had such bad head. Looking forward to monday. More studying. Cant wait for dinner Spaggy bol and garlic bread YUM YUM my weakness.:D Counting down the day till first placement and sheltering from englands coooooooooooooooooooold weather BRRR Hope you all had a great day
  5. sweetpealoubylou

    Good Morning October 09, 2006!

    thank you very much jmgrn hehehe imma celebrating with a curry for dinner and possibly a glass of zinfandel ehehe :monkeydance: :balloons: :hatparty: :cheers:
  6. sweetpealoubylou

    Good Morning October 09, 2006!

    Good morning/afternoon and evening LOL Hope evryones day is going GREAT and good luck roy hehe. Lets see today has been hectic i received and award from Princes trust UK voluntary company, It was for all the hard work and development ive made in the past year, woot shock horror I had an interview and pictures for the local papers. I have vouchers worth about £15 ot shop with, a certificate and a glass plaque that is huge its sat in my window LOL. Apparently I was the winner out of two finalists for the essex area OMG hehe goes bright red. And i'm being put forward for the national heat on Dec 4th . I'm amazed something good has happened a 2nbd tinme in a row first it was getting to Uni now this whats next. Whats everyone else upto Lou xx
  7. sweetpealoubylou

    Christmas Card List 2006--getting started early!

    thought id join in its been years since sent or received xmas cards as have no one to send them to =0( Lou xx
  8. sweetpealoubylou

    Have you a secret?

    Laughs ive a few but i'll share those i'm willing to, most people presume me as a miss goody two shoes but those who know me well and thats a very few have seen i can be a bit of a nutter. My brothers girlfreind still gets suprised by my blunt manner of crude speaking doesnt happen very often but when i annoyed i can be rather shall we say *****. Lou
  9. sweetpealoubylou

    If you had one more day to spend with someone who is gone...Who would it be?

    Im crying so much ive lost many but it's a toss uo between 4 people My father he died in april 2000 Pulmonary Embolism (sp?) through cancer treatment it had been a 6 month battle and he died the next day after returning from his last holiday with us. I nmiss him incredably as he was wonderful. I long to hug him and say thank you for believing in me and that i love him very much. We'd go fishing at walton as it was what we did as a family and i'd get him to eat his favourite meal which was mincemeat mashed tatoes and peas. I miss his wisdom and his voice as even though he wasnt hugely affectionate he always had a twinkle in his eye when we kids gave him a peck on the cheek or a hug. 2nd choice would be my grandfather i cant remember much about the time he died as i was in a state of shock for about 6 months all i remember is it was 1st of october and i was in year 4 at primary school. He was ill with 2 forms of leukemia. Id get him to smoke his favourite pipe and eat after eight mints in his favourite chair while talking of anything we can or go to the park for a walk with our dogs as he had a cavelier again. 3rd choice would be my aunt gina (fathers sister) she battled a year long against non hodkins lymphoma, Id chat about funny things and ytell her what we have been upto since she passed she had a wonderful humour and loved us kids as if we were her own and go to the disney store as she always brought us mickey and minnie mouse stuff because we were huge fans of them. My 4th this is a little known fact about me but I had a twin sister called julia she passed a few minutes after birth. I would chat to her and show her pictures of the family she never met. My mother says my middle brother was a spitting image of her. I always knew id had a twin even as a tot as i missed her iim not sure if that is easily explained part of me felt missing for a very very long time. I would share clothes and get my mum and brothers to hug her as I know my mom felt very guilty for a long time. Lou x
  10. sweetpealoubylou

    If you weren't a nurse...

    im not sure what i wouldve have done but here arethose that i chose as my backup plan if hadnt got into nursing school * administration in an office somewhere *nail technician *Hairdresser * or a ft advocate where i used to work lol Lou
  11. sweetpealoubylou

    SURVIVOR! What are you proud of SURVIVING?

    Ive been through so many things to name and survived but i'll put those that mean alot to me now. *loosing my hearing at 4 years old now i have machanical hearings aids LOVE them so much id be lost without them, *loosing the ability to walk from 5 years old to finally getting out of a wheelchair and walking BIG achievement as i'm now walking normally after years of physio * being told i'd never complete high school or get to University. (Dr told my parents this after i lost my hearing and got a disability called ataxia) I completed high school with great GCSE grades and im now going to University in 10 days wohoo. *My gcses as my dad died a week before my first exam. * 3 years of trying to get onto my nursing diploma course. I felt like giving up but i kept at it. Those are the most important things to me right now hehe Lou x:monkeydance:
  12. sweetpealoubylou

    Commercials you love to hate

    Hi everyone Im in the uk and my most hated tv commercials are Halifax (bank) singing commercials they change lyrics of popular songs to advertised the halifax bank I hate these adverts the are so ollllllllllldddddddddd yet they think by bringing new ones out it will appeal :madface: . Admittedly at first it was eye catching but now RAC have jumped on the bandwagon too. Anything to do with verrucas they show kids jumping in the pool with the special cream thing on their feet yet we all know they cant go swimming until the virus is treated. :nono: Confused advert for car insurence very old yet still keep playing it. Tommy hilfigure advert with show me the way song I HATE it lol overplayed and the singing voice irritates me now. I also hate it when they play the same advert th 2-3 times in one advert break urgh it annoys me like mad. :angryfire I now just switch programs and go back to it later as i dont like commercial breaks anymore. cant think of anymore that annoy me right now Adverts I like Andrex tissue coz of the cuteeeeeeeeee puppy. Anything dog related with cute doggies or cute kittens even. Kodak kid on stool and trying to print pictures in a museum is kinda a cute one. (gonna find this irratating after a while as it being played alot. Lou x
  13. sweetpealoubylou

    Good morning 11th sept

    hope you have fun and enjpoy the new day when it comes :monkeydance: :wink2: lou
  14. sweetpealoubylou

    Good morning 11th sept

    Hi sue b chuckles yup. Im up and awake so thought aw why not lol havnt done a good morning post before hehe gotta love old english time zones. Wish i was a few hours behind. What you been eating to make yourself full sue? I am waiting for brain to say go to sleep but it hasnt yet and im hankering for choccy as it so late :wink2: Lou
  15. sweetpealoubylou

    Good morning 11th sept

    :monkeydance: I know its a few hours early for many but now its 11th i thought id say goood morning from england. :wavey: Well today i plan to hoover, tidy, wash kitchen work area down and ring about my DSA appointment as have to book one hehe wondering when that will be made for. Knowing my luck it be offered during my holidays. 1 day till mum comes home. My dogs are lazing on the bed sleeping and snoring soooooooo cute. What is everyne else upto? I need somethig to help me sleep its midnight and im wideeee awake Lou Hands out coffee and tea for everyone who is awake hehe

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