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  1. ChocoholicRN

    Just seeing if everyone was cool :D

    having some wine, watching some TV, puppy is napping next to me (and he has the hiccups!!), and will hopefully see the hubby soon!!!
  2. ChocoholicRN

    night shift and new puppy!! any tips?

    So here I am, going through some old posts of mine and I came across this one and thought I would give an update! Since I started this thread over a year ago, things with our puppy have been wonderful!! He is still the cutest thing ever and has calmed down A LOT!! He is fully housebroken, more independent and hardly barks unless he sees an animal outside he wants to play with. But, this took a lot of patience, training, and planning with my husband when it came to our schedules. There is one thing I would like to add though. Anyone who works the night shift (12 hours) should strongly consider not getting a dog if the thought has crossed their mind. And I don't mean just a puppy, but a dog of any age. I have 2 friends whom I tried to convince not to get a dog (one got a puppy, one adopted a 3 yr old dog) and after just a few weeks they both had to give away their dogs. The reason for this was friend A lived by herself and had a bit of a commute, which means virtually no free time to take care of a dog during the day. Friend B unfortunately did not know the all the breeds in her dog until later (it only looked like one breed) and the dog became extremely aggressive and would not let her sleep during the day. If anyone has any interest in or questions about having a dog on the night shift feel free to PM me!!
  3. ChocoholicRN

    night shift and new puppy!! any tips?

    nah, not an option, he's staying with us.
  4. ChocoholicRN

    night shift and new puppy!! any tips?

    So my husband and I were a bit too spontaneous over the weekend and bought a 2 month old beagle pup. He is the cutest thing you will ever see, but I'm starting to worry about housebreaking him. When they are this young they need to be walked frequently, almost every hour. My husband works a regular 9-5 job and is able to be with the puppy in the evening and through the night. So far he has slept from about midnight till 6am without waking my husband. But during the day I tried to walk him in the morning and then again before I go to sleep and he still woke me up after just a few hours. I took him out for a walk but he didn't do anything, and when I put him back in his pen and tried to go back to sleep for a bit he kept crying and barking. I live in an apartment building so I'm trying to be very careful about noise, especially since my neighbor works from home. Any night-shifters have tips on how to handle a new puppy who is in the process of being housebroken? I know that he will still pee on the wee-wee pad in his pen and that is just something that will happen until he can hold his bladder longer. But how do I get more than 4 hours of sleep with him? Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated!!
  5. ChocoholicRN

    You ONLY work 3 days a week!

    I am so relieved to hear that so many other women in nursing are having this experience with their spouse, not a good relief but just relieved. I work 12 hour night shifts on the per diem scheduled which means I choose when I want to work, but don't get any paid vacation or sick days. I manage to get a full 3-day work week every week and make good money on the per diem pay roll. Before starting this type of schedule I told my husband I thought I could work a 4-day week every now and then since the overtime pay is really good. But once I starting working nights again (I was previously on days and now do 3 nights in a row with 4 days off) I realize how hard it is to do 4 shifts a week on nights. By my third night I'm exhausted and would never do 4 in a row. But if I work a 4th shift later in the week I spend my time off sleeping and trying to get my body on a normal schedule for 12 hours for what its worth before going back to work. Sure, when I have done an extra shift it shows in my paycheck, but that's the only benefit. You never know what kind of patients you will have and your night can be hell and you can't do anything but suck it up. I have repeatedly told my husband that I haven't seen my friends in a while and I miss them. I also still manage to cook, clean the apartment and do the dishes on my time off. I told him finally to quit pushing me to do a 4th shift becuase it's not as easy as it seems and I'll reconsider the topic when I am back on days, but until then he needs to back off. He hasn't bothered me about it since and I am enjoying just doing 3 nights and having 4 off. Ugh, this is so frustrating how people in the non-medical world perceive the nursing schedule.
  6. ChocoholicRN

    Skechers Shape-up Shoes

    I'm so happy to hear someone else felt the ankle discomfort, I thought it was just me!! I wear ankle socks all the time, even with my boots, so I was not about to change the type of socks I wear. The ankle discomfort was too much for me. For the entire night I wore them it was all I could think of. I ended up returned them but now from what everyone else says I might need to give them another chance...and change my socks :(
  7. ChocoholicRN

    overeating & disgusted

    Just the other day I was watching Dr. Oz (normally he annoys me but it was the only thing on) and one of the guests was this woman who gained 100lbs in one year. She was an emotional eater who initially felt she had control of her food intake and then realized later she no longer had that control. They went through 4 steps on how to stop emotional eating and they seem reasonable. One of the steps I want to elaborate on is step 3-be mindful. What they had the audience members do while explaining this step was put a raisin in their mouth (they gave everyone a bag of raisins) and don't chew or swallow it right away. Take 30 seconds to feel the raisin in your mouth, taste it on your tongue and basically be aware of what you are eating. Then, you can chew and swallow it. Basically be fully aware of what you're putting in your mouth. Here is a link for all 4 steps, I hope it helps. Best of luck!! http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/stop-emotional-eating-now
  8. ChocoholicRN

    Baby showers?

    My co-workers and I are like one big family, there are times we can't stand each other but in the end we are always there for each other. We've had one nurse who had a baby and we threw her a baby shower, and both myself and another nurse had bachelorette parties thrown for us (all of this was outside of work). My co-workers also got me a few wedding gifts even though I couldn't invite them, which was very thoughtful. I think it's a wonderful thing to do.
  9. ChocoholicRN

    The Best Kind of Lettuce

    I will avoid eating iceberg lettuce at all costs if I can. Personally, I prefer romaine or the mesculin mix. Not sure what's in the mesculin blend but there are tons of dark leafy greens and some other colors that I wouldn't normally buy on my own. Most places where you can put together your own salad have mesculin as an option in addition to romaine. Lately one of my favorite salads is baby spinach (that way i don't have to cut it!), chopped walnuts, craisins and goat cheese. My dressing of choice is olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette with a dollop of dijon mustard mixed in for a little extra flavor. Also, one of my classmates from nursing school was a huge salad fan and introduced me to a salad seasoning. It's by McCormick, the makers of other spices, and it's just called Supreme Salad Seasoning. It's got tons of flavor and you don't need much of it. Any other salad suggestions?
  10. ChocoholicRN

    7.0 Earthquake in Haiti

    check the NY times online, i think http://www.nytimes.com. they just updated it a few minutes ago. it's absolutely horrible.
  11. ChocoholicRN

    Nurse Jackie and HawthoRNe - thumbs up? or thumbs down?

    I just watched the clip and honestly, this show doesn't intrigue me at all. No matter what nurses do in real life, apparently in TV world we still end up fooling around with doctors and confessing our sins to anyone willing to listen. I would rather watch Grey's or House before I watch this show, just doesn't pull me in at all. And I don't really think Edie Falco is the right person for this role, just my :twocents:.
  12. ChocoholicRN

    Your username - what does it mean?

    Jerzytech because when I first became a member of allnurses I lived in New Jersey and worked as a tech. Maybe I should change it because now I live in NY and am a RN!
  13. ChocoholicRN

    I feel like I'm letting my looks go

    Now I'm not the kind of person to layer on tons of makeup or dress up for class, but I always leave the house with at least mascara and a little blush. I know nursing school is tough and it feels like you never have enough time for anything, even to take care of yourself. But I strongly suggest that all you student nurses out there, give yourself a break for one day, even half a day!! All us ladies who have had manicures and/or pedicures knows how great it feels, they massage your hands and feet and do all that wonderful reflexology stuff that's so relaxing. Give yourself 1-2hrs one weekend, go get a mani/pedi (it's really not expensive either for a basic appt.) and let them pamper you! Even you men out there, maybe don't go get pink nailpolish, but trust me, it feels good to get a pedicure. You all deserve it for working so hard. I believe that when you look better, you will feel better about yourself and it will improve how you feel as a whole. But when you look down at your nails that have been chewed apart, it only makes you feel worse. Go get what you deserve and remember to give yourself time to relax!! :spin:
  14. ChocoholicRN

    Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul

    I've also had this book for a while and I absolutely love it. It's so inspirational, especially when you didn't do so well on a test or are just having a bad day. These nurses are amazing and we need to remind ourselves that what we do everyday makes us just as amazing, never doubt yourself or think that your not a good nurse. I also highly recommend "A Cup of Comfort for Nurses." Same idea, inspirational and funny stories from nurses. Enjoy!