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  1. bagladyrn

    Hurricane Irene May Strike The East Coast

    Well I made it through the remnants of Irene as I headed west - bad rain/wind on Sunday, the the mother of all traffic jams on Monday - Interstate 90 closed in upstate NY so all the traffic from the interstate was funneled onto small 2 lane road winding through the countryside and small towns - took 4+ hours to go 20 miles! Finally back on the interstate I stopped at a rest area only to discover where the blind spot is behind my new car - by way of a 2011 Cadillac SUV which was in said blind spot as I backed up. Needless to say this has not been one of my more enjoyable trips!
  2. bagladyrn

    Attendance List for Irene.....

    Unfortunately I'll be driving through some of this today from northern Maine down 95 and into Mass. Hoping I can get some distance before the weather gets too bad! I'll check back in when I can get a motel and an internet connection.
  3. bagladyrn

    Hurricane Irene May Strike The East Coast

    Yeah, I've got the atlas out and looking at alternate routes. Unfortunately from northern Maine there aren't too many. The ones I've found seem to be those little secondary roads that wind through all the little towns - not sure if those would be any better choice in heavy rain/wind! Thanks for the thoughts!
  4. bagladyrn

    Hurricane Irene May Strike The East Coast

    I've got to leave northern Maine Sunday (after working Sat. night) to drive DOWN 95 in order to catch the route to head west for my next contract. Hoping I can get out and head west away from the coast before whats left of Irene gets to New England. Not looking forward to this drive!
  5. bagladyrn

    City vs Country, beach vs mountains etc..??

    Oddly enough, although I was born and raised and lived my first 34 years in the Balto/Wash/Chesapeake area, I've discovered as a travel nurse a real affinity for the desert. Returning to the East Coast no longer "feels" like home, but I find that something in me relaxes about the time I cross the New Mexico state line.
  6. bagladyrn

    Random Thoughts

    Random thought: Is there a route across the country I haven't taken yet? Am trying to figure a way across from northern Maine to northern NV that I haven't traveled yet. After 15 yrs as a travel nurse that's getting harder to find. Sitting here with the extra large atlas in front of me.
  7. bagladyrn

    Random Thoughts

    Don't let someone's trollish behavior get to you! I actually wanted to tell you that your name is becoming one of those whose posts I automatically click on because you are starting so many interesting discussions.
  8. bagladyrn

    OT: Miss Emma is here!

    Beautiful girl! Congratulations to you and daddy!
  9. Travesty is the word that comes to mind to me. She will certainly be making the rounds of the talk shows and tabloids now. Scary thought - the jury just handed a sociopath proof that she really is above the law.
  10. Having met you erik, the visual I got on this gave me a needed laugh! Thank you for your original post. Being the mother of, daughter of and related in various ways to other servicemen past and present I appreciate your sentiment. (Just had to let go of some anger at that other poster before I could post on this thread.)
  11. bagladyrn

    If you could choose, where would you live and why?

    Given the choice I'd live in a small town within a couple hours drive of a city. That way I can get to the city for all those things that are only found there but don't have to live in it. I like places with definite but not extreme seasons and enjoy mountains. I've actually found a couple of places that suit me in my travels, though I'm not ready to settle yet.
  12. bagladyrn

    You Know You're A Diabetic Nurse When....

    It sounds to me as though you are projecting the same attitude as my physician. Of course I have taken all those courses and have a basic understanding of the nature of diabetes. However, in this case, being the patient, I would have appreciated more information as well as specifics on how to manage with my special circumstances (shift work and travel nursing). This would be the equivalent of me assuming a pregnant nurse needs no information or reassurance regarding her pregnancy and childbirth simply because she "had that course in school".
  13. bagladyrn

    You Know You're A Diabetic Nurse When....

    You know you are a diabetic nurse when the sum total of your physician's patient teaching consists of "Here's your prescription. You know what you need to do." I'm still trying to work out the timing of meds and meals when working nights and (semi) switching awake hours on days off.
  14. bagladyrn

    The Perfect Comeback

    I have a friend who always seems to come up with the perfect retort at the right time. One of my favorites: One night at work one of the docs was pontificating to the med student following him around and we heard him say: "In certain circumstances I DEMAND respect!" Her immediate comeback as she walked by: "Yes, Doctor. And in certain circumstances we PRETEND to respect you!" Doc, knowing he'd been caught out just put his face in his hands and said "Please - not in front of the children!"
  15. This sort of snide statement should be totally unacceptable on this board! Franemtnurse is a long time member and contributes much thoughtful comment to this community.

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