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  1. bagladyrn

    Happy New Years Eve

    Babysitting my grandkids for New Years eve. So far I've had my grandma status revoked by a 5 yr. old :"You're not my grandma". When that wasn't enough, "In fact, you're not ANYBODY'S grandma!" Then the 8 year old suggested very sweetly at dinner that maybe her mom could teach me "how to cook good like she does". Ouch! However I'm back in good graces after reading many poems by Shel Silverstein. Loving every minute of it! Happy New Years all!
  2. bagladyrn

    Holiday plans?

    I'll be spending Thanksgiving at home with my mom (between contracts). Since it's just us we'll be eating dinner at the clubhouse. Nice, but I really miss the next day leftover turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce sandwich! At Christmas I will be in New England near my grandkids, but since I will be starting a new contract a couple of weeks before I'm assuming I will be working both Christmas and New Years. No biggie - as long as I get to see them it doesn't really matter about the date.
  3. bagladyrn


    Glad to see you back!
  4. bagladyrn

    10/17 What I Learned This Week

    She was already in her 80's at the time this conversation occurred. Actually was interesting when the cleanup time came. She had saved every postcard my grandfather sent her when he was working traveling on the railroad (in the early 1900s). We had a few hmmm moments when we found the hookah in the back of a cabinet and the "naked lady" salt and pepper shakers (reclining nude, the boobs were the shakers). Hard to envision how an elderly lady would pee out the window. My boys used to do that for some reason though .
  5. bagladyrn

    10/17 What I Learned This Week

    Regarding the "almost hoarding ": One day I stopped to see my grandmother and found her peering out the back window at the house across the alley where the neighbor had recently passed away. She said to me "would you look at all the junk that old woman saved!" Then after a moment of silence she said "that's it! I'm putting it in my will that you are cleaning my house after I die! I don't want anyone else saying -Look at the stuff that old woman saved!"
  6. bagladyrn

    AN.com Anonymous

    I could quit AN any time I wanted to. I just don't want to .., but I'm not addicted! Only been partaking for 14 years anyway.
  7. bagladyrn

    Discuss Cussing Without Alarming TOS?

    If you want to see some really creative non-cussing check out the blog "Juanita jeans the worlds most dangerous beauty salon". (Warning, it is a liberal site). She manages to say some pretty incredible things without actually cussing. My favorite is "son of a motherless goat"!
  8. bagladyrn

    Vegas vaca

    The High Roller! 55 story high ferris wheel with incredible views of the city. You ride in an enclosed pod - not feeling like you are dangling out in the sky.
  9. bagladyrn

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    Please go back and reread what you have just posted here. You are doing again what you just "apologized" for in posts 79 and 80. You are saying that all those who don't believe as you do are going to suffer in hell forever. Pretty smug and offensive.
  10. bagladyrn

    What should you lose if you hit a girl.

    Nope, I believe in equality - If you hit someone first, you deserve what you get in return. Gender has nothing to do with it. As for relative size, if it had been a little guy with liquor courage who had come up and done this to him, would there be all this reaction?
  11. bagladyrn

    Taking attendance for the COB

    Add me to the list - definitely qualify on all aspects!
  12. bagladyrn

    Monday - June 30th, 2014 - Good Morning!

    No Stars - be careful with that alligator hunting in the mountains thing - depends on where in the mountains you are! There is actually a guy in Colorado who raises alligators in a hot spring in the mountains - no joke!
  13. bagladyrn

    What is your plan for retirement?

    My retirement plan is being very, very nice to my daughter-in-law! I told her a few years back that she is a much better investment than my 401-k!
  14. bagladyrn

    Stupid People Tricks

    A friend and I went to the NM State Fair - which is huge and were very careful to note that we had parked right behind the giant ferris wheel (at least 2-3 stories high). Well as we were enjoying the fair we stayed to the very end, dark and they began shutting off lights. That's when we looked around and realized that there were 3(!) giant ferris wheels - on various corners of the many acres large fairground. We ended up wandering the perimeter of the grounds in the dark continually pushing the "emergency" button on her keys until the suv finally responded. Took us the better part of an hour! Oh, and my son swears that the only way I find my way back home to FL is that if I missed it I'd be wet!
  15. bagladyrn

    Thought Provoking Idea

    If the "divide" happened I'd be moving to the Conch Republic! They seceded years ago, but apparently no one noticed!

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