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    What is your Dream Motorcycle?

    Here is my ride. Although I've repainted it. Old picture. -R
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    Good Morning, Saturday, June 30

    Good Morning, A lot has happened in my life since I have last visited. I have retired from nursing and persued self employment. I now own and operate a ATV (all terrain vehicle) rental and tour business. It's good to get out in the back-country a lot and I am having fun with my new career. I'm not missing nursing much. I do miss parts of it but mostly I was feeling the pressure to meet the paperwork demands and wasn't seeing patients like I used to. If I spent more pt. time then I was neglecting all the other stuff admin needed. More pts getting sue-happy and I could go on and on. I took a long bike trip this Spring from my home here in New Mexico through Tx to New Orleans. Slipped down to Biloxi Miss. and then back home through Arkansas. This was a week after my retirement and I needed it BAD. I had worked extra shifts all winter to get a nest egg up and was TIRED. My 20 year old daughter dropped out of college and moved back in. I started charging her rent and she moved out of the house. Ahh, to be 20 and know it all. I still have the 2 boys (14 and 16) here and they are doing well. thinking about home schooling them this fall and have been educating myself about how to do that. Anyway, I was thinking about my allnurses family and how I have been neglecting you so I thought I'd post an update. Love and Peace, -Rusty
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    Good Morning! Sunday, November 12, 2006

    Good Morning, Got up about 0530, just couldn't sleep anymore. I think I'll clean out the barn today while both my teen boys are here. Then I'll grill something really good for dinner. -Russell
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    Ancient History?

    I'm surprised you still have a parlor. I haen't heard that word in a long time. -R
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    Do you regret time missed with your children?

    I used to want to be with my kids all the time but now I'm kind of wanting them to grow up and go somewhere. My 19 year old has moved back in and cant understand why I should charge her rent or why she should help out around the house. Hmmmm... -R
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    This IS the breakroom right?

    It's been a long time and there are many new faces in here and many old friends that I haven't seen for a ....well, it's been too long. I'm really glad to see Aimee's name here as moderator. She is too cool isn't she? I have some tales to tell for sure but for now let me introduce myself. 40-something, married with 3 teens. We live in the New Mexico Mts on a few acres. Life is now good. I hope to be visiting more. -R
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    My old man told me once "There is nothing in this world better than a good marriage, and nothing worse than a bad one". Sometimes getting out of a turmoil is actually something that frees you. I hope the split isn't messy and your move to a different life is smooth. I wish for you the best my friend. -Russell
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    This IS the breakroom right?

    I'm back from the funeral of my stepbrother. It was a good turnout and I saw many folks I hadn't seen for a long long time. This whole weekend has caused me to contemplate preperations for my own demise. Though I successfully have procastinated it, I suppose I should draw up a will and make the arrangements for my minor children should I not make it to geezerville. My stepbrother had life insurance but his daughter is a minor and he didn't have an executor named so I'm sure there will be some conflict over that. -Russell
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    Quick!!! What are you listening to...

    "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen.
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    Happy Friday, November 3!

    Wifes alarm rang this morning at 0500 and I forgot I didn't have to get up early this morning but decided to stay up anyway. This week was kinda strange at work. I'm working LTC and we were told that the "big raises" we had been waiting 6 weeks for had finally been approved. They were going to be based on years in the facility and also your total years as a nurse. My big raise was .73 cents. I figure every 2 weeks I could buy a bottle of JD with all that money. Just encourages me to retire all the sooner. I have an ATV business on the side and have 3 machines going out this morning so that is a good reason to stay up and wait for the sun. Good morning all. -Russell
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    November 2, 2006

    Thank you all for sympathies expressed in this thread, PM's and e-mails. I found out a few more details this afternoon. Evidently the truck that hit him had run a stop sign and t-boned his van. He may not have seen it coming-never had a chance. I called all my siblings tonight and just touched base with them. E-mailed a couple of old friends whom I hadn't talked with for a long time too. Life can be short and we shouldn't take it for granted. We should really live it to it's fullest. We know this but how often are we caught up in working that extra shift or sitting in front of the tube. Steve was 48-same as me. He is one who never bothered with getting cable or a cell phone. He worked a low stress job that didn't pay the best but he was happy. Although we are hurt by his passing I think he was always kind of ready. He lived moment to moment, day by day. sometimes I wish I could be a bit more like that. His daughter will be not wanting, except for wanting him. Thanks againg for the thoughts. -Russell
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    November 2, 2006

    Last day of work for me this week (not counting my side job). I didn't sleep too well last night. Just before bedtime I received a phone call that my step brother was killed in a traffic accident. He was the same age as I am and a really good guy. 1 daughter left behind. Funeral services probably sometime on Friday. I haven't seen the whole family together in awhile. Too bad it's for something like this. -Russell
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    This IS the breakroom right?

    The cabin is still a work in progress. I have so many irons in the fire that I'm not getting any completed. The cabin, a tall fence around my property, a new room off of the deck.... Thinking about buying a house to flip this spring but we'll see. -R
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    First word that comes to mind.....

    Triple H ! -R
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    This IS the breakroom right?

    I'm not sure exactly what happened but one day I just couldn't take much of it anymore. I'm not sure what "it" is exactly but I just walked away from my computer, threw my wristwatch into my beside drawer and went outside. I had been growing disgruntled with nursing. Seems like I see pts less and had morphed into one of those paper pushing nurses (even when on the floor). Maybe it had something to do with being in my mid forties, maybe not but I was growing restless. The motorcycle helped and still does. I have taken many long rides cross country and nothing clears your mind and allows you to think like the wind in your hair and the sound of a strong V-Twin booming out of the pipes. I made a decision that I would work towards retiring from nursing. I investigated several small business ideas and finally started a ATV rental business. I knew it would take time but I have been in business for myself now since April of this year. I live in a great location for this and am the only person in the state who rents the 4-wheelers. I also give mountain tours. I'm still nursing 3 twelves a week (tue, wed and thurs) but still hope to retire from nursing by mid spring. Another factor may have been my wifes long hours as director of a non profit agency. We had not seen much of each other for a couple of years as our hours were hectic. She has since resigned her post and taken on an 8-5 position. I am feeling better now. Knowing that my business is taking off even better than I anticipated and being able to reconnect again with my wife and kids makes all the difference! And here I am on Allnurses again with a great welcome home. Thanks! -Russell
  16. What COULD the pope do? Shoot, he was lucky to get out of bed in the morning. I know, he was a younger pope at one time but the pollitics of the Vatican make it necessary to keep catholicism going and productive (read keep the bucks flowing). He did that. Was it worth the cost? Hardly. -R (is it just me or did he always seem feeble?)
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    NRA Leader Advocates Guns for Teachers

    Well, we DID want "higher calibre" instructors in the classroom. I'd hate to see this "trigger" a trend in our schools though. We need to "clip" this idea now before it even starts. I'd expect this type of "semi-automatic" response from the NRA. -Russell :wink2:
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    Good Saturday Morning 04/09/05

    Good Morning, Fertilizing the yards today. The grass is starting to green up a bit but I've yet to see a green leaf on any trees. I did hit a big bug on the motorcycle so I guess spring is on the way. Been doing a lot of riding lately. On Wednesday I take a trip to Texas around the Austin area. I haven't had any time off since last September and I'm more than ready. 6 days off in a row! I'll probably put a couple thousand miles on the bike. We've been digging up garden areas and putting compost down. Soon we'll be planting. -Russell
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    Spring has sprung!

    Unfortunately, it hasn't sprung here. 22 inches and still falling. Took Robin (my bride) 2 hours to get home on what is normally a 35 minute drive. Yes she has a 4x4 too. The worst is yet to come according to the weatherman. They are predicting ANOTHER ONE TO TWO FEET!! Here's a couple of pictures I took early this morning (before it really started snowing). -Russell
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    Spring has sprung!

    Did a LOT of digging today. These were taken this morning, when we still had energy. -Russell
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    Spring has sprung!

    A new day. Still dark outside but I'm guessing maybe 30 or so inches total. I called in to work today for the first time ever because of weather. Interstates are closed from albuquerque north to Colorado and east to Texas. This storm is supposed to continue through today. I'll take more pictures today. -R
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    Nudists dine in New York style

    I don't think this is supposed to be any type of *sexy* event. If one wants to just be nude there are plenty of places to do so (your own home for one). This event is one where folks want to be nude with other people! Thats the strange part for me. Naked is normal and allright. Naked with a bunch of other naked people just for the sake of being with a bunch of nakeds...well, that IS a bit strange. -R
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    Ex-husband's junk is still here!!!

    Get them appraised. Actually lots of ugly old things ARE antiques and valuable. Then put them on e-bay. After 2 years you don't have to notify anyone. They are yours to do with as you please. -R
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    San Francisco considers fee on grocery bags

    I hate it when the stores bag your stuff in plastic. I want paper always. We use it to burn the trash. Robin shops at Sams and they won't even supply ANY bags! Whats up with that??