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    Good Friday Morning 9/17/04

    NDevine, I went ahead and merged your thread with this one. Your original post is now post #20 here. Cheers, -Russell
  2. Rustyhammer

    Good Friday Morning 9/17/04

    Good Morning all, A nice cool morning here in New Mexico. The coyotes have been close lately and when they start yipping my dogs will howl along with them. Day off today but thats what woke me up. I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and the kids just woke up for school. I plan to go grocery shopping today to give Robin the weekend off. She needs to veg for a couple of days so I will do all her chores this weekend and let her sit in front of HGTV and sip on wine or whatever. I disconnected our air conditioner last weekend and then summer caught it's 2nd wind and I wish I had left it alone. It hit 80 again this week. Today after my shopping adventure I plan on cutting down trees. I've been stalling on this so today I'll hit it hard. My boys are in trouble and grounded for 2 weeks so this will give them some "hard labor" hauling the firewood and stacking brush. Then I'll go on a long motorcycle ride. Have a good one, -Russell
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    Daughter taking mom's money under false pretenses--Should I tell?

    Chris, I think you know what you have to do. Raising kids is tough. You have to be tougher. Good luck. -R
  4. Rustyhammer

    Whats Your Favorite Line From A Song

    "wasn't worth a LICK??" What does that mean anyway? -R
  5. Rustyhammer

    Good Saturday Morning, Aug 28, 2004

    The Isotopes are a minor league team in Alb. -R
  6. Rustyhammer

    Whats Your Favorite Line From A Song

    "Movin' to Montana soon - Gonna be a dental floss tycoon" - Frank Zappa -R
  7. Rustyhammer

    Good Saturday Morning, Aug 28, 2004

    Good morning all-or should I say good afternoon, it's 1208 in the PM. Today I slept in. Got up at 0630 and had a couple of cups of coffee. Started burning the weeds that I cut last weekend and am slowly still burning them. I have been to the dump and back, changed a tire that has a slow leak on Totanka and repaired Robin's cruise control on her car. I was called by an old friend that I haven't seen for over 20 years and we made tentative plans to hook up sometime soon. That'll be cool. I bought tickets to an Isotope game for my son and I tonight in Albuquerque as a reward for doing well on his chores lately and also bought tickets to take my other son to a "Link'n Park" concert. He is 13 and it is his favorite band. He has never been to a concert before so he is really psyched! Well, better go out there and pile some more weeds on the fire. Have a great day everyone. -Russell
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    Disciplining Children

    I should probably update you on "my bad boys". After I took away all their stuff and had them earn it back there was a total turn around. They have made me so proud with their good behavior and helping around the house. The yelling scene is all too familiar with a lot of us parents and it's a hard cycle to break. We (as parents) need to be aware of how miserable the whole house feels when this is happening. We also went on the "voucher" system for awhile last year and it really helped. I'll try to find a link for it. It basically holds the kids responsible for their actions and rewards them for the positive things they do. It allows the child to "earn" fun stuff and privledges. Here is the link http://www.happy-kids.com/index.html It really put my kids on the right track again. -Russell
  9. Rustyhammer

    Disciplining Children

    Ok, Here what has worked for me in the past. When my kids start acting up and not listening, I have taken it as a signal that we are not spending enough time together. Lay down on the floor with them and play leggos or barbies. Include them in making dinner. While you are doing this let them know without speeches that you need them to start doing this or that (problem area first, one thing only) Set a regular bedtime that early enough for them to get good sleep and stick to it. Try to find natural consequenses. Praise heavily when they get it right. You and your spouse need to be on the SAME PAGE or all is doomed! -Russell
  10. Rustyhammer

    Am I being too harsh?

    You can't control (even though you may try to guide) how little she disciplines her kids. But you CAN set and enforce the rules when they are at your house. Set the lines for all kids at your house and don't let them cross those lines without consequences. A 2 and 4 year old can learn that you wont tolerate certain behaviors. A time out can be used for negative behavior (a minute for each yoear of age) and a (non-sugar) treat can be given for positive reinforcement. Peanut butter on celery sticks are fun. When they are at your house, they play by your rules. This won't be easy at first but if you are consistant you can change that negative behavior and when your friend sees the results at your house she may be more receptive to adopting your methods. Good luck. -Russell
  11. Rustyhammer

    Functional and Secretive Alcoholics?

    I guess there is a reason that some folks drink in secret. Sounds like she is crying out for help but probably doesn't want to hear the "cool it on the drinking" speech. Perhaps what you have written here would be a good thing to tell her. -R
  12. Rustyhammer

    Would you tell her or not?

    Hmmm, Seems like you could have fun with this one if you really wanted to. But do look out for your safety first. I feel sorry for the wife. She may suspect something but not have proof or be in denial. If you slip something in her locker then he will know you work with her (not good). Also, if you contact her, she could go psycho on you if she is in deep denial. I guess it's best to just avoid this guy. -R
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    What is your car's name?

    I have a '95 F-250. Her name is Totanka Blanca. Means "white buffalo". -R
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    Now I'm REALLY getting fed up!

    For quite awhile I have not been answering my phone. The rash of phone solicitors is so bad that I just gave it up. Better to let the machine pick it up and we screen the calls. Well, tonight I was expecting (imagine, expecting a phone call) and so when it rang it was some dude trying to sell me septic system bacteria. "Never pump again!!" I grunted at him to "Never CALL again" and hung up. 5 minutes later another call, "Hello" "Yes this is Craig calling from Dish network offering savings tonight on subscriptions to HBO". "Why are you calling me? I'm on the DO NOT CALL list". "That doesnt apply to us as you are already a customer of Dish" "Well I DON'T want HBO and I DON'T want you to call me anymore!" *CLICK* (my click on him) 2 minutes later, another call... "Hello" "Yes Sir, I'm calling to take a political survey tonight...If the election were held today...." "Why are you calling me? I'm on the DO NOT CALL list". That doesn't apply to us as we are not selling anything". :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire *CLICK* (my click on her) I'm ready to give up my home phone. -R
  15. Rustyhammer

    Hmmmm...when did it end for you???

    We kind of started out living like an old married couple and now that we ARE an old married couple we are like teens. Something about her wearing those black jeans just really does it for me. er...I'll stop now. -R
  16. Rustyhammer

    pelvic exams before a chole?

    I hate to think what he does to his male pts. before he operates. -R
  17. Rustyhammer

    Now I'm REALLY getting fed up!

    We have not been lucky enough to have the caller ID service available to us yet. Our phone can handle it but it's not offered by our phone company. -Russell
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    "I am woman, hear me whine..."

    I am just SHOCKED that this is even a problem. True, my wife and I have only been together a mere 20 years but if I need a list of things to do I'll ASK FOR ONE! (which there have been times I have asked) This just sounds like a matter of simple respect or lack of it. No man wants to be treated like a kid but I guess if he wasn't into it he would indeed be a man and not take it eh? It's really as simple as this. Do your part in the relationship and do your job as a parent. If Jr. is crying and mommy is busy then get up and change the damn diaper. If you are off that day and the floors and clothes are dirty then wash them. That goes for either party. marriage is a 60/40 relationship. You should give 60% and only expect 40% in return. -Russell PS: Don't listen to Dr. Laura....She'll only tick you off.
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    Now I'm REALLY getting fed up!

    That bugs me too. The automated phone directory. "Listen closely to the following menu...." I give more business to those who hire people to answer their phones. -Russell
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    Salt Lake City Lori Hacking's husband arrested

    Er, you've never actually lived with a pregnant woman have you? Seriously, these guys should somehow swing without months of trial. It just hurts the family more. -R
  21. Rustyhammer

    My husband says I am making my son too soft.

    I think there's a difference between comforting a child and coddling him. If mommy is going to react to every little scrape and cut because of tears and reward him with goodies to shut him up then Jr. is going to be crying ALL the time. However if you just do an assessment, determine if the cut needs stitches or steri-strips and tx and send the kid on his way, then you stop all those whiney moments. -R
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    What are your bad health habits?

    I don't wear my helmet when I ride my bike (well, sometimes I do...not not very often). I smoke cigs sometimes. I hate to wear my seatbelts, but my kids yell at me... I don't give the sun a 2nd thought. I'm out there just getting browner by the day. I'm sure there are others... -Russell
  23. Rustyhammer

    Stupid Neighbor Tricks

    It's been a long time since I've had a neighbor. I'll live through yours. -Russell
  24. Rustyhammer

    What's your first date outfit?

    I remember what she DIDN'T wear after that first date. -R
  25. Rustyhammer

    What's your first date outfit?

    I don't know what I wore last weekend. -R

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