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  1. squeakykitty

    My thoughts about ADHD.

    I so totally disagree with the OP, and I don't believe the OP is such a great parent, and I truly think he should think about how his actions are affecting his childs emotions. (I guess this is the closest I got to flaming someone) I was a kid with undiagnosed ADHD, and dear Lord my life was no picnic. I used to watch the Brady Bunch when I was little, and I sure wished that my life could be like that. I tried as hard as I could to listen and be good, but I always seemed to fall short. My mom was dysfunctional too, and that didn't help. It's just flat out painful to hear your own mother say "I went through hell and back because of you kids", and nothing you could do could make you be good enough or listen enough. I wish I could at least have tried ritalin when I was little.
  2. squeakykitty

    Jury Duty - Could you condemn someone to death?

    As far as the death penalty is concerned, I think I could under the right circumstances, but I would want solid proof of guilt. Some people in this world are that evil enough. As far as self defense, I think I could if I absolutely had to, but I truly hope I don't get put in that position. I'd rather be able to run away from danger.
  3. squeakykitty

    Toilet Paper, Karma, and Me

    That's why I always check for paper before I sit down. It's like the people in the next stall are acting like they had to pay $5 per sheet or something, they're that stingy.
  4. squeakykitty

    Toilet Paper, Karma, and Me

    Vivalasviejas, I sure enjoyed this post. On a related note, have you ever had to ask someone in the next stall for TP, and have had them give out a piece the size of a postage stamp? I've had that happen, and it's not nearly enough for the job.
  5. squeakykitty

    What a dangerous new forum!

    Who, me???? I wouldn't do a thing like that. Honest...
  6. squeakykitty

    Creating A Monster (RANT)

    I haven't spent much time here lately, but one thing comes to mind. Sometimes you can't walk away. Sometimes a person has to pray for the strength and courage to do the right thing. I don't think 4 years old is quite too late for a child to change, but 18 will be. I really hate it when a woman puts a man above her kids well-being, and I hate the selfishness some of these losers exhibit. I really don't know what else to say, except you have had a lot of good advice here.
  7. squeakykitty


    If you have it saved to your computer, just right click on the picture, go to properties and click again. Copy the address, then when you post reply, go to the yellow square button with the mountains and click on it. You paste the address in there and click OK. I hope this helps.
  8. squeakykitty

    A Tragic Story - Baby P

    That mother SICKENS me!!:barf01::angryfire:flamesonb:spbox: There was a mother cat once that pulled her five little sweeties out of a burning building (and got burned doing it), yet this woman couldn't lift a finger to save her baby. That level of evil selfishness really gets to me.
  9. squeakykitty

    Growing hate groups blame Obama, economy

    I love the way you put this. It is a good argument.
  10. squeakykitty

    Paypal e-mail scam

    I use a prepaid card. I couldn't get in to the paypal linked to allnurses because I forgot my password. I had to go an alternate route and give myself the premium membership as a gift.
  11. squeakykitty

    Paypal e-mail scam

    I really don't like Paypal. I used it to register here as a premium member, and the next year when I couldn't remember my password I tried to have them e-mail it, and apparently I have to use my password to get in to find out what it is. And I couldn't find any way to get in touch with them.
  12. squeakykitty

    Growing hate groups blame Obama, economy

    Those hate groups are downright scary and dangerous. I don't see why race should matter. I think a persons character should be the only thing that matters. I posted this in another thread, but about 15 years ago, the sheriff's department here uncovered a plot by some neo-nazi white supremacists to bomb several buildings around here. They were going to be set to go off after people left work for the day. One of those buildings happened to be one that I did night janitorial work in. I'm really glad the sheriff arrested them before they could set the bombs, because I think I would have been killed or seriously maimed.
  13. squeakykitty

    White Nationalism

    About 15 or so years ago, there were some white supremacist people in my area that plotted to leave bombs in several buildings set to go off after people went home for the day. One of those buildings happened to be one that I did night janitorial work in. The sheriffs dpt. arrested them before they could carry out the plans. I'm so glad they were caught because if they did go through with it, I truly think that I'd be dead or seriously maimed.
  14. squeakykitty

    Pious 'fight death the hardest'

    That is so sad that someone's last wishes can't be honored. Yet there are people in the medical field who don't understand that there are times when you just have to let someone go. If I'm dying, I hope none of those are anywhere near me. The other things that gets to me is the few who think that DNR means "do not treat".
  15. squeakykitty

    Pious 'fight death the hardest'

    I haven't read the whole thread yet, but I just had to put my 2 cents in. I'm part of the once saved always saved crowd. I also don't see why fight death when I'm going to go to Heaven. I do know that if I ever got terminal cancer, I would want to be a DNR and not linger and suffer on a vent.

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