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    Paying for KennedyCare

    I don't care for either of them.
  2. SuesquatchRN

    Question for atheist nurses

    How could you stop it? I just say no, I don't attend church.
  3. SuesquatchRN

    Okay, the health care bill's 1018 pages

    blue note, those figures are suspect, as least, to me. My entire country has fewer residents that they are claiming would be affected in my district.
  4. SuesquatchRN

    Paying for KennedyCare

    You would be wrong. Sorry I misread your thread.
  5. SuesquatchRN

    Senator Ted Kennedy Dead at Age 77

    RIP, Senator.
  6. SuesquatchRN

    Paying for KennedyCare

    Wow. How kind. You waited an entire day after his death to introduce an anti-health care plan thread with Kennedy's name in the title. Class act.
  7. You've contradicted yourself. I agree that staffing levels are ridiculously low. But people still mess up.
  8. Because stuff happens and there is no perfect world in which people never screw up.
  9. SuesquatchRN

    TX School Board Scrubs Liberals from History Texbooks

    The FACT that some people believe in a god or gods belongs in a sociology or anthropology text, not a science book.
  10. SuesquatchRN

    Constitutional to execute an innocent man?

    I linked to the decision, ITOB. The problem is not this particular man. The problem is that the reasoning is that the possibility of innocence alone is not a valid reason for a new trial given earlier prcedent.
  11. SuesquatchRN

    TX School Board Scrubs Liberals from History Texbooks

    With all due respect, blue note, I appreciate your contributions very much. But please don't propagate nasty comments from one thread to another. Our arguments stand without that and there's already too much name-calling and tit-for-tat. :)
  12. SuesquatchRN

    Constitutional to execute an innocent man?

  13. SuesquatchRN

    The ugly face of an American Conservative

    We're glad to have you. Welcome to the dark side. :)
  14. SuesquatchRN

    Exercise Together, Anyone?

    Do some simple stretching. :)
  15. SuesquatchRN

    Health care access

    Sing it, sister!
  16. SuesquatchRN

    Constitutional to execute an innocent man?

    When Scalia retires appoint someone with a clue as to the difference between "strict constitutional constructionist" and "capricious high executioner." The founding fathers never meant to include legally executing the innocent in this document.
  17. SuesquatchRN

    Exercise Together, Anyone?

    Yoga is great for strength and long, lean muscles, but it doesn't have much aerobic impact.
  18. SuesquatchRN

    My mother is going to drive me nuts

    Thanks. Things have calmed down a lot. Dad has settled in, Mom has stopped calling me and sobbing. *sigh*
  19. SuesquatchRN

    My mother is going to drive me nuts

    Most of you know my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's and related dementia. We are keeping him at home. She's worried about money. They got killed in the market and Dad's supplies cost. She needs certain things to care for him properly. They will make her life much easier. She needs to buy incontinence pads in bulk and some hospital gowns, sippy cups, a vinyl bib, Depends, and a few back-closing tees. I picked up sippy cups at Walmart. 6 disposables (that can be re-used) for about $5. "What am I going to do with 6?!" "Mom, they were cheaper than buying one." They have two handles and Dad will be able to grasp them easily. We can stick a hole in a top for a straw. It increases his independence. I am doing their linens and Dad's garments. I am doing their food shopping. I am schlepping stuff from Staten Island to Ti and back. She is so stressed she can't think. Make said to me, "Do what you need to do. It's easier to get forgiveness than permission." I just ordered the stuff she needs on-line and it should get there Thursday or Friday. She'll reimburse us or not. Well, she will, but after a lot of moaning. I'm heading down again tomorrow. Once more into the breach. A big bright spot is how Dad lights up when I'm there. He loves me.
  20. SuesquatchRN

    A dozen people took guns to Presidents speech

    What I find most astonishing is that there are people in this very thread who not only downplay the importance of what carrying and openly displaying a big honkin' rifle at these events means, completely ignoring the symbolism, but have gone on to applaud some of the participants.
  21. SuesquatchRN

    Barney Frank gives as good as he gets at Town Hall

    I was just about to post this. I love Barney. Oh, here's the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWwyjwmYMEs&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&feature=player
  22. SuesquatchRN

    Has Obama gone too far?

    He hasn't gone far enough.
  23. SuesquatchRN

    A dozen people took guns to Presidents speech

    Huh? No one has ever implied that black folks can't be just as nuts as white ones. The point of bringing weapons to major Presidential events is to intimidate. It's a legal statement, but still a wicked statement.
  24. SuesquatchRN

    A dozen people took guns to Presidents speech

    Explanation: many of the right wing are now one step from terrorists.
  25. SuesquatchRN

    Africa is largely in the dark

    You can get that kind of sky view in the US desert. We saw such a vista in New Mexico. Also, the plains states are great. I saw the most amazing sky in Nebraska.

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