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  1. SuesquatchRN

    I have cancer

    Man, I am SO sorry.
  2. SuesquatchRN

    How do you unwind after a crazy shift?

  3. SuesquatchRN

    When I'm Talking to You . . . .

    How about when it happens, "HEY! I'm still talking! I'm trying to have a conversation here!"
  4. SuesquatchRN

    Show off your new avatar.

    I'm so glad everyone gets an avatar now!
  5. SuesquatchRN

    Tips to quit smoking and lose weight

    I would wait a bit for the depression to lift before trying. Seriously. I know smoking is bad for you but why set yourself up to fail? And talk to your doc. Again. :)
  6. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    Ravelry has lots of buttons. "Disagree" has caused some amazing threads, boy!
  7. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    The detente kudo! HA!
  8. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    I use the button to indicate agreement/approval etc - or is it ect? - with an idea or sentiment.
  9. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    xtxrn, I "kudoed" your post because I agreed with it. And I wasn't targeting you or your comments. I went and found her threads and there's a lot of that. You are kind. Some are kind and starry-eyed. I also deliberately refrained from quoting you so that it would be clear that my response was not directed at you.
  10. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    Although I quite agree that a high level of asshattery was shown, notwithstanding the extenuating circumstances of the OP, it's also rather presumptuous to expect that everyone will refrain from posting something snarky prior to having thoroughly researched the poster. The wholehearted support of what is clearly an exceedingly unrealistic goal stymies me. Dreams are nice, but need we provide fodder for the impossible?
  11. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    Yes, but is one snotty crack bullying? I think not. But we disagree.
  12. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    Nah, that's just nasty.
  13. SuesquatchRN

    When posters attack

    I haven't seen much nastiness here at all. Here and there but it's far from the norm.
  14. SuesquatchRN

    Has AN got boring or is it just me?

    May LPNs? I would not want to exclude anyone but I do agree that the starry-eyed stuff gets old, particularly as a lot of the moderation, IMO, is to keep everybody happy, which is simply not possible. As a result, we get a watered-down site geared to the least common denominator. The big thing for me, though, is the "new" format. It's just difficult to navigate with too many subfora, even (maybe especially) in Central. It's no longer possible to come in and just browse everything.
  15. SuesquatchRN

    Has AN got boring or is it just me?


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