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  1. kbrn2002

    How Popular Were You When You Were In High School?

    What an odd thing to think about so many years later. I wasn't super popular, but I had friends that ran the gamut from the popular jocks and cheerleaders to the drama geeks and stoners. I was in drama club, forensics [speech] and the elite small group choir so I mostly hung out with those kids. I see some old high school friends occasionally but I didn't stay close to any of them after graduation. Oddly due to a work connection the one I talk to the most now is my old high school sweetheart, fortunately I have a husband that doesn't mind.
  2. kbrn2002

    Government Shutdown

    Let's just agree to disagree on this. I don't support a multi-billion dollar wall no matter the relative cost in comparison to my own income. When I have $250 to blow on some frivolous purchase building a wall across my backyard is about the last thing I'd spend it on.
  3. kbrn2002

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    It wasn't just that unicorn of a deal that Foxconn is not unexpectedly backing out of that hurts in my neck of the woods. I wasn't at all kidding when I said the northern half of the state may as well not even be in WI for all the attention we get on state issues. We are well away from the population centers of Madison and Milwaukee that drive economic decisions. We see an ever dwindling amount of state funds being distributed in the north so our local small town governments are left holding the bag and trying to figure out how to fund road repair, education and affordable housing without as much state or federal help. So, local taxes are raised and new taxes under the term "fees" are born and we are still just treading water. Roads are in awful shape, repair of existing schools and building new ones just isn't happening because the education referendum's keep getting voted down as nobody wants their property taxes raised yet again to pay for it. The economy is most certainly not booming for us. I'd imagine the same holds true in smaller communities all around the country that don't have the population or the lobbying power to convince their state government to invest money there.
  4. kbrn2002

    Government Shutdown

    This is a complex issue for me, so I'll try to explain as best as I can. First, I do believe we definitely need better border security. Hard to be against that when undocumented foreign nationals and not just Mexican by the way gain relatively easy entry into the US and leach off benefits that in my opinion should only be available to citizens or those who are legally in our country. I don't believe for a minute that illegal aliens are solely responsible for an uptick in crime rates but the people that enter our country illegally are certainly not all model citizens that we would gladly open the door for. On the flip side of that I do support giving a path to citizenship to the so called dreamers. It's not the fault of the child that their parents entered the US illegally and to deport people that have lived their entire lives in this country just seems wrong. But is an imposing wall the answer to keeping illegals from crossing our borders? I don't think it is. We should be able to improve border security without a huge and hugely expensive wall that will do little to deter those that are determined to to get into the US one way or another. Plus there is bound to be some deterioration in foreign relations with our border nations if we persist in building bigger and more imposing physical barriers. By border nations I of course mean our southern neighbors. Nobody is talking about building a wall across the US/Canada border and that border is not exactly a crime free zone.
  5. kbrn2002

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    I'm reading through this entire thread again to get caught up on the flow of conversation and boy did you see into the future with this one. I live in WI, granted it's in northern WI which as far as the state government is concerned doesn't seem to exist. Anyway, the Foxconn deal as originally proposed is dead in the water.
  6. kbrn2002

    Government Shutdown

    All this over a wall that won't really be effective anyway. Really, it won't. If people really want to get across the border illegally they will find a way. There are certainly ways across the border in places that Trump's wall can't even be built. We have a lot of border, no way is any wall being put up that can cover every foot of it. I am not against border security, far from it. I am against a security measure that is nothing but an ostentatious statement of perceived power. How many of you are old enough to remember a different moment in time when another Republican president made a proclamation about a wall? "Tear down this wall!" became a triumphant moment for world politics and not too many years later here we are trying to build one.
  7. kbrn2002

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    Sounds like a perfectly plausible explanation to me. Why else would somebody leave their glamorous life with the big boat and frequent travels to tropical destinations and become a CNA in farmland, USA? I wonder if they have an exchange program???
  8. kbrn2002

    Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

    I was thinking the same thing about the "white cargo van." I admittedly watch way too much TV, but it seems the bad guys are always trolling for victims in a white cargo van.
  9. kbrn2002

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    If the economy is booming I'm sure not seeing it where I live. Wages are going up! Well, not mine. Wages are the same but insurance went up so much I'm bringing home less than I made last year. Sure, there's plenty of jobs available. As long as you don't mind working 2 or three of them to make enough to live. We are sure not in a low enough cost of living area for a family to make it on an $11.00/hr job and most of the job openings around here don't even start at that. The overall economy hasn't been strong enough to attract the workers that are needed for the limited skilled positions that are open and that do offer good wages. We are less than 150 miles away from a major metropolitan area that has housing costs not much higher than ours but what they do have is multiple jobs with higher pay and all the amenities that being in or close to a big city offers. The concept of affordable housing is getting to be a joke. Sure, there's plenty of housing available if you can afford to buy but if you need to or just prefer to rent the cost of housing has about doubled in the past 10 years. A local push to build housing pretty much only added expensive condo's and townhouses that are sitting empty because nobody that can actually afford them wants to live in one. Most people around here that can afford and want to buy are looking for an actual house, with a yard, without noisy neighbors or rules on how you must behave in your own house. Some of those units are finally converting to rentals but the rent is way to high for most people around here to pay. There's plenty of housing available to buy, so for the most part people that can afford $1200.00/month for housing and don't plan to move anytime soon are buying instead of renting. If the economy is actually booming, it's booming elsewhere.
  10. kbrn2002

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    Why limit yourself to cats? Cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, maybe an exotic animal or two. Well, ok maybe not all at once! True story here. When my daughter was little she and a friend were sitting on the couch watching the Disney Movie of the time, one was holding the pet rat and one was holding the pet snake. You can probably guess where this story is going, trust me it wasn't a happy ending for the rat.
  11. kbrn2002

    The Hounds of the Lawless

    Holy noise! I know this is getting to be an older thread, but gee whiz. What is wrong with people? I am a dog person, I have three Boxers. They are not allowed to bark excessively ever. I worked nights for 15 years so I know firsthand how hard it is to sleep through normal daytime noises, sadly I couldn't convince the neighbor to mow the lawn in the middle of the night to accommodate my sleep schedule but at least they didn't leave their two dogs outside barking all day. Now thirteen of any dog is just some special kind of crazy. Thirteen mute dogs would be a chore, I couldn't imagine being neighbors with that many noisemakers much less being their doggy parents. Cripes, taking care of that pack would be a full time job in itself!
  12. kbrn2002

    Make American Great Again

    What a polarizing figure this current man in the oval office is...well, maybe in the oval office when he's not out cutting deals on the golf course. I have never voted along party lines, I've cast my vote for both democrats and republicans depending on who I felt would be the better person for the job based on the choices of that election. I have to say this is the first presidential election since I first voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984 that I couldn't back either candidate but I did choose Clinton as the lesser of two evils as I didn't have as many fears about her offending the wrong country and landing us in a war. While I don't care for Trump, I also don't think all of his ideas are horrible. For instance I am all for tightening our borders, I just don't think he's going about it the right way. The tax reform bill that he's so proud of is also a potential disaster. Did we need tax reform? You bet we did. But again, I can't agree with how it was done. With the new tax laws the rich will just keep getting richer and the poor will keep getting poorer and the middle class is slowly being squeezed out of existence. We also desperately need health care reform though nothing positive has even come close to being accomplished there. I can't say I'm sorry about that because I fear for the health coverage of all but the very rich if Trump and his cronies get their way. It hasn't been that long since the repeal of the ACA and already the average person is negatively affected. My insurance premiums are going up over 20% next year while what it covers is drastically decreased. I just hope I don't get sick or injured or even with insurance I'll be in a big hole financially. I won't even get started on Trumps values or lack thereof. He's put his foot so far in his mouth so many times that he can kick his own ass from the inside by now.
  13. kbrn2002

    Dating doctor and nurse

    As long as you are both single I don't see a problem. The only potential issue could be with your employer if you work together. You might have to update HR if this becomes a romantic relationship depending on company policy.
  14. kbrn2002

    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    Did this friend get fired from that last job because she was caught having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate? If so, I'm pretty sure her employer already reported to her BON. I doubt if she was caught bringing drugs into the prison as I would think that would have resulted in an arrest and you didn't mention anything about visiting her in jail. As for her cheating on her husband, it doesn't really matter how wonderful you think the guy is her marriage is none of your business. If you insist on staying her friend stay out of it. Even if you don't remain her friend stay out of it. As for the drug allegations, how do you know this to be true? Are you with her when she's transferring drugs to an inmate? Have you been with her when she buys drugs? Have you been in her home when she's accepting drugs in front of her kids? If so a call to the police and CPS would be in order. If she is indeed trafficking meth and heroin to inmates that's a legal matter before it's a nursing matter. If it becomes a legal matter, believe me the BON will find out. If you have indeed been witness to these crimes and didn't say anything that could possibly make you an accessory to those crimes, so chew on that before you continue to complain about her illegal behavior.
  15. Our confessions of wilder years? Well, I was a teenager in the early 80's so that should be a good clue. I am pretty sure I partied way more than I studied. The legal drinking age in WI was 18 back then and there were plenty of bars in my town that didn't much care about enforcing even that. I was drinking pretty regularly in bars by 16 and legally drinking in bars and bartending my senior year in high school. Sadly my small city had the dubious honor of having the most bars per capita in the entire nation in those days. There was only one high school with a student population of over 1500, it wasn't unusual for parties after football and hockey games to have 450 kids there. We were a hardy bunch, you could tell the real party kids by which group was huddled around the bonfire and which group was huddled around the keg. By the time I was in my early 20's I was pretty much partied out. I became a mom at 23 and that cured me of the wild life pretty well. Nowadays I am firmly in old fuddy duddy territory. I'm not posting at 4:20 in the morning because I was up all night partying, I am up and on AN because I was in bed before 9:30 pm and woke up at this godawful time of day.

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