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  1. Annaiya

    I refuse to be a fat nurse!!

    This is partly my issue too. I work in an ICU as well and this weekend is a good example. I literally can't drink water at work, because there's a good chance I won't be able to take a bathroom break. So by the time I'm done with my 3 12's, I'm exhausted and dehydrated. Definitely don't feel like working out. Last week I started taking Pilates classes and having to pay for the classes definitely helps make sure I'll show up for them regardless of how tired I am. I keep trying to find a way to exercise and be better about my eating so I can lose weight, but in 2 years I still haven't found anything that works consistently for me. There are some good suggestions in this thread so far tho, so thanks y'all!
  2. Annaiya

    The "Have you found a church yet?" Question

    Sorry I haven't gotten back to this thread sooner, work killed me this week. Thank you for all of the responses, as always the advice here is very helpful. It was helpful to know that some people see this as welcoming, I would have never thought of that. I laughed at the person who posted that it's like asking if you've found a grocery store yet, because my current preceptor asked me if I'd found a church, and asked me if I'd been to this really great grocery store nearby:) She is great and I do think in her case it was meant to be friendly and I took it as such. I am single and don't know anyone in this state, so many people have been great about trying to let me know about stuff in town. I don't find that offensive, but it depends on how it is done. My preceptor didn't say anything to me until we had a good working relationship established. However, others who have asked me, it has been the first thing they've said to me. When it is asked in that way, it isn't meant to be welcoming, it is meant to pry. There is a reason it is illegal to ask about religion in an employment context. Maybe 98% of the people don't mean any harm, but if you come across the 2% who do, it can ruin your workplace. It is no different than sexual harassment or racism. And for the people who can't understand this, then be thankful that you've never been on the receiving end of prejudicial hatred. For the record, I don't work at a religious affiliated hospital, but I agree with the people who said this shouldn't matter. I don't know if it applies to medicaid, but I know for other areas, businesses receiving federal funds have to comply with the federal laws regarding discrimination and harassment. So I would think that even employees of religious affiliated hospitals would still have protection against religious discrimination. Overall, I don't think this is a huge issue, I don't spend tons of my time worrying about this. I've dealt with it all of my life, but there are a couple of reasons why I needed help this time. First off, I'm still pretty new to living in the South, and completely new to this state. Secondly, I'm a new nurse, and I need to have a good relationship with the other nurses I work with. I had a patient this week who got out of bed and into a wheelchair to go home and suddenly got light-headed and almost passed out. I had no idea what to do, and luckily there were other nurses around to step in and help me. I don't want to lose that sense of support I have over something like a difference in religious beliefs. That is why this has become a big deal to me. Thanks again for all of the replies and the scene from Steel Magnolias:)
  3. I would like to get some input on how to handle this question at work. I always find good advice on this forum, and I really don't know what to do about this. I am a new grad and moved to a new city for my job. I'm working at an amazing facility, I love my job and all of the nurses I have met have been great. However, I've only been here a month and have already been asked by several different nurses "If I've found a church yet?" I have no idea how to respond to this question. First off, I find this question so offensive. It really has no place in the workplace. I'm supposed to be free from discrimination of religion at work, but to me this question is very hostile. There seems to be a pervasive attitude in our culture that as long as you have some sort of religion people are tolerant, but if you don't believe in any god, people see no reason to treat you like a human being. When I was little and people asked me my religion I would tell them "I'm Atheist," which is what my parents taught me to say. But I learned early on (by age 8 or so) that people were mean to me if I said that, so since then I have spent my life trying to dodge the question. Part of me says, that nurses are caring and non-judgemental in nature, and I shouldn't worry so much. But, I've met so many nurses who constantly talk about god and religion stuff, that I would not be comfortable with them knowing my beliefs. I have picked up on the attitude from some nurses that you cannot be a good nurse without believing in god, and I would hate for their opinion of me to suffer because of this. However, I have found no good way of handling this issue. The other day I was asked by a nurse on my unit if I'd found a church yet, and I stumbled and said "I don't really do church" trying to make light of it. I am always very careful of my tone of voice and I didn't say it offensively or even with any conviction, however her face went sort of blank and she didn't know what to say back to me. Meanwhile, another nurse whipped her head around to see who had just said that. They are both very nice people and good nurses, and now I'm completely uncomfortable around them. Nursing is a second career for me, and I love it. I have worked extremely hard to get here, I love being able to take care of my patients and I want to learn as much as I can. I know I can't be successful without being a part of the nursing team on my unit, and I'm worried that this is going to cause me problems. It frustrates me that I don't feel like I can be honest about my beliefs without suffering prejudice, especially when the attitude is coming from other nurses. And I don't feel it's right to flat out lie, or even worse, go to a church a few times just so I can try to "fit in." But I don't want to go to work and feel uncomfortable around my co-workers. I don't know that there is any good solution to this, but at this point, anything that might help would be greatly appreciated. ***Please don't derail this thread with a discussion of religion, that is NOT what I am asking for. I realize this is a passionate topic for many people and it's why I'm asking this here and not to people at work. So, please keep this thread on point. Thanks:)