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  1. kstec

    Nurse Jackie TV show reviewed by AJN editor

    I absolutely loved it. She does things that a lot of nurses would love to do to benefit a needy patient and make the patients that are dirt, sacrifice. I know we have to hold to certain ethics, but everything she did had a benefit to someone in need. The drugs and the cheating on her husband kind of just added to the plot. I don't have showtime, but did watch the first episode and if I had showtime, I would become just as addicted to that show as I am to House. If all shows were perfectly ethical, what fun would that be?
  2. kstec

    Did being a nurse help you find religion?

    I've never been a religious person just because of the simple fact when you've had the childhood from hell, you really wonder why would a "God" do that to any child. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, because I am who I am today because of what I'm been through. Someone made a good comment regarding if there is this almighty God then why do innocent young children die from cancer, get raped, molested, beat or starved to death? If I believed in God, mine sure in the hell wouldn't do that to noone. I'm spiritual, I believe in carma. "What goes around, comes around". My saying is something I heard a long time ago "Going to church no more makes you a christian, than going to McDonalds makes you a cheeseburger". It's so true. I believe that anyone who is nurse has got to have a good heart and some type of inner hope that there is something bigger that will help the ill. I do admit that when one of my patients is dying, and they want to pray, I will pray with them (not for the same reasons they pray). I just ask the "universe" per se to help the family and to not let the patient suffer any longer. Structured religion does bother me, but I do have to say I did get my boys baptised at my foster parents church. I figure if by chance there is a heaven, with this world being the way it is, my boys need any added protection they can get. So I guess you could say I'm agnostic. I believe in something but not necessarily a God or Jesus. When you look at the world today and watch and hear the news, you sometimes have to think where is this almighty God, if so many people are suffering. But then again, I look into my children and husbands eyes, the sky, the birds, and nature and realize something made some beautiful things. I also like to think that when we die we don't just rot in to ground or get burnt, that we go to a beautiful place where there is no suffering, why?, because my mother and grandmother are in that place and I have to imagine that that to comfort myself. I guess this whole response is confusing. I'm a good person, a good mom, a good wife with a heart of gold, who always tries to see the bright side of everything and help anyone in need, so I guess that is ultimately what matters. Well enough of my confusing you. Hope this helps the original poster, if not I probably just made you think "What is this woman talking about" If and when I figure it out completely, I'll let you know.
  3. kstec

    Dr. House

    I love watching House, it is my favorite show, but if I had to work with a doctor like him in real life, I'd be cleaning toilets for a living instead. He's the most arrogant, egotistical man, yet he is a genius. Gotta love his sick, twisty way of analyzing life. But what is scary is that I agree with some of his twisted outlooks and philosophy's(sp). I was really shocked to find out that in real life he has a british accent and that he was the dad on Stuart Little(that kinda bursted my bubble).
  4. I drive a 2007 Dodge Caliber. I down sized last year when gas prices went up and stayed up. I used to drive a Kia Sorento SUV, but between the high payment and gas prices, I traded it in. So I guess you could say I'm cheap and practical.
  5. kstec

    'Freebirthers' have babies with no medical help

    I realize women have been having baby for years but I would not be willing to take a chance of something going wrong. Both of my pregnancies were easy, but he deliveries were very hard. I was borderline c-section with both of them because of my pelvic size and with my second son I had group beta-strep and had to be treated with antibiotic before he was born. I was induced two weeks early because of this. If I would not of been induced my son would of been a stillborn because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice and he was almost black from being so blue. There is a reason that most deliveries are done in a controlled environment and my two deliveries are perfect examples. In this article you hear of all the wonderful outcomes, but whose going to come forward and say their baby died during delivery or shortly after, noone. I know that healthcare has room for improvement, but I have faith in it and that faith gave me two healthy boys.
  6. I live in Illinois and they are trying to pass it so Illinois is smoke free. Do you agree that the government should step in and control whether you are aloud to smoke in certain places or not? And what do you think they will try and control next?
  7. kstec

    Hey cat lovers - need your help!

    Ditch the gut, cats and dogs will love you unconditionally and will be with you until they die and never complain. I have four cats and one dog, all rescues and I love each and everyone of them. We probably eat more hair than the normal american family but it hasn't killed us yet, and so studies show that if you have animals your children are less likely to develop allergies to them. I have two boys and no allergies. Good Luck!! And if your man thinks your cat is dirty wait to see if and when you have kids, they put animals to shame.

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