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  1. adnstudent

    Have any of you married any Doctors??

    First, thank you for all your responses. I now see a side that I never saw before. As for proudtobeanurse, my prayers are with you and your family. Hopefully things one day can work out for you and your family. When you mentioned your husband not being there on X-mas and kid's birthdays my heart fell to the bottom of my feet. I am an extremely emotional person who lives for passion and love. I don't think I could live that lifestyle now that I have read all of your responses. Amazing how people can allow you to see the other side of things. I appreciate all of your responses! Thank you!
  2. adnstudent

    Have any of you married any Doctors??

    Some people are just too touchy. It was just a simple question...and no I am not exclusively seeking out a doctor to marry. As a matter of fact, I am very happy that you met a fireman! Did you meet him on the job? I did not mean to imply that EVERY girl has that fantasy! But somthing about the hard work and determination of many doctors making it through med school and doing the work that they do is somewhat appealing to me. Overall, I have been going to school for two years now and not working because of the support I get from my parents, so I find it difficult to meet new people in my life being that most studens in my classes are under 20 years old. If I met a fireman or a police man that I fell in love with I would also be so happy!....Just to add one more thing, I just ended a two year relationship six months ago and he happened to be very "well off." There were obviously some issues that made me get out of the relationship, but I am the first to say that money cannot make you happy...but if you are in love and happily married it can help out a lot! To answer your question, KC CHICK...no I have not worked in the medical field at all yet. I will begin my nursing program in Spring '02. Maybe it will be a rude awakening for me. Thanks for not attacking me...I hope not all nurses are the same way as to jump on another coworker for a simple question!!
  3. adnstudent

    Have any of you married any Doctors??

    I hope I don't get slammed for this question! I am just curious...I am 25 and an extremely compassionate person. I just want to know if any nurses who have had that fairytale dream of marrying a doctor have had it come true! :)