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  1. Pepper The Cat

    What would you do if faced with this ethical dilemma?

    So the pt commits suicide and dies .. or the pt does not commit suicide and dies anyway. Same end - one is just quicker than the other. That's how I see it. Frankly, if I'm going to die anyway, why not go now, before suffering and putting my family though sufferng? I know a nurse who fought and survived breast cancer - she said that if the cancer ever came back, she'd steal a vial of insulin from the hospital and give herself the entire vial and go out on her own terms...
  2. Pepper The Cat

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    I work with a nurse who is tall, thin and a vegetarian. She also has high cholesterol and a pacemaker. I am short and fat. My cholesterol is fine, my blood pressure normal. I walk more than the skinny nurses I work with. I just have a really slow metabolism. I could go on Survivor and still gain weight!
  3. Pepper The Cat

    Good Nursey books to read!!!!

    Nurse's Story and Rusty's Story by Carol Gino are both great. I have all the Cherry Ames books - I love them. And Sue Barton too - I like her even more - she seemed a little more human than Cherry.
  4. Pepper The Cat

    Fear of Facebook as a Nurse

    I you wouldn't say it in a crowded elevator or room, than don't say it on Facebook!
  5. Pepper The Cat

    What does your username mean?

    My cat is Pepper. So every time I need a user name I use his. I added "the Cat" to make it more interesting.
  6. Pepper The Cat

    kizzykat passed away

    Sorry for your loss. :crying2:
  7. Pepper The Cat

    pray for kizzykat

    Poor kitty. Prayers to you and him. And hugs too

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