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  1. Pepper The Cat

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    Cats are awesome. Everyone should have a cat
  2. Pepper The Cat

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Except for the Hot Flashes
  3. Pepper The Cat

    How Much Leftist Ideology Has Corrupted Nursing?

    So, as long as you agree with what you are taught that is OK. But learning something from outside your comfort zone us wrong. You don't have to agree with every theory or opinion out there, but it never hurts to learn that others think differently.
  4. Pepper The Cat

    How Much Leftist Ideology Has Corrupted Nursing?

    You are going into a career that involves constant contact with humans, but you don't want to learn anything about what makes us human? Interesting
  5. Pepper The Cat

    Casper the Friendly Ghost

    Hugs. It's so hard to lose a fur baby
  6. Pepper The Cat


  7. Pepper The Cat

    I will be MIA for awhile...

    I liked simply to show my support. i am so sorry to hear of your troubles. Hugs
  8. Pepper The Cat

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    You can tell your ghost stories, that is what this thread is all about. But don't come here and tell me that I am going to Hell because I don't believe in God.
  9. Pepper The Cat

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    If you want to share your experience with God you might be better suited in the Spiritually forum. Their are many religions and various pathways in life. They all don't include God.
  10. Pepper The Cat

    Okay, people, go away!

    I am going to post on how I , single handedly, save an entire hospital full of sick pts by my actions, while all the other nurses did nothing. Did I mention that I don't even usually work at that hospital but still better than anyone else? It will be epic.
  11. Pepper The Cat

    The "I'm running away" thread

    I always said that if I won $10,000,000 the first thing I would do is pack up the cat and take a world cruise. My Mother always said that they would not let a cat on the boat. I would say that if I had $10,000,000 not only would the cat be welcome, but he would get his cabin and person to take cRe of the litter box! seriously, I dream of coming back to the hospital as a "Tea Steward" I would have a cart with nice tea leaves, a kettle and tea pot. I would go around and make people real tea, not this dunk a tea bag in a warm cup of water crap. Real tea requires tea leaves and the water should be boiling as it hits the leaves. Maybe hold a weekly "tea" for long term pts.
  12. Pepper The Cat

    Taking attendance for the COB

    Present! 28 years experience! Proud member of the COB and getting crustier each year.
  13. Pepper The Cat


    While I feel sorry for any one dealing with Breast Cancer, I can't help but feel jealous the attention given to it Sure, it is a terrible disease, and and a terrible thing to deal with. How-ever - there are A LOT of disease that the is an end in site. I was diagnosed with Neurofirbromatitis at age 4. ( I will wait while you Google it ). I have had 9 surgeries so far, and will need more.There is no cure. I lived with it for years, and will continue to live with it until the day I die. It will never go away. Do I get a special month or even week? NO. Our numbers are too small. It seems (to me at least) that unless your medical problems involve a large number of people, it can be ignored. Fine. Lets face it, the more people that have a disease, the more attention it gets. Does changing our linen bags to pink really change our awarenenss? Does giving our pink pens, locks, sticky pads, whatever,really change the awareness and outcome of Breast Cancer??
  14. Pepper The Cat

    Spelling matters: it's "advice," not "advise"

    I cannot like this enough!
  15. Pepper The Cat

    The hopelessness of caring for patients with advanced dementia

    Perhaps you would happier in some other type of nursing. I would not have wanted someone with such a cavillers attitude taking care of any elderly member of my family