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  1. Can a company report you to the board of nursing for having a pre employment drug urine screen that was to cool in temp. However the specimen was unable to be determined positive or negative yet. I live in the state of Missouri

    1. sirI


      Hello and welcome, LoveGeri,

      You need to post your question on the boards on the allnurses site to receive feedback from the membership. Posting on your Activity Wall in the Break Room, they may not see it.

      Go to General Nursing at allnurses and start a new topic to post the question. Here is the link to the General Nursing forum: https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-c3/

      If you are not logged in at allnurses, click that link, log into the site like you did in the BreakRoom. Then look on the right to find ADD NEW TOPIC.


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