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  1. NessaLashaee

    My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

    You're absolutely right
  2. Please help!!! I've been in a relationship going on 4 years now and things haven't always been easy. We've had struggles with infidelity(not on my behalf) and communication. Before I started school I throughly explained that my free time will be limited due to me having to study. I'm also a single mother and I work full time(we work together as well, same shift etc). He seemed to support me at first(the only thing he would say is "just don't forget about me") and I've apologized several times that although I would like to hang out, and goof off I can't. I have to study, on top of that I have to try and make time for my child. He's been constantly texting my phone complaining about how selfish I am, he's tired of feeling like he doesn't matter, his needs aren't being met. Let's be honest after working 12 hours overnight then going to school for 8 hours everyday sex is the last thing on your mind! All I want to do is sleep and study especially on my weekends off! I don't know what to do anymore! Please help!!!