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  1. Multicollinearity

    Police: Oslo bomb, camp shootings domestic terror

    This is so devastating. I believe this sort of thing stems from fundamentalism and fear of others - fear of differences. That seems to be the toxic brew. So sad for the people of Norway, Europe, and the state of humankind.
  2. Multicollinearity

    Question for Atheist nurses

    Thank you. This is a spiritually mature and poignant response. And you know I'm strongly agnostic.
  3. Multicollinearity

    Texas forces unneeded ultrasounds

    I appreciate how objectively you can look at both sides.
  4. Multicollinearity

    Question for Atheist nurses

    Atheism is a belief system, not a religion.
  5. Multicollinearity

    Be open and honest: pros and cons of having kids

    I do not have children, and I cannot have children. I am fortunate that this is not a great loss for me since I do not want to have a child. It's not a path for everyone, just a minority of us. I do wish others would examine if they really want children, and if so, how many, instead of following some expected life-script of pro-creating without self-examination. It's particularly hazardous when one is young. Also, the financial burdons I see my friends with children going through is pretty daunting. I do believe it's harder to have large families these days.
  6. Multicollinearity

    A Thread of Love and Heartfelt Condolences for our dear Steph

    Steph, I am so sorry for your loss. You are dear to us - hate to think of you suffering. Sending loving and healing thoughts your way.
  7. Multicollinearity

    Fitness guru Jack LaLanne dies at 96

    Rest in peace, jack LaLanne. He leaves an excellent legacy.
  8. Multicollinearity

    The Az. shootings - a psychiatric perspective

    Maybe now that the initial reaction is waning and raw emotions are beginning to settle, we can see a more mature response to the shooter and the dilemma severe psychiatric illness presents: Warning signs from a troubled mind: What parents should do - CNN.com
  9. Multicollinearity

    The Az. shootings - a psychiatric perspective

    I think the stigma against mental illness exists because mental illnesses tend to be more challenging to interact with, on a personal level, than for example, diabetes or hypertension. It's just not the same, if we are honest about it. It's more challenging to have a conversation with your average psych patient than your average diabetic. At least it is for me. It's one thing to go over blood glucose levels with a patient. It's quite another to deal with a patient with major depression who repels others with a blanket of doom. It's one thing to run into your neighbor and hear about her arthritis. It's quite another to run into your neighbor who's manic. Again, this has nothing to do with excusing our responsibilities to do better and meet the needs of those suffering from mental illnesses. However, the analogies to other illnesses like diabetes, etc. just fall flat IMHO. This isn't an excuse, though. We have to do better. I doubt the stigma in our culture will fade very quickly, though. And to really delve into complexity - what if a mentally ill person is just plain mean, and they were mean and nasty before their mental illness? Or if their mean behavior cannot be separated from their mental illness? These things can get very complex. I don't know the answer regarding the shooter mentioned in the OP. If he was that psychotic, he may not be culpable. If strong psychosis is present, it may render the "downright mean" issue moot. I dealt with depression years ago. I don't ever want to go into that pit again. Right now I am staying with my mother (and her personality disorder) while I recover from a major surgery. I don't know how much more I can take. If I could physically drive for hours and hours to get to my home in another city, I would. I believe this is why the stigma persists; it is psychologically taxing to deal with those with mental illness. Again, not an excuse for our culture not doing better, though.
  10. Multicollinearity

    Any agnostic nurses out there?

    I absolutely agree; I was muddling concepts and didn't notice it.
  11. Multicollinearity

    Any agnostic nurses out there?

    I am an agnostic. Religiosity and graduate-level education have an inverse relationship. This is probably why you notice less religiosity among physicians than nurses.
  12. Multicollinearity

    Military commission: Lift ban, allow women in combat

    I'm of the opinion that if we want equal rights, we need equal responsibilities. So it's time women served in combat. Israel's military shows us this works.
  13. fyi, my coworkers, all male rns are "health nuts" who workout and eat healthy for the most part. it's our agency and travel nurses (female) who smoke, eat crap, and don't take care of themselves. draw your own conclusions on that one; i'm not touching it with a ten-foot pole. :coollook:
  14. Multicollinearity

    Recession officially ended in June 2009

    My personal financial picture has never been better. I'm making more than the average RN in my state, just got a little raise, have fab benefits, etc, but I'm well aware that the economy is rotten for most. Simply rotten. If the recession has ended by certain measurements, then I say we need to find new instruments to measure because the average American is hurting.
  15. Multicollinearity

    What is the best way 4 me 2 lose weight. Need 2 lose 60pds?

    I've lost 14 pounds in the last few months. I did what I've done before to lose weight. Eat less. Exercise more. Eat pure. It really is an intake - output thing. We all know it's that simple, but it's so (((HARD))). I do the elliptical for 45 minutes every other day. I lift weights every other day. I do yoga and core workouts every other day for an hour (when not on elliptical day). This means about an hour a day of exercise just to maintain my weight. Since I work full-time and am taking classes, this means I have not turned on my television in weeks. Hard choices, but it's worth it. I drink water. I do not drink diet anything. Diet drinks fool the brain, and you often alter your calorie intake; studies show this. I eat lots of fruits, veggies, fish, and lean protein. I do not eat red meat. Some days I take a Marie Callendar frozen dinner to work for lunch, so I'm not a complete purist. I also don't deprive myself completely. If I want a Lindt's chocolate truffle, I have one. I firmly believe the evidence that shows those of us who have been overweight have to work harder to maintain our weights than those who have not been overweight. It seems to permanently wack the metabolism. It still drives me nuts to see some thin, never overweight people and the portions they can eat. Oh well - life isn't fair.