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  1. Naturemom7

    Want to help obese daughter

    My daughter walks around like that at times too and drags her pant legs on the floor..when I pointed out it might not be sanitary she said she tucks her pant legs in outside, but since we spoke with the help of appealing to her logic she has been wearing pants styled in a way to not drag !!..my daughter also has told us she was raped and taken advantage of by a boy , recently she said its good she is overweight so no attackers can pick her up easily to kidnap her...my next prayer focus is to see how I can help direct her to get counseling for the rape she said happened years ago.
  2. Naturemom7

    Want to help obese daughter

    Thank you for posting this..yours and others posts here are literally an answer to a deep, heartfelt prayer I had,...to know how to handle this situation with my beautiful, extremely sensitive, weight challenged daughter...now I know how to handle this whole situation much better, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  3. Naturemom7

    Want to help obese daughter

    Thank you for writing this , your honesty really helped me , I kind of felt like I was almost reading the story o my daughter and me minus the lap band and a few small details..even though you got sort of reprimanded you graciously accepted help in redirecting yourself for your daughters sake so I feel this honesty and sharing is helping everyone here.