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    Nursing Destroyed My Family...

    I read this man's story and it reminded me of my ex-husband and I and it brought me to tears. What shocks me most about reading this thread is how many of us in the caring profession are jumping on this guy and blaming him and his wife for a reality many nurses face. I know this is a very old thread but I need to chime and just say, SHAME on anyone castigating this poor man and his poor wife. I read his comments. He said my wife started gambling and having other problems after she became a nurse but still like always we blame the victim. I am retiring in 2019 after 31 years in the profession and i can't get here fast enough. I found this comment after seeing nursing ruined my life in the history of our computer at work. Just sad really all of you jumping on this man and sadly five years ago I would have been right there with you. Just terrible IMHO.