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  1. Hello!! I recently decided to take the plunge and go to nursing school. I have been married for almost 10 years and we have 2 children. We have had a strained marriage for a while, mainly because my husband smoked pot and I don't. He did have this habit long before we got married, with the promise that he would stop and things would get better. As you can see, 15 years later, I am still dealing with this issue. I have always worked, so it's been hard to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse, but here I am through all the hurdles, a nursing student. Weeks after getting my acceptance letter, he decided to take a position at his company, without consulting with me first, that moved us several hours away from my school, so I am commuting 2 hours for class. My kids are devastated because they've been ripped from life as they know it and are having to restart life in a new town, at a new school and try to make new friends. It's just been hard on us all. I have been wanting to leave my marriage for a while now, mainly because of the lack of intimacy and connection because of his pot habit. It consumes him and I am left to take the backseat to his habit at all times. It just becomes depressing and overwhelming for the non smoker in the relationship. With this move, I was forced to quit my dream job because I would no longer be able to commit to hours being so far away. I understood this, but have a lot of regrets at this time because I really want to leave my marriage and focus on raising my girls and nursing school, but I don't know how to manage studying, the stress of school, parenting, maintaining my kids' school life and socialization, being a single parent, and also trying to provide and take care of a household. This may seem trivial to some because it's done all the time, but it has never been my life and I don't know how to cope with it all. Just looking for advice on how getting a divorce or separation affected you in nursing school and hiow you were able to keep going through it all as well as have a suitable home for your kids without a spouse or mate helping you. Thanks